Sara Blake

Dates Gone Absolutely Wrong in Eerie Crests

  • Poppy and Parker once went on a nature trail and a couple birds flew down and Poppy was feeding them, was very cute and all until Poppy looked over and Parker was smiling through a swollen face and loud heaving with a bird on his shoulder (If you didn’t know Parker is allergic to birds)
  • Malek took Ben on a date to the beach once and it was going perfect and they saw a huddle of baby turtles running to the ocean and Ben was Living™ until a seagull came and picked one up by the head causing a crying fit for about an hour and thirty minutes from Ben
  • Anyone going on a date with Noah is just A Mistake™
  • Once Greg agreed to go on a Thriller Throwback movie date with Noah and it was already awkward being that Greg is Greg, but then the title of the first movie comes on, The Birds, and Greg quite literally has to sit there with his eyes closed for 2 hours hoping Noah doesn’t look at him and at one point he peaks out to see if it’s over and he literally lets out a high pitched shriek (Noah never lets him live it down for the rest of their lives and yes, Greg is canonically afraid of birds)
  • Ari and Phoebus went on a date to the aquarium once so that Ari could go touch the Manta Rays in the big open tank they have where the rays come flooshing by the sides and you can pet their flappy wing things. Well, Phoebus saw someones service dog walking by and accidentally bumped into Ari to go pet it, causing Ari to fall into the Manta Ray tank as they had been leaning down to touch one
  • Poppy and Sara were just snuggling one morning as a breakfast date and Poppy promised to make breakfast for the two of them, so after 20 mins of fumbling in the kitchen Poppy comes out with her toaster strudel concoction and Sara loves her too much to not eat it, but after about 5 mins Sara is barreling to the bathroom and proceeds to vomit
  • Charlie asks Paulina on a date once and they go and have a great time and the Mood For Romance™ is ripe all up until they run into the baseball team hanging out and they absolutely embarrass the shit out of Charlie despite the many signals she sends them to Go. The. Fuck. Away. and while Paulina is laughing and not looking miserable, Charlie is just dead inside because of course these Heathens would come kill her chance for romance kms kms
  • Blake and Tyler go out for ice cream and to talk about soft gay boi literature things and it’s all sweet and Blake is actually smiling and Tyler is loving it all up until Blake spots Dallas and Malek across the street, heading into the ice cream shop like THEY’RE on a DATE TOO? The mood is completely killed, and of course they come over to talk to them and Blake is 10/10 the Worst™ and just keeps trying to one up Dallas every chance he gets 
    Later Tyler agrees with Malek that they will preschedule any future dates to avoid ever seeing each other during said date time
  • Malek and Dallas once went on a camping date in The Forest and it was absolutely great and all until Malek went missing and was never found again

LMAO I’m not sorry at all these are hilarious (was the last one too soon???) honestly I’m gonna have to think of more as time goes on because these high school misfits aren’t gonna stop fucking up and acting foolish anytime soon kms Lord save them 


The Flash

SnowBarry : I pair these two because of their chemistry. I do agree it is very Brother-Sister chemistry, but you can’t help but to love these two when they’re in a room together. Barry is there for her after Ronny, helped the man and tried to save him for Caitlin. Just to see her happy. He worries for her. It’s cute.

The Walking Dead

Bethyl : These two had chemistry since the beginning. He’s the hard, lone wolf who secret loves and cares for his friends / family. She is the loving, motherly, cute little cinnamon role that everyone loves. After the whole arc of them together alone set off, I was shook. He was happy, he cared and he opened up to someone. He cared for someone other than his brother or Rick. He cared about his girl more than most. After her death, I personally wanted to stab myself in the face.


Destiel : I mean.. do I need to say my reasons? LOOK AT THE LOOKS THEY GIVE EACH OTHER. LIKE FUCKING HELLO?

Legends of Tomorrow

Captain Canary(?) : I personally love these two because of how they are. Sara is a hard ass with a heart of gold, just like Snart. He’s a thief who is also a hero while Sara is an assassin who loves her friends and family. These two were made for each other, whether that be just as friends or as lovers. I cried my eyes out at Snart’s death tho. So fucking kill me.

The 100

Bellarke : These two have the chemistry of soulmates. They fight, they love hard, they fall hard and they always go back to each other. Whether it be because of someone bad or good. Clarke is there for Bellamy and Bellamy is there for Clarke. Until the end. No matter who dies, no matter what they do. They do it together.

The Vampire Diaries / The Originals 

Karoline : Klaus is someone who hates hard and loves even harder. So for him to go somewhat soft with Caroline makes my heart hurt. He needs love, and he could’ve easily taken it forcibly from her, compelled her to remember him as a good man, but he allowed her to see him as he was. A monster. It’s cute as fuck and 100% end game.

Teen Wolf

Sterek : For people who hate each other so much, they sure do save each other a lot. Also, Stiles was hesitant to GO SAVE HIS BEST FRIEND when Derek was dying / transforming.

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