Saqib Saleem


I will never work with my brother again (laughs). Working with a sibling can get very complicated because you don’t realize where boundaries begin and end. After 20-25 days of shooting, you start getting on each other’s nerves a little bit. When you are family, you are living out each day at home and at work together. Even the smallest sigh or a raised eyebrow, and the other person knows just what’s going on.”        -Huma Qureshi

Just watched Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge!

If any of you guys are looking for a light-hearted, feel good movie, then I highly recommend this one :) It’s definitely a movie that attracts teens and young adults, but I seriously enjoyed it!

I was bored last night and thought I would just start this movie so that I have something to watch before I fall asleep. I definitely underestimated the movie because I didn’t know the actors and it just didn’t grab my attention, but as I started watching it, I realized I was wrong(:

Oh and did I mention how cute the actors are? Okay the two main guys are really attractive<3 The guy “Vishal” is funny and cute, but “Rahul” is hot okay ;) And the two girls “Preity and Malvika” are super pretty and adorable too!

The storyline wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t fail to entertain you(: And in terms of music, they were pretty catchy- and after all it’s a Yash Raj production, you think they would fail to amaze us?

Whether you like Facebook or not, this movie is bound to make you want that special fraaand request ;)

I loved the ending and would probably give the movie a 3.5/5…leaning towards the 4 if you like cute, romantic, funny movies(: