Saqib Saleem


I will never work with my brother again (laughs). Working with a sibling can get very complicated because you don’t realize where boundaries begin and end. After 20-25 days of shooting, you start getting on each other’s nerves a little bit. When you are family, you are living out each day at home and at work together. Even the smallest sigh or a raised eyebrow, and the other person knows just what’s going on.”        -Huma Qureshi

i watched Karan Johar's gay tale in Bombay Talkies.

Now i’m not against homosexuality at all! , but that shit was awkward!

At first i was all…

(I can’t believe there is a bollywood movie about homosexuality)

(This shit shouldn’t be in a Bollywood movie. My Mum needs to leave the room now!)

and then you realise they’re about to kiss and not in the bollywood touching noses and laughing way …


My mummy noticed that my running skills have improved quite a bit