Shark Attack! (aka Arcade Fire) play Power Out + Rebellion (Lies) at last night’s secret show at Sappyfest.


This video is making the rounds on my facebook feed. It’s the Mouthbreathers covering Eric’s Trip in the shred shed at the after party for the final night of Sappyfest 8. YELLOWTEETH did a set right after this, too. Really fun time. If I remember correctly I was somewhere in that mass of people towards the back, moshing with flip flops on, trying not to get any toes broken.

(video by Ilse Kramer)

badass things i did over my long weekend

finished a pint of gin before 3pm

moshed in my bare feet directly on top of broken glass… at a legion

got high on top of an army tank

cried while listening to b.a. johnston’s new album ‘hi dudes!’ (the song that really got to me was called 'dating northbay girls in the 1990s’ and it made me so emotional)

passed out on the side of a really steep hill

ate onion rings two days in a row

swam with frogs in a lake

sat in the sun long enough to get freckles on my fingers AND toes