Sapphire Soul


We’ve come so far…
(All dates are Japan (i.e. first release-releases in italics are not shown in the pictures above ^^;)

Red/Green: 1996
Yellow: 1998
Gold and Silver: 1999
Crystal: 2000
Ruby and Sapphire: 2002
Fire Red and Leaf Green: 2004
Emerald: 2004
Diamond and Pearl: 2006
Platinum: 2008
Heart Gold and Soul Silver: 2010
Black and White: 2010
Black 2 and White 2: 2012
X and Y: 2013



I have bracelets back in stock in my shop, so mega ring bracelets are available again:

I also have two new designs in addition!

These are bracelets for the Soul Dew, the special hold item of Latios and Latias and the Life Orb (my favorite hold item in the games), which boosts attack at the cost of HP.

I also have some more plans for pokemon hold items that I’ll be adding soon. :)

Bracelets by Trinket Geek:


Soul Dew - Life Orb


Soul Dew - Life Orb


A big thank you to Allison at Sapphire Soul for sending me this August Balance Box. Sapphire Soul is a holistic beauty subscription box for your body, mind & soul.  Gift your spirit exactly what it needs: Self-care, Inspiration and Love.  I am very excited because I could use some stress relief, creativity vibes, and positive energy around me.  I’ve never tried anything like this but I’m always open to trying new things!

There are 2 subscriptions you can purchase at Sapphire Soul a small balance box that is $28 a month or a large balance box that is $48 a month.  Check out a little about the subscription boxes here

Sapphire Soul is also on:

For those interested I also have a special code for you to get your own Sapphire Soul Box!  Purchase a box (small or large) by 9/15 and use code: BLESSINGS to receive a FREE Bells of Blessings bracelet (a $60 value!) and a free signature Sapphire Soul item. (The signature item will be an essential oil, essential oil spray or apothecary item) an additional $12 value. 

What did I get in my Sapphire Soul Balance Box?  See below!

1. Soul Candy Spirit Jewel - use jewels for positivity. They’re also pretty on the outside and intention and focus for the inside.

2. Creativity Candle - focus on your intentions and energy you want to bring in while its lit. The candle also smells amazing!

3. Blue Apatite Stones - enhances aura and boosts self esteem. Eases headaches, helps heal addictions, bad habits and homesickness.

4. LA Fresh Eco Beauty Sample Makeup Wipe

5. Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Spray - use to enhance your focus and create a clear, peaceful environment before bed. This spray is safe to use on the skin.

6. Guanabana Herbal Tea for Imagination and Insight

YeLLeaux TrixTer

Exhausting my fears 

Lately there’s a sensation of going

Little life entanglements are 

Letting go 

They air-dance with the wind

Momentarily distracted by their 


What can winter do to me now?


You might recall that over the past couple of months, an enigmatic new act named Rude swooned us with their slick, romantic crooning and alluring, electrified retro synthpop sounds. Today saw the release of the band’s debut EP, #001: Winter, which can be streamed in full here, and purchased on iTunes, here. Off the EP comes Sapphire, a sultry electronic soul and R&B tune with some very fiery guitars and an opulent, near jazzy atmosphere. It’s a dazzling, intricate jam and but one of several great offerings from the new EP.