Garnet is THE BEST

My neice just discovered Steven Universe… and has become completely obsessed with Garnet and Sapphire and Ruby…

I want to Eeeek and give her hugs… but I don’t want to be a weirdo.

But she has never really shown ANY interest in ANY love stories in ANY other cartoons or shows so far.

So thank you Steven Universe for inteoducing kids to non-mainstream love stories that teach them about themselves and the world and tolerance.


Crystal Gem Sprites 

I had planned on starting a Patreon focused on Blender tutorials but I started school recently and I just haven’t had the time for it. 

My first project was going to be rendering crystal sprites but I never got the chance to finish it (all the component parts are done. I just have to edit them together) 

These are some of the examples I had made using the technique. I plan to get the tutorial done eventually – and I upload the source file (and the models for these sprites) when I get to it! 


alright so a quick rundown, this happens after The Answer, where Sapphire ended up poofed and Ruby didnt save her in time and Sapphires prediction came to fruition of Rose and Pearl getting caught.

This is also a collab with @jigokuhana they did the sketch i did the coloring and all that jazz. also we collaborated on a little story that this comic goes with! they were very good at adding more emotion and the ending to what i had written

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