Pink Diamond’s Shattering staged by other Diamonds?

So, I’ve been reading @anythingstevenuniverse​‘s post about wheather or not Rose Shattered Pink Diamond. The blogger pointed out some really interesting facts/theories. 

1) Pink diamond might have been the youngest, and deffinitely have been the least powerfull diamond. The moonbase mural clearly shows that Pink Diamond was in possesing of only one planet, Earth.

2) Ruby Eyeball, in episode “Bubbled” says that she has seen Rose shattering Pink Diamond “with my own eye” AND @anythingstevenuniverse​ rightly points that Eyeball has, in fact, only one eye and might not get the concept of depth quite right. Although, there is no proof of that theory in neither of third seasson’s final episodes, there is such a possibility.

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3) In “Monster Reunion”, Centipeetle, when asked who did this to her, draws the symbols of only three Diamonds, implying that the Pink Diamond might not have had anything to do with gem corruption.

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What I am up to with all this is: we don’t really know what were the exact  
circumstances of Pink Diamond’s shattering. We know Rose was there, and she might have been the only Crystal Gem present in that location, AND we know that Eyeball Ruby was there as well. But, what if there had been also another gem? Somebody from other Diamond’s court?

Let me point out one more thing. It’s not hard to notice that Diamonds surround themselves(or maybe even create) with gems being in the fashion of their own court, which are kind of reflections of their personalities. For example Cold Blue Diamond and Saphire, Pragmatic and hot-blooded Yellow Diamond and Peridot.

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We already assumed that Pink Diamond is the youngest of Diamonds. It is fair to assume also that Rose Quartz was “designed” by Pink Diamond, which can imply that it was Pink Diamond, who gave her all the love and kindness as well as the healing powers. Eyeball Ruby says that she heard “the rumors” about Rose’s abilities. This might mean that Rose was one of the very first Pink Diamond’s Quartzes.

With that being said, lte’s finally get to the point and imagine a situation like this: What if  Pink Diamond’s ability to feel empathy (which might be why Jasper loves her so much) bringed her to shattering? Maybe she met with Rose to pertract, but other Diamonds saw a weakness in that and decided to betray their own sister, because they feared she  give up not only on Earth but also on other planets. 

There might have occured some sort of fight between Rose and Pink Diamond (Pink D was still a Diamond, after all) and that’s where the real betrayer comes in and shatters Pink Diamond by surprise. From Eyeball’s perspective it might have been looked like some loyal gem tried to protect their Diamond from shattering with her own body, but failed.

Rose, shaken by the course of events, flees. Sister’s assasination gives other Diamonds perfect excuse to use the gem weapon in order to silence possible inconvenient whitnesses, end the rebellion and test the new technology, all at once.

This of course doesn’t explain why didn’t Rose said anything about Pink Diamond’s assasination to Pearl or Garnet. However, Pearl and Garnet do not give away information, about painfull events of the war, easily. They certainly do know more than they say but, for whatever reason, choose to remain silent.