“The Nature Conservancy—together with the National Park ServiceU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Game—engaged in an intensive, science-based recovery project to save the island fox. In less than a decade, the fox population has made an unprecedented recovery—heralding it as one of the fastest and most successful endangered species recovery programs in U.S. history.”

Scientists fight the sea to save ancient relics

SANTA CRUZ ISLAND, CALIF. – Archaeologist Torben Rick watched with frustration as pounding surf clawed at one of North America’s oldest homesteads, a massive heap of village foundations, cutting tools, beads and kitchen discards left behind over the last 13,000 years.

Here, seafaring tribal members cast fishing nets from canoes made of redwood planks, prepared dinners on stone griddles, and painstakingly chipped out tiny shell beads prized as currency.

But unless something is done, this rich trove of Native American history and several others on the island will almost certainly be destroyed by rising seas and strong storm surges along beaches that will soon no longer exist. Read more.


Cassie and I, along with the Trail Running group went to Santa Cruz Island to do a bit of some trail running.

It takes a bit over an hour to get there on a boat that leaves out of Ventura Harbor.  The trip was good, though we did hit the wake of a Container Freighter.  We also saw a huge pod of bottle nose dolphins and were treat dot show seeing them play in our wake.  

Once on the island we stashed our gear at a picnic site and took to the trails.  I took it easy at it was the first run back from San Francisco, and other than a few “zingers” I felt pretty fresh and loved feeling the legs getting out for a stretch.

Some places on the island you think you are in a different country and not off the coast of Los Angeles.

Everyone brought so many things to eat that lunch was really nice and fun.

I tried to get a better picture of one of the Island Foxes that live there, but they are elusive rascals.  

Finally a nice picture of Cassie and I at the end of the day while waiting to board the boat home.  It was a fun day and look forward to going back again to explore the island more.



The boys explore an island less traveled in this piece by Heavy Water. Enjoy!