Santa's lap

Day #263 - 12/19/12

Dalek Visits Santa

Ever since Dalek discovered who Santa was, he has been bugging me to go visit. It seems to me that a 25-year-old standing in line with her tiny action figure sized companion of an alien nature is just the slightest bit socially unacceptable. However, I swallowed my pride today, and took Dalek to the local mall to speak to St. Nick. If he hadn’t been so adiment about a meeting with “the leader of Christmas,” I don’t think Dalek would have been caught dead in that line; so many LOUD children. He bit the bullet and waited patiently. When we found out the photographer couldn’t do close-ups, Santa’s helpers insisted that I get in the picture, so apologies for my appalling hair. Meeting went over well, I think… Dalek of course asked that Santa bring him universal domination, and a Snuggie. I told Santa I wanted a happy and healthy year for my friends and family, especially those of you on Tumblr who so faithfully follow Dalek’s adventures. 



improv everywhere makes my day everytime they upload a video. never a disappointment. 


It made me smile.