Santa's lap

Santa’s Lap

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Word Count: 1169 
Pairings: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: Christmas, Dirty Santa, Sexy Husband, Smut, Smutty Smut Smut!

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“C’mon, baby! Time to sit on Santa’s lap!” You exclaimed, pulling your four year old son along. The mall’s Santa looked extremely realistic this year and your son lit up like a Christmas tree. 

“Santa!” He babbled over and over again, making grabby hands toward the man’s face. Bucky chuckled deeply behind you. 

You grinned and nodded, “Gotta be nice, okay? You can’t pull Santa’s beard like you do your daddy’s.” 

Santa was quick to pull your son onto his lap before he could run away. When he looked up at you, his mouth seemed to drop slightly. He cleared his throat, and in a low tone he asked, “Would Mommy like to sit on my other leg?” 

Your brows furrowed.

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Me: *Sits on Santa’s lap*

Santa: “And what do you want, young lady?”

Me: “The Basement Tapes.”

[ Jungkook probably ]
  • /Jungkook and Jimin in the mall during Christmas/
  • Santa: I will grant a child's wish today!
  • Jungkook: *picks up Jimin and places him on Santa's lap*
  • Jungkook: wish that you'll grow taller

Mana would definitely dress up as Santa during the Holiday Season. I want to draw Allen sitting on Mana’s (Santa Claus’s) lap, but for now have this cute comic of Allen meeting Santa. 

the secret santa au

suggested by @iggydabirdkid! at literally 11:59 PM but it’s still december 1st nonetheless. will you ever know what sombra’s gift is? probably not.

  • one of the truly beautiful traditions (started by tracer) of overwatch is the yearly secret santa
  • everyone from overwatch’s invited, and their significant others, which means that talon’s invited too.
  • it’s easier to get gifts for some than it is for others.
  • take winston
  • last year, lena bought him a monthly delivery of a ten-kg jar of peanut butter (lasting for a year) and no one had ever seen him look so happy
  • and then you have sombra and no one knows anything about her so congrats to that lovely person who has to get her a gift
  • they all sit around in a circle on december 1st and lena claps her hands like a little kid and widow pretends not to be endeared
  • s76 holds a santa hat in his lap, filled with slips of paper
  • one by one, each person (or robot) comes up and takes a paper
  • (and because i’m symbra TRASH this is mostly gonna follow their quest for gifts)
  • symmetra opens her slip and sees, in neatly printed, bright purple words, ‘SOMBRA’.
  • she kinda freaks out a little bc she expected to get bastion or something but then she just sits and thinks.
  • while satya’s thinking, sombra retrieves her slip, and sees symmetra’s name written on it in pastel blue
  • internally she’s like ‘YASSSSS BISHHH’ because she has a massive crush on satya but she keeps a poker face
  • she looks up to see satya studying her intently, and blinks.
  • ‘hey, princesita!’ she calls, and satya looks up, flushing, and she’s really cute and- wait. up. her eyes went up.
  • up. which means they were down before. which means they were looking at sombra’s lips. sombra files that away and makes a mental note to obsess over it later.
  • ‘what ya lookin’ at?’
  • satya blinks at her, then turns and walks away. sombra looks after her, confused.
  • ‘don’t mind her!’ lena calls, and then abruptly there is an orange mass flying at her. tracer comes to a stop just in front of her, but her momentum sends them both tumbling.
  • lena leans in close. ‘she’s a bit shy around people she likes.’
  • and then she blinks away, and sombra’s eyes go wide.
  • likes. satya likes her.
  • oh.
  • she spends the next twenty-four days at literally every store in the world (courtesy of hacking)
  • jewelry? would satya like jewelry? no. she can make her own out of hard light. sombra blows out a sigh and speeds past to the next store.
  • ‘sombra,’ gabe says over the com. ‘we’re on a mission.’
  • ‘and tokyo has some of the best gift stores in the world.’ sombra snaps. she got two hours of sleep last night and she’s really stressed. ‘your point?’
  • ‘that we’re still part of a team dedicated to killing people and you can’t just leave. sombra, just get her something and come back.’
  • sombra yanks her fingers through her hair frustratedly. ‘i can’t just get her something, gabriel, amélie, you don’t understand! i have to make a good impression and she’s beautiful and kind and i want her to trust me because when she smiles i feel like my insides have reoriented themselves and i just want her to like me, and so many people don’t that it’s not hard to think she won’t either, but i just really want her to smile at me and think i’m a good person and i need- joder, i just need a gift!’
  • ‘well, here we are,’ gabe says, and sombra turns to see amélie and gabriel, dressed in street clothes, widow with aviators perched stylishly atop her nose.
  • ‘first,’ widow says, rubbing her hands together, ‘you need an element.’
  • ‘a.. wha?’
  • ‘element. let’s see. what does satya like?’
  • ‘i don’t know- wait, actually, i do. neat things. pretty things. useful things?’
  • ‘so aesthetic, maybe a bit of practicality. let me guess. blue. good. gabriel?’
  • ‘you’ll need some sort of blue cloth, perhaps. and something to counter it- perhaps purple would work, considering your colour scheme. it has to be something from the heart.’
  • ‘why- i thought the mission-’
  • ‘the mission can fuck itself. we’re here for my little sister.’ 
  • ‘and my daughter,’ gabe adds, and sombra’s legitimately tearing up a little.
  • widow whips a cell phone out of her leather trench coat and dials a number, speaking in rapid-fire french. she looks up after a moment.
  • ‘paris fashion boutique. they can have premium blue silk in ten minutes.’
  • ‘make it two,’ gabe says grimly, and moves through the rack of japanese silk, picking out a light purple number and reaching for one of the daggers in widow’s boot. he slices through the cloth, cuts it into the shape of symmetra’s design spray.
  • widow hangs up. ‘got it.’ she tosses a really expensive package of blue silk at him, and he takes it, cutting it into a cool design and gluing the two together. a clerk runs toward them, staring at the scraps of cloth that are probably worth more than a few million dollars, and amélie tosses a cheque down before they disappear.
  • ‘think about it,’ gabe says as they hold onto the grappling hook (which is attached to a nearby plane). ‘what do you think symmetra would appreciate?’
  • ‘i don’t know.’
  • ‘well, what do you like?’
  • ‘hacking. and horchata caliente. and girls.’
  • ‘hey, amélie!’ gabe shouts. ‘is symmetra into girls?’
  • amélie blinks, shrugs. gabe sighs.
  • ‘we’ll think of something.’
  • they do.
  • the day rolls around, and sombra approaches symmetra nervously.
  • ‘hi,’ she says, hands behind her back, and satya looks at her and grins. sombra tingles.
  • ‘hello,’ she says. ‘did we get each other?’
  • ‘it seems so.’
  • ‘excellent! i’ll go first.’
  • symmetra reaches out, and sombra blanks, because satya’s touching her hand oh my god she may not live to see tomorrow oh my god oh my god fuCK HOLY FRICK WHAT DOES SHE DO DOES SHE- ARE HER HANDS SWEATY THIS IS BAD OH HECK HECKITY HECK
  • symmetra smiles. ‘and… done!’
  • sombra blinks, looks down, and flexes her fingers to see if they’re still in shock. to her surprise, her nails do something weird and suddenly she has fuckin claws like wolverine what the hell
  • they’re purple. sombra appreciates that.
  • ‘there.’ satya smiles adorably.
  • silence.
  • ‘um. i didn’t mean to-’
  • satya kisses her breathless.
  • she pulls back after a moment, fingers skating over sombra’s jaw, and for the first time in her full however many years of life, sombra’s rendered speechless.
  • ‘the gift-’ sombra stutters, and satya smiles at her, and her heart melts.
  • ‘we have time for the gift, later.’
  • she pulls her close.
  • ‘right now, i have you. and you’re the best present i could wish for.’
Rogue One Christmas Headcanons

-They all break out the matching Jammie’s for a Christmas Eve party

-it’s Jyns first Christmas in years so they want it to be perfect

-They all used to spend Christmas with their family but now the Rogue One is family

- The only ones not in Jammie’s are Baze because he’s in a Santa costume and Jyn because she’s designated elf
“You’re only making me do this cause I’m short”

-Taking turns on Santa Bazes lap

-Chirrut whispers in his ear “I want a Kyber Crystal” *runs away giggling*

-Everyone try K-2SOs famous holiday fruit cake!!

- Cassian stays up all night to put out surprise gifts
“I have no idea who left those there!?!”

-He gets all of them alliance leather jackets that they wear all day together

- Jyn’s gifts are all handmade and a little messy but they love them cause she worked so hard on them

- Bodhi is thoughtful gift king. His gift will make you cry because you love life so much.

-K-2 just gets everyone socks

-Christmas dinner is a compilation of everyone interrupting each other to make a toast

-K2SO: “As leader I will be making the toast today thank-”

-Chirrut teaches Jyn to knit by the fire

-Chirrut is the essence of Christmas spirit

-Bodhi has a hot chocolate mustache all night that no one points out cause it’s cute

-Cassian plugs Christmas lights into K-2SO

-There is no tree, the gifts go under K-2SO

-They sing “Oh K2 tree” and are content


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Mini Matchmaker Pt. 1 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Hi, my lovelies!! I’m still trying to ease myself off hiatus (you can read about that HERE ), but work got crazy again so I’m not sure when it’ll be official. BUT. I had this idea during my long day at work and I just thought it was so cute so I had to get it out. I hope you like it!! Any feedback or comments is appreciated. :)


Mini Matchmaker (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader, Steve, OC Justice, Sam (mentioned) [modern au]

Summary: Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life. 

Warnings: none? Super duper fluffy!! A super tiny mention of death, but that’s it.

Word Count: 2436 (yeah this was supposed to be a drabble. oops.)

Tag list is below (LIST IS CLOSED I’M SO SORRY)

Part One  Part Two>>>


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“These tights are the worst,” you muttered to your co-worker while still maintaining the fake perma-smile required for your temporary job. You tried to covertly pull up the tights that threatened to sag down to your knees while simultaneously resisting to scratch your itchy legs.

“Just remember, it’s almost over and think of the extra cash you’ll have for all the presents you’re going to buy me,” smirked the redhead, handing a cane cane to an obviously underwhelmed child.

“You wish, Nat,” you replied before ushering the next kid forward to take a seat on Santa’s lap.

With a frustrated huff, you considered your current situation. In addition to the awful red and white striped tights that were the bane of your existence, you wore a green velvet dress that fell to mid-thigh, a pointed green hat, and of course, the curly-toed shoes with bells attached. Just to add a festive touch of humiliation.

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Christmas/Winter Starters!

{ Might add more later. Enjoy for now! }

🎁 Our muses open presents together!
🎄 Our muses decorate a christmas tree together!
🏬 Our muses go christmas shopping!
🔪 Our muses choose and cut their own tree!
💃 Our muses go ice-skating!
🌁 Our muses play in the snow!
🍛 Our muses make a Christmas dinner together!
🍪 Our muses bake and decorate Christmas cookies!
👀 Our muses stay up waiting for santa!
🎅 One muse still believes in santa… how does the other handle it?
🔥 Our muses drink hotchocolate and cuddle next to the fireplace!
📺 Our muses watch Christmas films together!
🎨 Our muses make christmas crafts - snowflakes, snowmen and more!
🏠 Our muses decorate the outside of the house!
💰 Our muses go decortion shopping!
👪 Our muses go to the mall to sit on santas lap!
🎶 Our muses listen to christmas songs!
📥 Our muses sled down a hill!
⛺ Our muses make a gingerbread house!
🏂 Our muses go snowboarding!
🏡 Our muses assist at a homeless shelter on christmas!
👶 Our muses visit a childrens hospital and give gifts to kids!
🚙 Our muses drive/walk around to look at peoples xmas lights at night!
🎬 Our muses watch a christmas play together!
😱 Our muses get snowed into their house!
🍻 Our muses get drunk off of booze filled egg nog!
🐎 Our muses take a horse drawn sleigh ride!
👕 One muse forces the other to wear ugly, matching christmas sweaters!
🎼 Our muses go caroling!
🎊 muses attend a christmas party!
💏 Our muses meet under the mistletoe - Accidentally or on purpose is your choice!

3rd grade, boys are mean
all they do is hurt
why are my classmates looking at them like that?
i sit in santa’s lap and he asks me which boy in my class i think is the cutest, i say i don’t know and he says i must like someone
i don’t think i trusted santa after that
at sleepovers we practice kissing
my friends say: think about some guy and close your eyes, it will be okay
i don’t close my eyes

7th grade, boys are scary
they’re still mean and now they’re bigger
i find comfort in being smarter than them in the classroom
i tense up every time i talk to one
i say playful insults, they think i’m flirting but
i’m just trying to have the upper hand

8th grade, boys are irrelevant
i kiss a girl, i kiss her for eight months
she leaves me, she thinks she’s missing out on something
she wants to kiss some boys
i try that too, but his stubble feels sharp
he opens my bra wait didn’t we just meet?
he says he hasn’t kissed anyone before and i say
“i noticed”
he thinks i’m playing but i’m just trying to be mean

16, no grade, boys are terrible except this one
he has angel hair and eyes like jewels
when he sings i can’t help but smile
he smokes the same brand of cigarettes as my father who doesn’t want to know me
i tell him he’s the first man i’ve ever trusted
one time he doesn’t stop
i say it’s hurting and he says “babe i’m gonna come like, so soon”
i lie there and still trust him, somehow

18, no grade, boys are things
i’m dancing in the club
i see them look at me and i feel powerful
i kiss a lot of boys but i don’t feel anything
they’re just numbers in my notebook
i fuck some locally famous musicians and feel pride in knowing i’ve fucked them
i’m still scared of them i’m still mean i feel empty

19, first grade of trade school, boys are friends?
i feel tense talking to my roommates friends
something makes me feel like i have to be attractive to every man or i’m nothing
i start dating one of them
he’s sweet but i feel anxious all the time
i get to know his friends and they like me as me
and not just as a girl

20, 2nd grade of trade school, boys are friends.
i date another one of them
i still feel anxious, i run away it’s all so messy
the other boys are still my friends they understand
in the summer i get it
i have coffee with a sweet boy, a friend of mine
i say “i’m a lesbian” and he says
“oh, okay”
for the first time i don’t feel tense

- a.t.

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Lance and Keith, on Santa's lap (aka probably a shopping mall)


santa first asked keith what he wanted for christmas, “uhhh, a new crop jacket, a new pair of headphones and a tank top from hot topic,” keith decided on.

next it was lance’s turn, he went up to santa and santa asked him what he wanted, he blushed fiercely, unable to speak and pointed at keith.

keith turned as red as his jacket.

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