Asoiaf AU: Sansa Stark and Willas Tyrell live happily together in Highgarden

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya. 

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I've always understood the connections between Sansa and Sandor that make them fit so well together, but how do you mind the age gap? If I remember correctly, Sansa is only 13 during the Battle of Blackwater, while Sandor is around 30. I would find them romantic if they were in the same range, but I can never shake that part in my head. I feel similarly about Dany/Drogo, though that relationship had a few giant problems along with the age gap. It's just too unsettling for me, how do you view it?

It can be pretty hard sometimes, I’ll tell you. (BTW, during the BotBW Sansa is 12 and Sandor is 28.) Generally I deal with it by only romantically shipping in the potential future of the story, and in romantic fanfics I prefer futurefics (assuming a time gap in which Sansa reaches adulthood) or aged up fics. (Aging up sometimes bothers me, especially if it just seems like an afterthought with no actual effect on the story, but I have seen it done well in stories where everyone is aged up 5-6 years and furthermore the characters are handled appropriately. A 16-year-old Sansa would not have been quite so innocent and naive as the 11-year-old fooled by Cersei and Joffrey.)

However, the greater problem is not in fanfic, it’s in the books themselves. Initially GRRM planned for ASOIAF to take place over the span of many years, maybe a decade, and started the kids out young because he wanted them to reach adulthood for endgame. AGOT itself was supposed to take place over years, and it was only when GRRM was writing it that he realized that events moved too quickly and only a year or so had passed. So he resolved this by planning a 5 year gap that would take place after ASOS (which is why that book resolves so many plot points) – and when the storyline started up again, all the characters would be 5 years older. So for example, by endgame Sansa would be at least 18 to Sandor’s 34. (I’m not sure if 18-34 would have been all right for you, but note it’s almost the exact same age difference as Jaime and Brienne.) However, GRRM couldn’t make the timejump work, and therefore scrapped it. (One of the reasons AFFC took so long to be finished.) Honestly, once he noticed the problem in AGOT he should have aged up everyone right there before publishing it… but oh well.

Anyway, so the bigger problem is that even with the lack of the time gap GRRM still hasn’t changed his plans with how he’s handling the kids. So you end up with things like Arya’s sexualization in TWOW’s Mercy, and Sansa’s flirtatiousness in her TWOW preview chapter is probably only the start with her. (But please note the “controversy” was not what was suspected.) So if GRRM does actually do romantic sansan in the books (and though I can’t be certain of it I don’t rule it out either) it may be more “unsettling” there than most conscientious fanfic authors would write. Actually, cancel that “may” – I’m sure that whatever GRRM writes (sansan or otherwise) will be more unsettling than most fics. (Though not all of them *cough* GOT *cough*)

And there’s also the even greater problem with how GRRM normalizes sexual matters happening to 12-14-year-olds even while saying it’s abnormal for Westeros, and other gender issues… but that’s beyond the scope of my reply. Although it does result in people rationalizing sansan with “Sansa was married at 13 and expected to have sex” or pointing to Dany & Drogo and saying “you didn’t complain about that!” (some people did complain, even if hypocrites exist too) and y’know… just because GRRM made it “normal” in ASOIAF still doesn’t make it right, or make it look good to most people. The false pedophilia accusations should be dealt with of course, but with any other argument other than “it’s normal in the books”, please.

Just… Sansa and Sandor had a strong emotional connection in King’s Landing that did involve some sexual tension, and it was kind of fucked up, and we shippers should admit it was fucked up, we’re aware of it and have to deal with it, and we hope for a happy healthy relationship that Sansa chooses as an adult. (And if someone reading this is a shipper who doesn’t ship it that way… well, you do you, I’m not trying to speak for you, but… I avoid your fics if I can help it, sorry.) And in the books themselves, if we don’t get that kind of future relationship, well, hopefully whatever we do get will not be too unsettling, and hopefully mostly satisfying. For some fans at least. Whoever they ship.

(BTW I haven’t stated this in my author’s notes yet, but my own sansan fic is incorporating the five-year-gap that never happened, although not that big a leap (more like 3 years) because I can’t really make it work with the books’ storyline any better than GRRM could. It’s hedging, I know, I’m mostly dealing with it by pretending ASOS/AFFC/ADWD took a lot longer than they actually did and also by not mentioning timeline issues if I can help it. Sigh, oh GRRM. Oh, me.)


FINALLY I am getting closer to posting a sequel to a story of mine from a while back, “The Look” - yay! I have planned it for the best part of year, started writing some time ago, but then… life happens…

To visit the original, below an excerpt from it:

Then she felt it. The warmth of the Hound’s breath on her skin, the brush of his hair following it. It moved slowly from her neck to her breasts, first to one, then to another. It stopped briefly above her nipples and she could sense the blow of air on them when he exhaled. The warmth of it stirred her skin, as if the warmest of summer winds gently caressing her. The tips of his hair tickled her, and for a moment she wondered if that could be considered him breaking his promise. Then she concluded that it would not; after all, it was not in him to control how it fell.

The new story is titled “And She Looked Back”, and below an excerpt from it:

Sansa felt his gaze on her once again, heavy and expecting. Despite the Hound being the one imprisoned and restrained, his strength exuded from him in primal waves and dominated the room just like it had always done, and she felt weak because of it. All of a sudden Sansa felt a twinge of anger. Why was he allowed to come back from death when her father, her mother, her brothers and sister were today as gone as ever? Why the Hound, who most certainly was not a good person, got to live, and her loving and caring family did not? It was so unfair that a slight sob escaped from her lips attracting the prisoner’s attention. He lifted his head and threw an odd look into her direction but didn’t say a word. Sansa pretended to have nicked her thumb and stuck it into her mouth to buy some time.

(Warning for both stories; some dub-con)


“You best start believing in ghost stories Miss Snow, you’re in one.”
The Curse of the Nights Watch

Coming soon, the Pirates of the Caribbean/Jon x Sansa crossover AU no one really asked for, but I really wanted to write.

Main Cast of Characters:

Captain Alliser Thorne (Capt. Hector Barbossa) … Anthony Hopkins
Captain Mance Rayder (Capt. Jack Sparrow)     … Jason Isaacs
Sansa Stark (Elizabeth Swann)                           … Eleanor Tomlinson
Jon Snow (Will Turner)                                        … Luke Pasqualino           

themetaisawesome asked:

I wanted to ask a question about something you've talked about before: You pointed out that Stannis is the only character who has referred to Sansa as "Lady Lannister." Something feels off about that. He knows what the small council and the Lannisters are like, and he knows the union was forced to try to take Winterfell through marriage. Granted, Jon does think to himself that if Stannis found Arya, he might marry her off to one of his men, but still, for such a just man, that's pretty unfair.

Wait, are you telling me that Stannis is being a hypocrite and unfair? Stannis? Really?

Oh, I’m shocked, truly. Certainly Stannis would never show any sign of hypocrisy, like breaking vows or using magic to murder unsuspecting opponents. And unfairness? The very idea. What would Maester Cressen think.


(God knows I love the man, but Stannis is exactly the kind of pissy pedant who’d insist on calling Sansa “Lady Lannister”. (Even if it’s very incorrect.) Especially to press a point at someone, especially when he’s annoyed that person won’t just obey already. And yes, he is a hypocrite, and very often unfair.)

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If you had to introduce someone to SanSan (as in they've read the books and like both characters but haven't seen the light of day that is SanSan), what meta would you recommend they read to start off with?

I think probably the best course is to direct this hypothetical person to Lord Bronn Stokeworth’s excellent analysis of Sandor’s influence on Sansa from the Rethinking Sansa threads from Westeros.org. It’s written from the male perspective, which I feel makes it even better (since it’s assumed that SanSan is just a crazy fangirl invention) and it’s very objective and thorough. Enjoy! (And good luck! lol)

I’m honestly disturbed that some fans want Sansa to be with Littlefinger. Petyr Baelish is the man who is responsible for EVERYTHING! Because of Petyr being rejected by Cat, handling it like a meninist who believes the friendzone exists(which he does by causing a war that destroys The Starks which gets Cat the woman he “loved”), and he only wants Sansa because she looks just like a younger version of Cat, so he’s just using her as a substitute for Cat just because he can’t learn how to handle rejection, like at all and really he’s a disgusting pedophilic asshole. And god, he is certainly very close to becoming the Christian Grey of Westeros. And I call bullshit on anyone saying that he felt guilty or seeks revenge for The Red Wedding because the Littlefinger of the books shows that he had no regard of Cat’s life whatsoever. Like Robert he romanticized Cat and in love with the idea of her rather than her as a person.Catelyn rejected him and he sees Sansa as a younger and more beautiful version of Cat. Losing Cat didn’t effect him really when he has Sansa in his grasp. And a post  shows this in more detail.

And really, he manipulates Lysa to the point where she was willing to do anything and everything and her love for him drove her crazy, had Lysa kill Jon Arryn, manipulates Ned and then betrays him and then Ned dies, masterminded the war of the five kings which led to the death of House Stark, he is the one who crushes Sansa’s hopes of being married to Willas Tyrell by telling The Lannisters which then forces Sansa to marry Tyrion, he is the one who had Dontos spy on her and lead her to his path(Dontos is who Sansa thought was her friend only to be revealed as his spy) practically brainwashes Sansa into becoming Alyane and his daughter(seriously who the fuck says “come give your father a kiss” just…UGH) and it’s even more disturbing and creepy where the manipulation makes Sansa reliant on Petyr. But more to the point. Why would ANYONE want them together? Petyr is the architect of Sansa’s suffering, and by the time Sansa becomes a player, Sansa will eventually find out that Petyr had Ned betrayed and hopefully once she is wed to Harry, Littlefinger will finally die or if he is slippery enough to evade Sansa’s justice, he will be killed by Lady Stoneheart.