Told ya it was silly.

How I wrote this down when I first had the idea was word for word. “Sans and pap, CSI, dead body pun, YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” so here, have it. 

Also I bet yA DIDN’T EXPECT SOME NEATLY DRAWN ACCURATE SKULLS BUT GUESS WHAT I CAN DRAW. now I need like 30 minutes to recoup and then I’ll be ready for work again.

anonymous asked:

How do you draw sans so well? Could you maybe make a small tutorial? ((It’s fine if you don’t want to!))

aaaa thanks! here i tried to make a tutoral 💦

Hope it’s helpful XD
Closeup version here if needed. Перевод тут.

Don’t use without permission, don’t repost, please. Thank you! 💛


some more Undertale Doodles  ^_^ 

first there’s some skelebros expressions, because Papyrus still difficult lol and also Undyne! 

last comic is based on this XD is not exactly accurate to the actual thing but i guess i could see Sans eating the ingredients of “those pizzas” just as they come and not making them. ??? dunno  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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