“Sakura healing is her doing her job”

Um yeah and Kiba fighting is doing his job, every ninja is doing their job that doesn’t mean that they aren’t strong, skilled or that it shouldn’t count as a feat. Sakura became the best healer in the world as a teen and surpassed a sannin in power (healing + combat). I have no idea where Hinata fans get these criteria from where in any and every thing Sakura does either doesn’t count or is her doing her job which means it shouldn’t count. Meanwhile Hinata can perform as well as average members of the rookie nine like Kiba and Shino, after struggling unlike those people to pull off her move, and she’s the Goddess of the Hyuga. 

anonymous asked:

Have you met Jiraiya in the after life? Does he try to get you to use your Byakugan for...well..."pervy" stuff?

I have met Jiraiya in the after life. But he does not make me do his dirty work anymore (because ghosts can go through walls). But I do remember a long time ago he made me use my byakugan for his… business.