The Sankyo CF-201 is now available with a C# trill key!


Sterling silver handcut ST-2 headjoint, silver plated nickel silver body, footjoint and mechanism, french (open hole), offset G, C# trill, pointed key arms, NEL, drawn tone holes, 0.40mm tubing, B footjoint

Sankyo Flutes represent traditional hand-built manufacturing excellence, with each instrument receiving the attention of artisans dedicated to the producing the renowned Sankyo sound. Sankyo artisans have total control over each step in the hand-crafted process. The meticulously crafted parts of the CF-201 receive the same attention to detail as those of the highest pure silver and gold models. The artists and craftsmen at Sankyo have transcended the art of flutemaking to a level unsurpassed anywhere in the world. We know you will agree. Sankyo flutes hold a secret within their walls; a voice of dignified beauty and an endlessly transparent and rich tone. This is the pride of Sankyo Flutes.

The CF-201 is the entry model of Sankyo’s Silver lineup and is a contender to any professional flute. Popular amongst aspiring artists, the silver headjoint flute resonates the beautiful Sankyo sound. Formerly called the Etude.


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I was tagged by @pinkhairgirlknits for #widn and I have been waiting all day for my flute to come back from the shop! Ahhhh its so pretty and clean :) #flute #Sankyo I tag @graceaileenrennie @mushroomnikki @amandamariesays


I picked this music box up at a thrift store about a month ago and I was wondering if anyone could name the song. 

EDIT: I’ve been told the song is Feelings by Morris Albert.


one of his finest performances