funniest One Piece jokes, in a random order
  • anything realted to Sanji’s wanted poster
  • anything related to God Usopp Sogeking
  • when Zoro was about to be turned into a wax statue and struck a pose so that at least he’d look cool if he died
  • when the whole Whole Cake Island-Big Mom fiasco was presented in the press as the masterplan put together by genius strategist Strawhat Luffy, starting with “sending a bomb” from Fishman Island
  • when Luffy reunited with Ace in Alabasta by interrupting his dick-measuring contest with Smoker and accidentally flinged them through the diner and a few walls
  • Duval. I know, but it deserves a separate point
  • anytime Luffy sends Zoro flying
  • the fact the Rob Lucci, one of the most ruthless and cruel enemies Luffy has ever had to face canonically spent 5 years of his life doing only. Ventriloquism. With his pet pigeon
  • Ryonosuke
  • when the top Baroque Works agents have been waiting for Crocodile around the table for hours and All-Sunday walks in and announces him, he just… turns around in his chair. He was there all along, just made them wait in the biggest power move of the century.
  • Luffy trying to push a zombie back to the grave
  • Buggy, aka the lucky bastard of the series and the Marineford arc being promoted to Schichibukai
  • Law suffering through every moment of the alliance with the Strawhats, pulling the worst disguises in the world one after the other

feel free to add more!

luffy: it’s the first day of fall so you know what that means

usopp: time to break out the apple cinnamon glade plug ins?

luffy: no, usopp. not that. it’s time to — well, i mean… you can if you want to. i wouldn’t mind having the apartment smelling like autumn. and after all, apple cinnamon is one of my favorite scents. so yeah, sure. open up the plug ins that’s fine.

usopp: oh that’s great! thank you, luffy!

luffy: yes, yes. now back to what i was saying. it’s the first day of fall so you know what that means - besides celebrating the equinox with appropriate autumn frangrances

usopp: what?

luffy: it’s time to shove a pumpkin up my ass

usopp: luffy, that wasn’t marked on my calendar 

sanji: you’re not shoving anything anywhere

monkey d luffy as an in-universe concept is so fucking funny to me because like…

you just live peacefully on your island and you keep hearing tales of this like crazy monstrous pirate crew who will come and destroy half your island and overthrow your government and then one day they show up and it’s just some scrawny little Noodly Boy in a farm hat and jorts with his weird teenaged friends and you’re like oh damn he’s not threatening at all??? he just wants to be friends and eat all our food??? and then before you know it half your island is destroyed and your government is overthrown


🎶🎶 Sing Along~! 🎶🎶

Zoro! Loof! Come on, Zoro!

Zu-zu-zu-zu-zu Zoro! (x 4)

Zoro, Zoro, Zoro the Explorer!

Loof and super cool explorer Zoro

Need your help!

Grab your three swords!

Let’s go! Jump in! Santouryuu!

You can lead the way! HEY! HEY!

Zu-zu Zoro Zu-zu-zu Zoro (x 2)

Sanji, no shit-talking! Sanji, no shit-talking!

🚬🦊 (Oh, man!)

Zoro the Explorer!