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 大阪の街に繰り出した #KEN #HYUK の様子。

 #VIXX #ラララ愛をありがとう

#KEN and #HYUK who ventured out into the streets of Osaka. 
The relaxing time of a plain chocolate guy and a choco-banana guy.

Everyone, goodnight!
#VIXX #LalalaThankYouForYourLove

170930 Hongbin & Leo Twitter Compilation

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

아아 레오가 갑자기 보고 싶네

Aah I suddenly want to see Leo 

Leo Reply (@JUNGTW_LEO):

형 햄보케

Hyung is happy

T/N: This was said very cutely.

Hongbin Reply (@RedBeans93):

형 이렇게 하면돼?

Hyung, is it okay for you to be like this?

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

(생일에 이름이 없어 서운했던 택운이를 위한 작은 배려) 속닥

(A small kindness for Taekwoonie who was hurt that his name wasn’t there on my birthday) whisper


안보면 보고싶어지고 막 그리워 지는 그런 형 정택운

The kind of hyung that you want to see when you don’t see him and miss badly, Jung Taekwoon

Hongbin Reply (@RedBeans93):

와 형 이거 비밀로 보내는건줄 알았는데 큰일났다 형 형이 시킨거 다 알았어

Wah I thought I was sending this secretly but this is a big problem hyung They all know it was ordered by you

Hyuk Reply (@HSangHyuk):

어디서..조작냄새 안나나요…?😅

Does it not…reek of manipulation…?😅