Sandy Hook Elementary School

Emilie Parker

became a shooting victim at the age of 6 on December 14th 2012.

Her father was quoted saying, “She was beautiful. She was blonde. She was always smiling. She never missed an opportunity to draw a picture or make a card for those around her. I’m so blessed to be her dad.”


Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Conspiracy

Before I begin explaining the research I have gathered over the last six months, I would like to say that this post is to be in no way misinterpreted as ignorant to the families of the victims. This is simply the evidence that I have put together, and there is a chance that we will never discover the truth about this horrid event. 

The story that the public has been told begins with Adam P. Lanza, the sole gunman, entering the school at 8:40am on December 14th 2012. He then shot dead 20 children and 6 adults. Reportedly after murdering the 26 beings, Adam Lanza took his own life. 

As you can see above, Adam Lanza’s proven death date is December 13th 2012. How could Lanza have been involved in a shooting that occurred the day after he died?

Not only does this area not exist at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but this footage could not possibly have been recorded at 8:40 in the morning. The shadows of these officers are facing the wrong direction. 

The more shocking evidence of this conspiracy lies in the “victims”, and families, of the so-called shooting. 

Robbie Parker (above) is the father of six-year-old victim Emilie Parker. This photo still is from an interview just a day after the shooting occurred. Robbie was unaware that the camera was already rolling. He walks out, laughing and smiling. He then continues to get into character, faking emotion. The only Robbie Parker in Newtown Connecticut is reportedly 57 years old. This man does not look 57, nor does it seem the 57 year old would have such young children. So who is this man? 

If Robbie’s daughter Emilie had truly been murdered, how did she end up in a photo with President Obama taken on December 16th, two days after Emilie’s death date. My theory is when the photo with the president was taken, the Parker girls were called into the photo, and the wrong girl, the girl who is supposedly dead, entered going unnoticed by the photographer and Emilie’s own “parents” (some people believe Emilie is not a daughter of Robbie, and was photoshopped into the bottom photo.) In both photos Emilie is wearing the same dress. In just a few days, Emilie’s two and three year old siblings would have not only fit into her dress, but their haircuts would not match Emilie’s the way that they do. 

Although hard to see, this photo is the only outstanding proof that Emilie’s page was created on the morning of December 14th. One of the first post states the loss of their beautiful little girl. Hours later a post stated that they were unaware if Emilie was in the school or had been taken to the hospital. So why, while their daughter’s fate was unknown, were her parents taking the time to create a Facebook fund? The page was removed and replaced with a new one on December 15th. 

The McDonald family was said to be among the victims. The still above is from an interview with Anderson Cooper, where the mother and the father of the victim spend the interview smiling and laughing, never shedding a tear, just like the other parents who were interviewed. There is a website called They supply actors for drills and events like these, and connections have been made between the families of Sandy Hook, and the members of the Crisis Acting Team. 

Another thing that simply does not make sense is the Emergency Medical Services responders. Only 3 EMS vehicles arrived and blocked the road with other random empty cars as you can see in the photo below. No EMS workers were spotted, no children being led from the building dead or alive, and no parents around. The scene looks more like a movie set than a crime scene. And these crews which would have in a realistic situation been parked by the front entrance of the building, were parked a five minute walk down the road. 

This road would have been cleared properly to allow medical professionals to get through and help rather than being blocked. 

This is the only photo, and there is no existing video footage of students being led from the school. 

Like 9/11, the Boston bombing, and the Colorado shooting, the Department of Emergency Services and FEMA was holding a training seminar close by on the exact topic of the school shooting. The location was about 20 minutes from Sandy Hook, and was scheduled for December 14th. 

Victoria Soto, one of the adults who was reportedly murdered during the shooting, had a Facebook page made in her honor. Nice, right? However, the page entitled R.I.P Victoria Soto, was created on December 10th, four days before the shooting occurred. The page has since been removed and replaced with a new one.

Another fund created on December 11th, three days before the shooting. 

Although there was only one shooter claimed to be involved, evidence supports that there may have been a second, and even third shooter present. A student reported a man handcuffed and pinned against the ground at the firehouse, who was then placed in the front seat of a police car. The front seat? You put a criminal in the front seat? Rare. Unexplainable. An older gentleman reported watching police bring a handcuffed man in camouflage pants out from the woods. However after this statement, video footage of police chasing a man through the woods away from the school was played on television, and never aired again. 

Original reports claim that three guns were found at the scene. 2 handguns and one assault rifle. Latest reports state that 4 handguns were found inside of the school. Lanza left the assault rifle in the trunk of his car, according to reports, and there is even a video that shows the police recovering the weapon from the trunk. The medical examiner on the case was asked by a reporter,

“So the rifle was the primary weapon?”

“Yes.” The examiner responded.

How could this be? Not only was the rifle left in the car, but did this mean that the four handguns found in the school weren’t used at all? It doesn’t add up. The medical examiner was saying “uhh” and “um” a lot while speaking, as if he didn’t know what he was talking about. He also stated that the most important casualties had not been examined yet because they were on the second floor and he had not gotten to them yet. In a case like this, they would be examining the most important casualties first.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Virginia Tech - 32 deaths, 23 hurt
Aurora Shooting - 12 deaths, 59 hurt
Sandy Hook -26 deaths, 1 hurt?

How would a 20 year old untrained shooter have shot each victim 3-11 times without missing and injuring other students? Frantic first graders couldn’t have been an easy target to hit.

Originally, the shooter was identified as Adam’s older brother Ryan Lanza. Police claim that Adam was carrying Ryan’s I.D. However Ryan has not been in contact with his brother for years and did not know where he was, which means that Adam could not have possibly had Ryan’s I.D. 

Most people to this day believe that Adam’s mother Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher. The school nurse had stated that she knew Nancy, and that she was the best kindergarten teacher that a parent could hope for. Later on it surfaced that Nancy was not a teacher at all. When looked up in every nursing and doctor records, including those who work at schools, the name of the nurse who had given this information could not be found. 

The parents of the victims were not allowed to see the bodies. They were provided a photo of only their face. One parent found her child’s photograph listed as a victim on a Sandy Hook Facebook page. She says that the photo was stolen from her instagram, and her child had never attended Sandy Hook. 

The last piece of evidence I have to show you proves that a photo of Mrs. Soto’s class was indeed tampered with. The two photos below are what a (random) photo should look like at 85% quality. In the bottom photo you are still able to see the outlines of each person.

Here is the photo of Mrs. Soto’s class at 95% quality.

Notice the difference? The photo has been tampered with. 

So there’s the majority of my evidence. Everyone seems to have their own beliefs about the shooting, but I am personally sick in disbelief. It seems as though the shooting was staged to encourage people to vote towards the anti-gun laws. Things in this case just don’t add up. And its been my personal goal to figure out why.

I was listening to Sandy Hook 911 calls, and all of the things I felt when it first happened just came rushing back. I just think about how Sandy Hook is only about 20 miles from my elementary school.  How my SISTER’S school is 20 miles away.  How my sister was 7 years old on December 14 2012, and the children killed that day were 6 and 7, in 1st grade classes, just as she was.

I will always remember where I was standing when I heard about the shooting.  I will always remember the picture of that little girl crying in pure terror while filing out of the school in a line.  I will always remember seeing the panicked look on parents’ faces when they couldn’t find their children. I will always remember the victims.

I will always remember Sandy Hook

Firefighters’ Honor Guard For Boy Daniel Barden, a 7-year-old student killed in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, had aspired to become a firefighter like his uncles. In a tribute to that dream, firefighters – some who traveled from out of state – assembled a guard of honor at his funeral. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

This is really, really touching!
Adam Lanza and Sensory Processing Disorder and Aspergers

“He’d almost go into a catatonic kind of state, which is another reason why in hindsight, he didn’t seem like a threat to anybody,” said Koughan. “He didn’t lash out or beat up kids. He went within himself, until one day he didn’t.”

I think that last part of that sentence is so strong and a real way to look at this.  It is easy as that; we can think we know all about someone and that they “wouldn’t” do that type of thing, or aren’t that type of person..Until one day, we realize, we were wrong…because anyone is capable of anything, and with certain things, they only have to happen once to leave a lasting impression or change.  

I just HATE

People who say that the Sandy Hook shooting was “a hoax” or was “fake”

I just hate it. They say the families were actors, they say the kids are not dead. Honestly, do you mean to tell me, that this was all a huge hoax, and that those kids are being hidden now because they can’t go anywhere, because everyone thinks they’re dead?? NO! Stop trying to turn something horrible into something that never happened. You can’t change the past, and you can’t prove a single thing. People who say things about it being fake make me sick to my stomach. Sicker than I was to find out the shooting happened in the first place. Because this is a horrible event, that time can’t heal, and I have spoken with grieving families, who are living proof that this event truly DID happen.

So to all those people who say Sandy Hook was a hoax, and that it was faked


Thank you, that is all.

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“In Australia, we had guns, right? Up until 1996. In 1996, Australia had the biggest massacre on earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. After that they banned the guns. Now in the 10 years before Port Arthur, there was 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre since. I don’t know how or why this happened, uh, maybe it was a coincidence, right?

Now I know Australia and America are two vastly different cultures with different people. Right? I get it. In Australia, we have the biggest massacre on earth and  the Australian government went ‘THAT’S IT, NO MORE GUNS!’ and we all went, 'yeah, alright then. Seems fair enough.' 

Now in America, you have the Sandy Hook massacre where little tiny children died and your government went 'Maybe … we’ll get rid of the big guns?’ And 50% of you went 'FUCK YOU DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!’”