One of my favorite tropes in media: The Big Gruff Man™ who has become hardened by his experiences in life, but crumbles down because of a young girl who reveals his true nature as a big teddy bear, and develops a father-daughter relationship with her

Examples (feel free to add):

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(this one technically counts, but he’s also yang’s biological and ruby’s honorary uncle)

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arya stark is someone who has killed several people, but only people who she thought deserved to die, and at the end of the day, she still ultimately has a good heart

theon greyjoy has done many terrible things, but he paid for his actions, is deeply sorry about them, and wants to become a better person

sandor clegane has been selfish on several occasions, but at the end of the day, he will ultimately try to do the right thing

jaime lannister has, like theon, done many terrible things, and also like theon, has suffered for it, and wants to become a better person

varys is a bit like his namesake, the spider, but he’s a nonvenomous one who ultimately does what he does for the good of the realm

these are all people who one could consider “morally grey,” for their actions are not that great, but they ultimately are not bad people, as they want to do the right thing

petyr baelish is NOT morally grey.

petyr baelish commits several atrocities like the others, but unlike them, he does not want to ultimately do the morally right thing. he wants to do whatever he can in order to get power, and to benefit himself ultimately. he acts on pure selfishness. the man started a war, for christ’s sake

if petyr baelish is what some people consider “morally grey,” then they must think that the others i mentioned are fucking saints