Somewhere Warmer (The Hound)

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Another long drabble. Be prepared.

Sandor made good on his word, they made no more stops at inns. Then again they hadn’t any more fatal run ins with soldiers. Aside from two nobodies attempting to seize the newfound bounty on Sandor’s head, Sterren thought their misadventures to be relatively fine.

Of course she wished they weren’t all but fugitives from the Lannisters and the Crown. That aside, and for the time being, Sterren found herself settling into a comfortable routine with Sandor and Arya. The trio traveled by day, making their way northward to Arya’s Aunt Lysa, and made camp in some forgotten field or forest.

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Arya started playing the “game of faces” as soon as she entered the room

The game consists in making a lie sound like a truth. 

Arya’s lie became obvious the moment she said she wondered what it would feel like to “wear those pretty dresses” and “be the lady of Winterfell”. Arya would never do such as wearing dresses and she has never before expressed any wish to rule over anything, not even her home. 

The moment Arya handed her sister the blade (pointed towards her stomach and not Sansa’s) the game was over and she hinted that what she said (the “threat”) was a lie. ARYA WOULD NEVER KILL SANSA.

Arya did this not because she “despises” or fully mistrusts Sansa, but because she doesn’t trust LF. SHE IS WELL AWARE THAT LF IS THE ENEMY.

Arya was playing the game and winning, and you’re all bitching about her being just a murderous psychopath 

  • Brienne: you're alive.
  • The Hound: yes. Fuck you.
  • Brienne: I had to protect the child.
  • The Hound: Me too.
  • Brienne: She's fine. She's murderous.
  • The Hound: ...Yeah. She is. :)
  • Brienne: :)
  • Clegane: *throws a stick at a white walker*
  • White Walker: I'm a good zombie so Imma let that go.
  • Clegane: *throws a rock at the white walker*
  • White Walker, walking over to kill Clegane: :) I’m :) trying :) to :) be :) a :) better :) person :) but :) some :) people :) are :) testing :) me :)