The Hound from Game of Thrones really is dead...and Jon may be alive...according to HBO

- So HBO is promoting their new “Honor the Fallen” toy line, that features dead characters. I think they even have Sansa’s direwolf there.

They have Stannis as well. But, no Jon Snow. Hmmmm, maybe he’s not dead.

However, the Hound (Sandor Clegane) is in the line and I’m bummed out. I had hopes he wouldn’t be following some book theory. I’m bummed.

anonymous asked:

I love your sexism series, but you did not mention a, at least for me, really important part. D&D did not, in fact, cut the scene with Biter. It was just given from Brienne "the Beauty" (who is rather beautiful in the show...) to the Hound. Why not? He's already ugly, and he's a man, so of course he can have a piece of flesh teared out of his neck (not the cheek, so obviously still an attempt to do this scene). That's something I really don't understand and I think it's disgusting to no end.

Oh yeah, good point! I was focused just on Season 5, so I was thinking only on what Brienne’s arc was for the show vs. the books, but yeah. That was an “interesting” call, wasn’t it?

And I think that just goes to show how they unintentionally have scripted such an offensive narrative. They probably thought the concept of the fight was cool, but they were also enamored with The Hound’s character, so why not just give it to him? They for some reason had Sandor walk away from the inn unscathed, probably so they could keep up his wacky adventures with Arya. The Vale knights learned who she was and didn’t give a shit? Meh. Sometimes I still forget the total idiocy of that plotline.

What did Brienne even do last year? She yelled at Pod for not cooking a rabbit right, and then she fought The Hound rather than like, talking, or giving Arya the wolf bread, or anything that would have made more sense. But she got to bite the ear of someone, so it’s quite a good adaptation.

Sorry, I just always marvel at the stupidity of their plots. Yes, yes it is telling that they only let Biter sink his teeth into a man.


Maybe some real wolves will find you, Arya thought. Maybe they’ll smell you when the sun goes down. Then he would learn what wolves did to dogs. “You shouldn’t have hit me with an axe,” she said. “You should have saved my mother.” She turned her horse and rode away from him, and never looked back once.

Just a few friendly reminders to everyone:

— This is about the oldest Sansa is supposed to look in text.

Sansa is eleven when:

  • She is betrothed to Joffrey
  • When the Trident Fight happens
  • When her father literally kills the symbolic representation of her soul (and possible psychological/spiritual twin) because of a fight other people had
  • When she gets drunk for the first time
  • When her father first lets her outside the city limits with no one but another eleven year old girl and Septa Mordane for a guard
  • Sandor Clegane first threatens her life (an incident that came about prompted by her paying him a compliment)

Sansa is twelve when:

  • She begs for her father’s life
  • She watches him die
  • She is made a prisoner of war
  • She is beaten regularly
  • She is nearly gangraped by a mob
  • Sandor Clegane sneaks into her room drunk off of his ass, forces her onto a bed, holds a knife to her throat, threatens her life again, and nearly rapes her
  • She feels the need to sneak out at night with a knife under her cloak to go meet with a drunk knight she isn’t sure she can trust
  • People start commenting on/staring at her boobs A LOT. (Sandor, the seamstresses, Tyrion, every man at court, random stable boys, Myranda Royce)
  • She is stripped and beaten in front of the court
  • She is threatened and is practically dragged to the Sept to marry Tyrion, an event she doesn’t know about until she is in the damn wedding dress. She is told she’s going to be “wedded and bedded” regardless of what she wants.
  • She is molested by Joffrey in front of a crowd
  • She is threatened with rape by Joffrey
  • Tyrion molests her

She is thirteen when:

  • She learns she’s basically lost her entire family to her husband’s family
  • She is unwittingly implicated in a regicide plot
  • She is taken into the custody of the most prolific pimp in Westeros, a man who sold her best friend into sexual slavery, first to a brothel, then to Ramsay Bolton
  • She becomes a fugitive from the law, entirely reliant on said pimp, who is responsible for her fugitive status
  • Marillion tries to rape her
  • Petyr kisses her without her permission (sexual assault)
  • Lysa tries to kill her for said sexual assault
  • A sick little boy starts trying to suck on her boobs in the middle of the night
  • Her captor/”father” starts prompting further kisses from her and has her sit in his lap while he promises her gifts

Just feel like people need to keep this all in mind. Because it seems like people are really into either a) shaming/judging Sansa for the way she copes or b) romanticizing and/or eroticizing certain relationships that are inflicted upon an underage girl by much older men. And I don’t even mean as shipping. I’m not talking about fanfiction or people thinking that Sansa and this person might make a good pair eventually or something. 

I mean like, people who try to justify the textual stuff and pretend it’s not problematic, assault, or exploitative. Shipping is one thing, but trying to argue that there’s nothing wrong in text about what transpires between Sansa and person a, b, or c is a whole other matter entirely. 

Furthermore, I’m really, REALLY getting sick of people seeing Sansa as “learning to manipulate men through her sexuality”. I’ve seen several people ACTUALLY CLAIM that “using her sexuality to influence men” is the “ONLY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT” SHE GOES THROUGH.

She’s a little girl who has gone through a process of rapid sexual abuse and grooming. SHE IS NOT A TEMPTRESS OR SEX KITTEN. NONE OF THE SEXUAL CONTACT SHE’S HAD HAS BEEN CONSENSUAL. SHE IS SEXUALIZED FROM AGE ELEVEN. 

These arguments are the same sort of thing I’ve seen from people who want to claim Lolita is sexy. Lolita is about a girl who gets coerced, imprisoned, and raped by her step-father. 

Sansa’s story is not sexy (at least not thus far), it is the worst type of sexual. It is overwhelmingly traumatic for someone so young. It is purposely an inversion/deconstruction of romance and eroticism. 

…. Also, stop expecting a highly sheltered 11-13 year old to process trauma and abuse like an adult.

A Song from You by MathiaArkoniel

“… But one day I’ll have a song from you, whether you will it or no.”

A piece undertaken by “The Stranger’s Kiss” blog from artist Mathia Arkoniel, that looks at Sandor and Sansa’s conversation in A Clash of Kings that begins with an accidental encounter on the Serpentine steps, and ends outside of her chamber doors, with the Hound making a daring promise to the little bird…

This had a certain issue with the lighting that at first was deemed unfixable as the light source can’t be changed in this type of illustration, but after some exchanging of ideas with us, our wonderful artist was finally able to offer a solution that was exactly right and achieved the desired effect. All thanks and credit go to Mathia for her expertise in digital painting and perseverance.

We are happy this painting has had such success and appreciation in the fandom, and we hope you like the new update!

Bad News at the Crossroads Inn by linhsiang

This illustration is meant to depict Sandor’s encounter with Gregor’s men where he learns of and reacts to Sansa’s marriage to the Imp, as described in ASOS:

The Hound poured a cup of wine for Arya and another for himself, and drank it down while staring at the hearthfire. “The little bird flew away, did she? Well, bloody good for her. She shit on the Imp’s head and flew off.”