Someone requested for a pirate Ferdinand and Pitch and since I think I never had neither draw Sandy as such welp I took the chance for some pirates blacksand while I was on it YOOO!


Day 16

Joining in on all the blind!Jack stuff. Cold Gold Heartbreak AU: When Pitch breaks Jack’s staff in Antarctica, it takes his sight. Things manage to progress the way they did in the movie, and Jack thinks all will be fine- until Sandy returns, and he realizes he will not be able to understand Sandy again.


The Guardian of Dreams

Sandman | Photographer

In honor of the release of the final book in the Guardians of Childhood series (all about Sandy!! Ahhh!!) here’s some photos of my cosplay from Metrocon this year. This costume is really hot but it was so fun to wear uwu

Additionally, my wig is entered into a contest over at Arda Wigs! If you could spare a vote for me, that would be ace uvu





Okay so apparently there’s this island called “Sandy Island.”

This island apparently was an actual island near Australia (WHERE BUNNYMUND’S WARREN IS SUPPOSED TO BE!) 

and this island appeared in maps and text books even in the year 2000.But it was strange, because a sailor/captain Mr. Cook charted the island sometime in the 1700s as a legit island. In some text book maps the island showed up, but in others it wasn’t there. 

Because of the difference in maps, some French sailors decided to go to the supposed location of the island. They went there, but IN 2012 WHICH WAS WHEN RISE OF THE GUARDIANS WAS RELEASED the island was not found!

But there was hardly any major public notice of the island’s weird disappearance until 2012, who discovered the island wasn’t there before now since they didn’t put it in certain textbooks? Did it disappear then come back one time??? 

They even studied the underwater areas for any sign of sediment of what would be leftover of the island… but there’s almost nothing there!!

no evidence!

Now now here me out.

In Sanderson Mansnoozie- Guardians of Childhood (Written by the one a true William Joyce, Sandy crash-landed his shooting star ship into the ocean. It all dispersed but the particles collected together and formed an ISLAND! This island wasn’t attached to the planet, it just floated atop the water and traveled the world’s seas freely. In early concept of the movie, the island was able to float to the sky and turn into a huge air ship, then they decided to go the easy way and let Sandy use clouds to make it easier for the animators.

Sandy island may be a strange phenomenon that may seem like it was probably a mistaken mis-sight of an island, but I believe this was a legit island. 

Apparently on google maps there is nothing but black pixels on that island now..? 

say what you want, but I betcha Sandy is off on his island saving the kids of the world right now. 

read all about it here:,_New_Caledonia