The Role Player List (4/6/13 )

Nicholas St. North Nick - Guardian of Wonder (mainly an Ask)

E. Aster Bunnymund - Guardian of Hope (ask) (rp/ask) (NSFW)

Sanderson ManSnoozy - Guardian of Dreams

Toothiana - Guardian of Memories (rp ask)

Jackson Overland Frost - Guardian of Fun (mostly ask) (can roleplay) (can role play) (rp/ask) (OH A EVIL JACK! :D) (genderbend)

http://jackson–overland– (goes all ways) (asks as well) (asks) (there are asks and it’s a genderbend) (rp and ask) (just ask) (ask/rp) (rp/ not accepting ) (not sure) (not accepting) (lots of asks) (ask/rp) (<3)</p> (ask/rp) (ask) (?) (ask) (ask) (ask) (asks)

http://frosty– (gifs) (ask) (fics and RPs) (w/ Rapenzul) (new!!) (*) (*)

http://snow– (fem!jack) (fem jack) (5 year old Jack!) (Mainly Rp) (Insane Jack)


Kozmotis “Pitch” Pitchiner - The Nightmare King (just an ask) (rp/ask) (rp/ask)

(Opposite Pitch!)

Monkey King

not listed any yet


Jamie Bennett

Sophie Bennett


not listed any yet


not listed any yet


not listed any yet


not listed any yet


not listed any yet

Jack’s Sister

Baby Tooth an ask blog)

Tsar Lunar - Man in the Moon

Phil - The Yeti

Seraphina - Mother Nature

Pitch’s Daughter

Original Characters

Eros - the Guardian of Love (opened ask/rp/art)

Valerie Tine Day - Valentine’s Day

Mrs. North

Alex - The Love Guardian

Black Ice (not accepting)

the Halloween Guardian

Summer (new?)



Spica Sautumn

Chloe the Cupid

Alexandra Daddario (human)



Remiel- The Centuar

Vladimir the Vampire

Guardian of Karma

Anna St. North - Daughter of Santa Claus



St. Patrick

Couple Blogs


Published on Nov 1, 2012

He sprinkles dreamsand on the eyes of sleeping children to bring them good dreams. Meet the Sandman from Rise of the Guardians!

Not Like the Plague (gen) (7/22)

Original Prompt:

Because every fandom needs a zombie apocalypse au, amirite?

All over the world, people are dying. And - whether the result of some horrid disease or cruel, black magic - they are returning to life, but not as they once were. At MiM dire request, The Guardians follow their soul duty - to protect the children of the world. But the numbers of hordes are increasing every minute, and their powers are slowly draining. Pitch’s powers drastically fluctuate - people’s fear continually rising as they flee from their home and cities, but simultaneously dropping as they are turned one by one.

The spirits watch in horror as their world slowly falls to ruin and death.

And are the Guardians - with their magical powers and supposedly immortal lives - immune to whatever infects the people of the world?

(+ Bonus if they have a serious emotional reaction to seeing dead children. Jack with Jaime? Bunny with Sophie? A tiny, baby zombie?)
(++ Extra bonus if the story DOESN’T end happily ever after mwahaha. But, at the same time, I wouldn’t object to it ending happy - or as happy as it can possibly be.)

Sandy’s tasked with watching over an unstable Pitch; Pitch tells him what he thinks of the zombie apocalypse, and an unusual plan is suggested. No bonuses.

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