Once Every Blue Moon

Based on this glorious idea, my humble present for Jay’s birthday (yes it was yesterday but it still counts, right?)

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Santana can count the rare appearances of the Drunkus Hummelus on the fingers of one hand.

But she can recount them all with crystal clear clarity, for each one of them is a blessing.

Don’t get her wrong, she loves Kurt like a brother from another mother.

But drunk Kurt? He’s her favorite.

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Come See about me || Sancedes

Mercedes peeked through her bedroom door, before entering the living area of her apartment. It wasn’t like her to be normally sneaky, however she was becoming desperate. It all started a few weeks back after a late shift at the Hospital. She had come home and walked in on Santana in the shower. No big deal, it wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen before. But that night is when the dreams started. At first the dreams were innocent, but soon they because so hot, that she would wake up in a sweat feeling both satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. The things they did to each other, the things that Mercedes craved to be done in real life was starting to get to her. So much so that she literally couldn’t be in the same room as the girl without wanting to throw her again the wall and have her way with Santana. So she did what she did best in these situations, She avoided the girl, like she owed her rent. Going to work early and staying late was becoming a common thing for her now. Walking to the counter in the kitchen she tried to hurriedly find something for breakfast so she could go back to her room.



River Deep Mountain High - Live