Sunset over Marsh by digibob55 on Flickr.

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe ‘La Gualupita’, García Icazbalceta 96 esq. Joaquín Velázquez de León, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, México, DF 1952

Arq. Francisco José Serrano

Chruch of Our Lady of Guadalupe 'La Gualupita’, Garcia Icazbalceta 96, San Rafael, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1952

El Grupo de Walter Nicks,  Ballet experimental de El Eco, 1953

La Serpiente por Mathias Goeritz en el patio del Museo El Eco, calle James Sullivan, Col. San Rafael, México DF
Arqs. Mathias Goeritz y Luis Barragán

Foto. Marianne Gast

Walter Nicks dance compay, Ballet Experimental at El Eco, 1953

La Serpiente by Mathias Goeritz in the courtyard of the Museo  El Eco, calle James Sullivan, San Rafael, Mexico City

10/29/11 Papa and Grandma: My Heroes

I get to see my grandparents once a week. It’s not enough for me. I think about them constantly throughout my day; I wonder how they are feeling, if they are healthy and happy, and when I will see them or talk to them next.

I worry almost every night that I will wake up the next morning and will have lost one of them. I have been so lucky to been so tied to my grandparents’ lives- I spent my entire summers with them during the day, I was taken to and from school for about 10 years, and if my parents were ever upsetting me, grandma was the first person I would call. Throughout college and a short while after, I was busy. Distant. I can’t believe I wasn’t there more often. I feel so selfish sometimes. Now that my grandma has Parkinson’s which is affecting her mobility and often times her mind, I am trying to see them at every moment possible. 

Seeing my family, especially my grandparents, is my number one priority these days. Sometimes I get caught up in things I have to do or trivial worries, but I always remember that I have two beautiful people that I need to call and see and make known that they are loved by me, because so far for the past 24 years, I have felt nothing but love from them.

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