Like Your Mother (San E xReader)

Requested by @jaekhyungie. I made it extra long for you cause I really did want to give San E justice, cause he is under rated in the khh blog community. Enjoy!

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You got pregnant when you had just turned 21. You thought it was the beginning of a fairytale with your beloved prince, but the prince turned to a rude frog that begged you to have an abortion. It wasn’t the baby’s fault for loving a man you shouldn’t, it was the root of a what you thought was a loving relationship, why would you cost it’s life for being irresponsible and naive?

You traveled back to Korea to live with your grandma, you loved your parents, the immigratted from Korea to give a better future to you and your siblings how could you not love them? But you had to get away, you wanted to start fresh. So a ticket in your hand, a few bags for your belogings,80$ in your pocket and a couch to sleep on your grandmas house, you and your baby where off to a whole different country.

When the little girl was born, luck decided to smile up to you. You stumbled upon a few artists when you were having fun at an open mic night and they gave you an opportunity to have an audition. One audition, that’s all you had and all you needed. San E took an interest in you as soon as you got signed to Brand New label and he became your mentor.

You loved San E, he was very dear to your heart and he helped you become the successful artist you are now. Someone that loved him more than you did was Areum, the three year old that you had as your daughter, she had grew up too fast for your liking but you couldn’t take your eyes from her. Her skin was getting in the shade of caramel as she got older, little pouty lips were forming to resemble to cherries, and her long chocolate hair went perfectly with her cat shaped eyes. She was able to walk and talk and run, she was your biggest belssing, you never hid her from the public, you were proud that you had such a beautiful human being to brighten up your day.


“Maybe we should change the hook a little bit, cause the way I hear it, it’s way too long. Should we stop it here?”

You asked San  from the booth as you showed him the papers through the glass. He was always a positive male figure in your life, your rock to depend on and to run to when you needed something, from a tiny favour, to a hug to cry in.

“We can try it, it’s up to you momma”

San replied with the usual soft smile that he always had with you. He called you that because you always loved to take care of others, you were used to it from being a mother at a young age, it became your second nature. San loved you, but it was not a friendly love, it was a love that he kept hidden from anyone, well he did leave some hints, hints that you couldn’t understand. He wrote “Story of someone I know” for you, he never told you because he was scared, he even tried to get a girlfriend but it did not work for him, she was good but she was not you.

“I think that’s good”

“Your phone is ringing”

You got out of the booth and took it from his hands. It was from your daughters school, they never called you… that was scaring you.


“Miss (l/n)?”


“Your daughter had an accident on the play ground. She hurt her head, we took care of it but she cannot stay here. She needs to rest”

“I- I understand, is she okay?”

“Yes, she is just scared”

“I’m coming right away. Thank you”

You hanged up the phone and runned around the studio to pick your stuff. San was now on his feet, looking at you with worried eyes.

“What happened?”

“A-Areum hurt her head. I have to go”

“Wait, I’ll drive you”


“Yes, you can’t drive like this. We will go together”

He had grabbed you by the shoulders to earn your attention.He was right, you couldn’t grab the steering wheel in this state, it was too dangerous. You nodded and he let you go to grab his keys and his phone.

“She must be so scared”




She jumped to your arms, still sobbing but her tears were dry, she had cried so much that she was out of tears to shed. You hugged her tightly feeling her shaking figure against your body made you feel a tad bit better.

“What happened?”

“She tripped and fell backwards, the cut wasn’t deep so she didn’t need stitches”

“Thank god. Thank you so much”

“It’s our responsibility”

“Let’s go home”

San told you and you nodded. You thanked the schools nurse for the 100th time and walked out of the school with her on your arms and San by your side.


She said and went to reach for him. San smiled and took her in his arms and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“Little princess, you are so strong, like your mother”

“She needs to sleep, I will have to wake her up to make sure she doesn’t get a concussion”

You talked to yourself as you opened the backseat door and San put her in and put her seatblet on.

“No, she deserves an ice cream”

He argued, earning an excited ‘yay’ from the tired girl. You hated this, San was always the fun one while you tried to stick to the script and get her in a programm.

“She needs to rest”

“She is resting, look at her she is sitting down”

“Please mommy”

“Fine, but a small one”

“Yay, high five little princess”

You giggled at the cute scene. Even though he was making her rebel from your structure, you were happy she was around.


“Did she sleep?”

“She was knocked out”  

You informed him as you slowly closed her door, trying to take one last look to make sure she was okay.

“Thank you for today, how can I pay you back?”

“Go out with me”


His blunt request caught you unguarded. You just stared at him, completely clueless about the situation and where this was getting at.

“Go out with me. I… want to take you out”

“I don’t understand”

“(y/n) i’ve been by her side for most of her life, i’ve been here for you on every step of the way. I want to be in this family, if you let me”

There were many times you thought of San as a member of this family, as your… partner. Areum did refer to him as 'dad’ plenty of times, not once you corrected her, you were guilty of pretending you didn’t hear it because it sounded so right.


“Come on (y/n), i’m better for both of you than any man you’ve dated. Even than her… real father”

“Alright, do I have to get all dolled up?”

“No, i’m taking you two to the new amusement park. She said she wanted to go and you like to overdose on candy”

Unpretty Rapstar Ep.1
  • Jessi: i'm the best bow down bitches oh wait i fucked up
  • Jimin: *cries*
  • Jidam: lol clothes haha makeup
  • Cheetah: *stares the chaos around her in disbelief*
  • Tymee: haha why am i the only one talking
  • Jolly V: why is tymee still talking
  • Lil Cham: *falls off the counter 19384 times*
  • Kisum: *is terrified of jessi*
  • San E: JIMIN PLEASE LOVE ME *fanboys*