JULY 27, 2015 Unexpected trip happened yesterday. My friends and I were eating lunch then suddenly someone told us that we dont have classes and were going to watch the SONA or State of the nation address by Pres. Aquino. We were all excited! well who doesnt like no classes right? Our prof. rented a jeepney. The jeepney has loud sounds but the driver is playing senti or sad songs and were all singing and laughing out loud.The rain started to fall which is crazy. While we’re in Batasan hills there’s alot of people shouting and there’s alot of police officers ready to fight. It was scary actually cause it was our first time to see this kind of scene. Our prof. warned us not to shout and keep walking in pavements because the police might thought we were one of the aktibistas. We walked until we reach the Sandigan bayan since the roads were already closed. We went to a church called San Antonio De Padua and we ate our lunch/meryenda there. We watched the SONA there but we didnt finished it cause it’s getting late. I asked my dad to fetch me and while were on our way home I saw the aktibistas were still there shouting and burning some woods. Anyway I enjoyed the day with my classmates.