San Marcos fire

Okay, so here’s what I’m going to say about my beloved San Diego descending into hellish fires–

We have seen this before. We have done this before. Other people in the country bitch about being snowed in, getting hammered by tornadoes and hurricanes, etc. While they nonchalantly give us flack for not having anything to worry about in our beautiful “California weather.”

Let us not forget that the majority of our land is DESERT. We suffer from DRYNESS, HUMIDITY, DROUGHT, AND WIND AVISORIES on a yearly basis.

Right now, I’m sitting in my bed with my shit packed up in the corner in case someone decides to continue the firebug trend and set one near my house. I’m watching the news like I have for the past two days and nights, waiting for an update on the percent containment and hoping they don’t say “Breaking News, a new fire has started at ________.”

Thousands of firefighters are placing themselves between the huge flames and other peoples’ houses and livelihoods. At one time we dealt with NINE separate fires across our county. Thousands had to evacuate their homes, grabbing whatever they could, their animals, and take cover. Currently at Del Mar there are 900+ horses evacuated there. Huge, old houses have been lost.

I won’t order people not to have a sense of humor about it–for many of us, that is what is getting us through this, being able to chuckle at our being encircled by fire. But please, for people watching this from upstate, or across the country or the world even:

This isn’t the fire nation, this isn’t religious penance, this isn’t a sign. This is the work of horrible people who wanted to watch the livelihoods of good, innocent people, burn to the ground. Who wanted to stop education at a crucial time for exams, commencements, and finals. Who wanted maybe to make a statement, a sick joke, or just feel like they make an impact; we won’t know for a while, maybe even ever.

If you’re watching it from afar, you’re watching some random hillside burn, some random house turn to ash, some random neighborhood being evacuated. But to us, we’re watching our friends and family evacuate. We’re watching our hometowns, that mountain we hiked, that view we appreciated from our windows, burn and be destroyed. Some of us have even watched hoping those flames don’t inch that much closer to them.

We have seen and done this before, but we didn’t say we wanted to see and do it again.

None of you guys really care too much, but I’ve been too busy to update anything. Pretty much, I went to work and half way through work someone told me my neighborhood was being evacuated. I looked into the hills where I live and saw everything on fire. I called all my family and no one answered so I went to the library in my city and waited till my mom could meet me there. Luckily my mom had managed to grab me some extra clothes, the guinea pigs, and get out. I’m now at a family friends house till the fires are out. As far as I know, my house is okay, but I’m not sure.


The last couple days have been really crazy. The bff is here visiting, which is awesome. But there have been wildfires raging through San Diego since May 14th. On the 15th there were 9+ fires going all throughout San Diego County, from Camp Pendelton and Carlsbad to the north, National City to the south, and Lakeside to the east. We live right smack dab in the middle, in Escondido, close to the San Marcos/Cocos fire. These pictures were taking on various days/times, but they are all from the same fire. Some of the shots were from our balcony at our apartment, some from the hubbys work (in San Marcos) and some from other places along the way. It has just been insane. Luckily, because we are so central, we didnt have to evacuate. The first picture is the evacuation map for San Marcos/Escondido, and we are just NE of the suggested evac zone (where there is a teal dot). 

Most of the fires are on their way to full containment, with the San Marcos/Cocos fire at 70% containment as of about an hour ago. The big one is still the Las Pulgas/Camp Pendelton fire, which as of yesterday morning was 5% contained.

Thankfully, the bff and I can now try and enjoy her trip out here, instead of worrying about my friends/family and wondering if we have to evac.

(Here have some cute pics of us being fabulous)


I hate fires.

I took these yesterday on the way to/from a medical appointment. This fire in north San Diego county (currently called the “Cocos Fire”, yesterday it was the “Washingtonia Fire”) is still 0% contained and the evacuation area is… too close for comfort.

Projected high temp for today is 103 also, which isn’t likely to help :(

And at last count this is one of eight fires burning in the county…