Stream Now: Recent immigrants from China navigate a new language and culture while living in single room occupancy hotels, a vital but fast disappearing housing option for San Francisco’s working class, in “Home Is a Hotel” a Center for Asian American Media film.

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For this shoot Kristopher and I were inspired by the photography of Lola Alvarez Bravo. Particularly by her photographs of Frida Kahlo (click here to learn more about Lola if you don’t already know who she is). We ventured out to the succulent gardens in Golden Gate Botanical Garden for the location. And I DIY’d this top!

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Three Faces.

Bruce Hallman.

West by Midwest Photography.

Clarion Alley @ Mission St in San Francisco, CA

These ceramic masks began to appear around San Francisco in 2013. Some were randomly placed on sidewalks by parking meters, bike racks, benches and alleys and at the base of buildings. Others were more strategically placed in rolls like horizontal totem pools along street art alleys like Clarion, Cypress and Lilac. Last year mask stickers were slapped around the alleys.
This photography is by West by Midwest who is on Flickr.

There was an interview in the Mission Local with Bruce Hallman, the creator, who refers to them as totems, garden gnomes and talismans that act like spirit guardians. He has several molds with different facial expressions. If you pick one up it will say Bini on the bottom. Bini was a 19th century prophet who lived in the Pacific Northwest. Hallman says Bini “saw a combination of Christianity and traditional shamanism and embraced that. If you see a mask he does not mind if you liberate it from its’ spot as he hopes they inspire mystical positive thoughts.