California protesters block roads, slam police killing of Alfred Olango 

Protests erupt in the US state of California following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by police.

Demonstrators gathered in El Cahon to condemn the police shooting of 30-year-old Alfred Olango who was reportedly mentally ill. They demonstrators blocked streets, bringing traffic to a standstill. Olango was killed by officers on Tuesday after police received a report about a man walking in traffic. The shooting comes amid a spate of black deaths at the hands of police. This has raised racial tensions across the US. The fatal shooting of another black man named Keith Scott in North Carolina triggered days of unrest forcing the state’s governor to declare a state of emergency and deploy the National Guard.

Interview with John Parker of the International Action Center.



Part 2 of a 2 part series: The Best Burrito of 7th ave between C and B streets.

7.49 USD


Disturbingly heavy, even for its size. Flaky almost to a fault and it took a bit of fanagling to keep the bottom together at the end.


Carne asada was on point; the only downside was that there wasn’t most of it.


Fries, cheese, sourcream, pico de gallo, and guac. The fries were literally as good as they could have been;  perfect golden brown and crispy but with flavor inside. The guac gave the burrito its heft, and definitely went well with the freshest tomatoes and cilantro in the pico. The cheese was baked into the tortilla all inside, lift the crust on the plastic tray of a microwavable Stouffer’s mac & cheese. 


Five flavors, two seemed to be mixed with sourcream. The habanero was hot, but the sweet flavor didn’t mesh with the rest of the burrito. The chipotle was the best by far.


This the the review of the challenger to The Old Gallery’s turf downtown. Like the mothership in La Jolla, this Taco Stand is a clean, upclass version of a beachfront lowkey-colorful motif. The handpainted walls and corrugated accents are all far crisper than what you would actually see in a Cabo taco stand, but it works. And so does the wai fai. Either by the merits of their food or the fact that they actually present themselves as a casual Mexican restaurant,  they’re more than outpacing the Old Gallery during the lunch rush.

Pairs with:

Fountain Coke, no ice.

Overall Score

8.5. The superior burrito on the 600 block of B street.

A mentally disabled black man was shot to death in El Cajon.

My friend knew him. He was a regular at the mall and would often mimic people’s gestures. He was shot after his sister called the police to help her as he was having a melt down. Police responded and shot him for acting erratic and not complying with police.
A protest was started in El Cajon and as a result the mall has been shut down, on account of possible looting.


Giant Anteater at the San Diego Zoo


Major heat wave moving across the US this week - how many people feel this California Condor has the right idea?