San Bernardino County

ok there have been a ton of “DUI stops” in the area but the rumors going around socal is that they are immigration checkpoints. i can barely find any news coverage but according to the new york times police are calling it “fake news” and claim that they are just setting up DUI stops for the superbowl. i live in a rundown primarily latinx neighborhood and the day those rumors started there was a “DUI stop” just down the street.. on thursday. 4 days from the superbowl? starting at like noon ending at around 7 pm? ive lived here for 11 years and theres never been a checkpoint bc this isnt a particularly busy street.. idk you guys

Rancho Cucamonga, 1989 or 1990.  

I lived out there for two years when I worked at the General Dynamics Valley Systems Division plant in Ontario.  The area was undergoing rapid development, but there were still glimpses of old Southern California there.  I’d have to wait for the occasional herd of sheep to cross the road on my way to work sometimes, the vineyards were full of rabbits, and roadrunners would race the car along the side of the road.  There were vestiges of the old Rte. 66 culture…weird little businesses, old buildings, and up in the foothills, older homes with lots of land around them, the boundaries marked by stands of eucalyptus.  I remember my time there fondly because of these things – and the crazy weather, including the intense Santa Ana winds, and – both years I was there – the occasional snow flurry in winter.  


On 10th February 2010, the severed head of an unidentified female was discovered along a desert road south of Barstow in San Bernardino County, California in a discarded backpack. It’s thought she died just days before being found and since her head was the only body part located, fingerprint matching is, of course, unavailable as is identifying her by any unique scars, tattoos or other markings she may have had on the rest of her body.

Identifying Jane Doe and enabling her to finally rest in peace is extremely difficult. Not much information has been released, but it’s thought that she was Hispanic and between the ages of fourteen to nineteen with both her eyes and hair having been dark brown. Apparently, her hair was straight and around neck-to-shoulder in length. Additionally, Jane Doe had many dental fillings, making it extremely probable that at some point in her life, she received sufficient care.

Unfortunately, due to the injuries inflicted upon her, authorities have found it difficult to learn much more and as far as I’m aware, Madeline Baker, Sarita Camacho, Kyndall Canning, Kelsey Collins and Daryen Cravalho have all been ruled out as possible identities.

It’s #TrilobiteTuesday! The 518 million year old Latham Shale, located near the heart of the imposing Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California, represents one of the finest Lower Cambrian outcrops in North America. Found within its rust-colored limestone layers are a variety of rare trilobite species, including an intriguing assortment of Olenellid types. Taken together with the other assembled fauna, these trilobites provide an unparalleled view of what a typical reef-filled offshore environment may have been like at this early stage of life’s development on earth. Housed within the often inhospitable Marble Mountains, the Latham Shale’s rich deposits have so-far produced evidence of 12 different trilobite species, such as Bristolia insolens (photo) and Olenellus fremonti, which when preserved as complete examples can range between two and five inches in length. Learn more about trilobites. 

William George Bonin, the “Freeway Killer,” kidnapped, robbed, raped and murdered a total of 14 teenaged boys between 1979 and 1980. He was sentenced to death in 1982 for 10 murders throughout Los Angeles County. About one year later he was convicted in Orange County of the other four murders, for which he received a second death sentence.

Bonin also was suspected of murdering other males, whose bodies were found around the same period of time in Kern, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties, however, he was not prosecuted for those crimes.