remember how at the end of samurai flamenco these two dudes got married and all the comments people left were like “wow they have such a strong friendship” because…

look at those friends. at their friendship ceremony. very friendship. no homo.


After 2 days of slaving over this, I’m FINALLY done HUFFS AND PUFFS. It’s up in my Storenvy, plus I’m restocking on dakis so feel free to browse!

Samurai Flamenco crossed with Boueibu?? I guess it’s not exactly a novel idea (ori’s drawing is so precious!!), but I really wanted to do my own version (n-not because I wanted to draw Goto’s thighs or anything…!).

I’ve actually been wanting to draw this since I watched ep 10 when Wombat said “Ah, this brotherly love! I wish I could have recruited that man!” when speaking about Goto-Goro but HAHA I was slow to the bat. Spring break is next week so I’ll DEFINITELY have more time to indulge in drawing, so I’m looking forward to it!! For now it’s finals for me, wish me luck! :’^)


If the love confession, proposal, obvious strong bond, nakedness, masayoshi canon-ly not attracted to women, goto’s dead girlfriend and masayoshi’s similarities, the theme of moving on, and the entire point of the series for masayoshi to understand love and finding out that he’s in love with goto (and getting jealous for still texting his “girlfriend” every once in a while), that they are living together, and the fucking wedding picture STILL isn’t good enough lets go back to step one to see if the ship is canon:



Accomplished this in stream tonight!! Thank you everyone who came by, it was really fun UvU

Inspired by Postmodern Jukebox; I’ve been listening to their arrangements and covers recently, and I just love how they reinvent popular songs by calling back to an older era of music. -v- It’s really fascinating! The upbeat feel of some of the songs reminded me of the Charleston, so I went on a Google search and this image called out to me haha. It’s so energetic! I immediately thought of Masayoshi and Goto dancing this style at their wedding… they would be all over the place, but they would have fun doing it!! :O