i cant believe this fucking show . this fucking. show. called samurai flamenco

  • basically starts out as a superhero show
  • in which a guy, who is a model, is obsessed with superheroes since he was a kid decides to be a vigilante
  • and his friend (and later boyfriend) a police man helps him out
  • when suddenly he goes form being a regular boring vigilante to a real superhero
  • fighting against real super villains (opm like)
  • along with his companions the three magical school girls who also kick men in their crotch as punishment
  • which is basically bc the girls’ leader, a popstar, is obsessed with magical school girls and cosplay
  • and the girls are gay and love each other
  • and the main character ends up with his policeman bf
  • after a lot of angst
  • and aliens
  • he also becomes a power ranger
  • but they can also transform all together into a giant robot
  • so they’re basically voltron
  • but ,no offense gayer 

and if this hasnt convinced you yet, look at this shit

and my gay cosplay loving girls

and of course the main couple

  • i’m serious its so good
  • it’s also on netflix!!
  • and only has 22 episodes