Tsujigiri: A Japanese word you don't see in other languages
Tsujigiri is a word you don't see in other languages. It describes a ghastly samurai practice that, thankfully, never made it out of Japan.
By Carla Sinclair

So what does Tsujigiri mean?

Tsujigiri 辻斬つじぎり has a rough literal translation:

Crossroads killing [noun] –

But what it really means is:

The practice of slicing off an unsuspecting person’s head or other body part with a freshly sharpened katana. It’s usually done at night to an innocent passerby who happens to be walking down the wrong dark road at the wrong time.

And also:

A person who practices tsujigiri can be referred to as tsujigiri.

To get a better understanding of the word, let’s look at its two parts.


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