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turkishpapi  asked:

wenn ihr Isyan schieben willt hört folgendes: 1) Aydilge - Sorma 2) Anil Durmus - Unutamadim Adini 3) Ece Mumay - Vazgec gönül 4) Emre Aydin - Hoscakal 5) Emre Samur - Sacma Sapan 6) Halil Sezai - Isyan 7) Hoscakal (Iste Gidiyorum Kazim Koyuncu) 8) Imera - Vazgectim 9) Sezen Aksu - Sorma & Mahsum degiliz 10) Sila - Saki & Yoruldum & Yabanci 11) Yusuf Güney - yardim et bana Allahim Velleh bei Isyan bin ich baba

Hier mal meine spontane liste:

Ahmet Kaya kum gibi
Ahmet Kaya - Nerden bileceksiniz
Ahmet kaya Giderim
Müslüm Gürses sensiz olmaz
Müslüm Gürses kac kadeh kirildi
Müslüm Gürses Aldanma cocuksu masum yüzüne
Yavuz Bingöl Kirmizi Gül
Yavuz Bingöl Saclarini taramissin
Yavuz Bingöl Kara tren
Yavuz Bingöl turnalar
Ibrahim Tatlises Bulamadim
Ibrahim Tatlises Araman
Ibrahim Tatlises Saclarini yol getir
Ayla Dikmen Anlamassin
Bülent ersoy Hani bizim sevdamiz
Sezen aksu unutamam
Sezen aksu vazgectim
Sezen aksu tutulu kaldim & seni kimler aldi
Tarkan inci istanbul agliyor, vesayre
Neset Ertas neredesin sen vesayre

oturup sfenks'in göz hizasına, kördüğümlerimi açmalıyım teker teker; sabırsızca. ayrılıp entellektüellerin koca puntolu hayatlarından, kendi özgürlüğüme kükremeliyim bir samur gibi. başaramadığım, biteremediğim tüm maratonları tek nefeste alt etmeliyim. kendime sınırlar çizip, hep ihlal etmeliyim. güneşi bazen kirpiklerine bazende kucağına sermeliyim. ilk günahın sahibiyle sıkı bir pazarlık edip ikinci el bir günah sahibi olmalıyım. günahımı beslemeliyim şiirle, şarapla ve sevişmeyle. beni yargılayan ejderha tanrılarına su dolu balonlarla saldırmalıyım. topuklu giymiş kadınları güvercin kapanıyla avlayıp, onlara sıcak buğday ikram etmeliyim.

ben, önce ben olmalıyım
orgazm öncesi sevişmeleri uzatmalıyım
içimdeki ölü çocuklarımın katillerini azaltmalıyım
sabahları gırtlağıma çöken tüm baş ağrılarımı tanrı'nın boynuna asıp
“askıda ekmek” yazısına duble çarpılar atmalıyım.

Imagine being Stiles sister and dating Peter

Tonight was going well.

Your dad had taken an immediate liking to Peter, and was chatting with him in the living room as the lacrosse game rerun played on the TV. Stiles had managed to find some free time and was coming over to join the family for dinner, and he was also bringing Lydia.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, startling you out of your thoughts. As you head to the door, you hear the TV become muted as you dad joins you in the foyer.

The open door reveals a grinning Stiles, his arms overflowing with presents and an equally happy Lydia. She pulls you into a hug as soon as Stiles has stepped out of the doorway.

“So, the Sheriff says you’ve got a boyfriend,” Lydia whispers in your ear, wasting no time.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you insist.

Lydia grins. “You’re cute together,” she replies before hanging up her coat and stepping into the living room.

“We’re not dating,” you repeat again, a bit louder so that Lydia will hear.

“Who’s not dating?” Stiles asks, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Um … Peter and I?” you say meekly, phrasing it as a question.

Stiles face quickly shifts. “Peter’s here?” he asks stiffly.

Confused, you nod. “Is that a problem?”

Stiles nods. “Of course it’s a problem you can’t-”

Lydia quickly steps in and wrapping her arms around Stiles’ shoulders, silences him. “I think it’s cute,” she says, swaying a little. “Puppy love.” She winks before pushing Stiles towards the TV. He obliges, but throws one last glance at you before doing so.

“What’s up with him?” you ask.

“Peter - Well, let’s just say Peter puts Stiles on edge,” Lydia says. She winks, and then whispers. “He’ll warm up to you guys soon.”

beautiful artwork by @samure :)

requested by anon :)


Samur again by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
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Another pic from Samur by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
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From El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministery of Time), a series which premieres tonight in Spanish tv. People from different historical eras (a young woman who studies at the University of Barcelona in 1880, a member of the SAMUR and a soldier of the Spanish tercios) are “recruited” for a secret Ministery which, from the end of the 15th Century, can travel through time. First mission will be during the Peninsular War: saving  Juan Martín Díez el Empecinado from being killed in 1808 but that means to let him to be hanged by order of Ferdinand VII in 1825 instead; this is Spanish history, if you are looking for a happy ending try another country with better propaganda. Critics have praised the first chapter and defined it as a sort of “Spanish Dr. Who” so we’ll see. Also Rodolfo Sancho, who played Ferdinand the Catholic in Isabel,  will be briefly reunited with his “queen” Michelle Jenner in chapter 4.


Two of my favorite baristas, Elsie and Paul, are leaving Cafe Martin so made a comic for them. Good luck!!! 

ps. thank you for all the nice messages while i have been MIA. life kinda got a little flipped upside down (that and i read all of blade of the immortal-awesome!-, hence this comic?). still working it all out. thank you!!!  

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! I proudly present, the man of the hour! The warlord who started it all! The demon king himself! They called him the fool of Owari but they didn’t expect the fool to be cunning! The one…the only… NOBUNAGA ODA! (insert roaring crowd here)

That’s right everyone, who doesn’t deserve a introduction like that (besides myself) none other than my lord Nobunaga. He is the man who gave me all the things I needed to get where I am today. If it had not been for him I would have still been out there peddling needles or worse…dead… So I give major props to my lord. I would walk fire for him if he ever wanted it. 

Like with Magoichi I have had some interesting times with my lord but those stories are for another day >XD


The best of friends