Day 1 of my tongue split.

First of all, yes. Yes it does hurt. I had my tongue cut and stitched.

Second, there is an unspeakable amount of saliva being produced in my mouth. I’m co constantly spitting it out. And by constantly, I mean every few seconds my mouth is again full.

The procedure was extremely professional and I was really impressed with the amount of information provided to me, especially covering'worst case scenarios’, what to expect, what I could possibly expect etc etc.

At the moment I can feel these types of pain:
Where it was cut
Where the stitches are
Where the clamps were
My glands in my throat
General tongue ache

The pain came on and it was very intense and unbearable, but it came in waves of fuck me this is fucking painful, and moved on to dear god I cannot deal with this what the fuck.
It burns and stings and hurts.

My tongue is not as swollen as expected. Perhaps this is due to following samppas instructions and taking arinca pills.

I have to spoon the soup I pre-made (blended) into the back of my throat, which I made myself eat a good amount so I could take pain killers.

Parts of my tongue are numb, as he said can happen. This will clear up within 2ish months or maybe not.

So much more happened, but I’m tired and sore and going to attempt sleep.

Really thank ful for Michelle for coming and taking these pics. Who I cannot seem to tag and I’m sorry.

Before the procedure I was very very nervous. And scared. I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t anything to do with possibly not wanting it done. I think it is just such a change.

Anyway. I’m very very very happy.

So much saliva.


This week we bring you Samppa Von Cyborg’s first Detroit appearance- we will be checking back in with Samppa in the run up to APP Conference, so, in the coming months, brace yourself for more in-depth interviews, information on certain heavy mods, and other goodies in addition to our usual focus on high-end professional piercing.

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5 days old tongue split we did with @samppavoncyborg in London. Happy clients makes Cyborgs happy :-) Tongue split
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KENNY HUGHES sits down with me to discuss his newest addition- spine implants in his arm from Samppa Von Cyborg. BE WARNED…this video features pretty explicit surgical procedures, and might not sit well if one was squeamish.


Healed tongue split done on beautiful @jak_nola by @samppavoncyborg
and me couple of years ago in Germany. #samppavoncyborg #anetavoncyborg #jaknola #voncyborgbodyart #tonguesplit #tongueburification #tongue #procedure #mywork #body #tonguesplit #bodymodification #bodmodlife #modified #modified #different #bodymodificationartists #bodyart #artistsoninstagram #instavideo #gorgeous #unique #great #goodjob #amazing

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