Sammi Jade

Welcome to the #PetitePosse Sammi Jade!

Target is launching its Spring collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney on September 27th, 2014 and Sammi Jade will be performing at the runway show dressed top to toe in #DanniiForTarget #Petites!!!


It’s the first time Target has hit the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney and the Spring/Summer 14 show is going to have something for everyone from casual trends to occasion dressing.

If you want to go along and watch the show tickets are on sale now and start at $20.39!

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xfactorau update…
basically, Sammi Jade deserved to get through to the final, no issues there.
Jason should have been bottom 2 tonight, not The Collective.
The sing off was good, but Bella was flat on quite a few notes.
she has ‘disliked’ Bella through most of this competition.
I think the right decision was achieved (no matter how) and i loved Bella dearly, i think she should have made the final over Jason, and i think that when she hits the right notes she’s phenomenal and that she will probably go far in the industry.
However, it has proven the collectors need to pick up their phones and vote next week to avoid Jason winning.
Also, the conspiracy where Jason = Matt Cardle, Sammi = Rebecca Furguson, TC = 1D and Bella = Cher Lloyd, scares me a lot.
thats all. 

xfactoau rant…
i am so fucking sick of reading One Direction fans saying

‘the show is rigged, the collective are going to win because the show wants them to be like 1D but they will NEVER be as good/talented/famous as 1D’ 

ok, so they may have formed The Collective the same way as One Direction, but in all honesty i think that is about ALL the two bands have in common.
i believe The Collective are much more mature and intelligent than One Direction (were when they were on x factor and maybe even still are in some areas), i also feel it would be harder to conform them to do exactly what they’re told like 1D. i think the bands will ultimately have different sounds and whilst The Collective may not end up being as famous as 1D,

what is the world supposed to do? stop making boybands until 1D break up? that’s like saying there should be no more female singers because of Adele or male singers because of Ed Sheeran……. seriously!

if anything, i think that What About Tonight, were much more similar to 1D, and since leaving the show they have proven to be quite immature and i honestly think, maybe just not quite ready for the fame that could possibly come for them in the future.  
if i had to make some sort of comparison for The Collective, i’d say the closest boyband they come to is probably The Wanted, not 1D. not just because of their age or maturity, but personalities as well.

in saying all of this, i am a huge fan of all 4 bands. i have adored 1D since watching a youtube performance of them on the XFactor back when they were still on the show, i think that WAT have the potential to be very successful in the future, i absolutely adore The Wanted, i think the songs they write themselves are phenomenal and i think that no matter what people say, The Collective deserve to be in the final and that if they do indeed win, it will reflect their talent (although i’d prefer to see Sammi win) 

xfactorau update…
i’m back watching because the right person left last week,
and OMFG.
just like holy cow.
Sammi got 4 very deserved standing ovations for BOTH her performances
The Collective also got 4 well deserved standing ovations for each of their performances
and i believe those 2 acts deserve to be number 1 and number 2 next week and if they both end up bottom 2 tomorrow it will be a complete joke.
so aussies (or internationals on Facebook) VOTE VOTE VOTE because they deserve it. 

and for once in the history of this series…the Facebook likes ACTUALLY represent the performances!!