Today February 6th is the Sami national day.

The Sami are one of the earliest ethnic groups in Norway,Finland,Sweden and Russia. They are considered a part of the indigenous population. From old times there have been Sami people that works the mountains, but also along the coast there have been Sami. From the old days the sea Sami was fishermen and the mountain Sami herded reindeer.


The Sami have their own languages which falls under the Uralic language group. Around 6 of the Sami languages can still be learned in school and is spoken in different areas. That all comes down to what area you are from. 

Sami crafts(Duodji)

The Sami lived far from people, therefore they traditionally produced most of their own stuff like cups,knives,handbags,chests,infant beds,toys etc. Notice the use of traditional Sami patterns and coulors. Today everything made after the old traditions are considered Sami handicraft. 


The gákti is worn both in ceremonial contexts and while working, particularly when herding reindeer. The traditional Sami costume is characterized by a dominant color adorned with contrast colored bands, plaits, pewter embroidery, tin art, and often a high collar. Like many other traditional clothing, they show what part you are from.

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psa: saami arent white. we’re indigenous people, just like the native people in canada, america and australia.

our culture, language and traditions have been shunned and degraded by our colonizers and historically we’ve been discriminated against by all governments we’ve lived under. our sacred sites have been hacked down.

just because most saami are white-passing thanks to genocide and forced assimilation doesn’t mean we’re white.

please stop erasing our struggles