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Another shot from aurora archives.
This photo is from Northern Lapland.
Water comes from one of the largest spring in Finland. The water flow is so high that the stream never freezes. Water temperature is 3°c around the year. When I shot this photo it was -34°c . I used led light to illuminate the water, the green in the water is not a reflection from auroras, it’s just some grass growing in the bottom of the stream.
The place is an ancient sacred place of Sami people and there is many myths and stories about it. The spring and the stream are still in their natural state. 

Dec 2013. Suttesjohka, Utsjoki. Finland.

by Tiina Törmänen | web | FB | IG |

Foxing Have Trailer and Personal Belongings Stolen

Last night, Foxing sadly had their trailer stolen. The contents of the trailer included all of the band’s gear, merch, clothing, and personal items. The band posted on their Facebook page that they had contacted the police, but felt the chances of recovery their belongings were pretty low. You can read the full statement from the band here.

There are many ways that you can help Foxing out in this overwhelming time. 

1. You can purchase something from their merch store here. The band will be putting all of their shirt designs up on the site. So now’s your chance to get that Foxing shirt you’ve always wanted!

2. You can donate to their PayPal account. The email address for that is: FoxingTheBand@gmail.com Any little bit helps at a time like this!

3. The band has set up a Venmo account that you can donate to as well and you can do that by clicking here.

It’s times like these that the music community shows its strength and bands together to help those in need. Help out in any way that you can. If you do not have the means to donate any money, then be sure to pass this information along.