oh god I’m a horrible loser baby.
“I won’t draw Free fanart!!!!”
“what are you doing?”
SOOOOO I gave in and did some little beaten up bad boy busts of the Iwatobi and Samezuka boiz and boss bitch Gou <33333
Thug seme tat thanks to 50%off <333 best.

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Nitori’s my favorite in the show tho. he’s too damn presh umph.

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It seems to me that more people have begun noticing Rin’s bad attitude towards swimming, not just Haru and the others. The way Rin sees swimming has done a complete 180 since the swim club days. Back then, Rin saw the relay as a way of bonding with the team to achieve something amazing together. To feel like they were apart of something bigger, to reach his goals, to have fun. But now, Rin only sees swimming as means of taking someone down. His intentions are only to win, not as a team, but by himself. Sure, he joined the relay, but only because Haru did. Only because he is still fixated on beating him in any way possible and Nitori is well aware of this. And now so is the rest of the team. I have a bad feeling that Seijuro isn’t going to let Rin swim the relay.


*kittens mewling*

more samezuka boys shenanigans! (now their whole room is covered with kittens… Sei doesn’t even know how to handle this)

((uughhh you guuuyyss!! I need to gooo too sleeep! I can’t just stay up and draw bi-pedal shark people saving kittens!! (was gonna add more but tired)))