Blinks need to stop defending Jennie being lazy by saying she’s sick of performing the same 5 songs. Blackpink may only have 5 songs but they’re all title songs. It’s more or less the same amount of title songs other year old rookie groups have, and it’s not like groups perform their bsides at events other than their own individual events. Other groups perform the same song all the time too, Blackpink aren’t the only ones but Jennie is the only one who looks like she doesn’t care.


Klaus x Reader

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Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

Rebekah made a grievous error for Christmas. She’d bought you a little portable speaker which you were now using to blast Christmas tunes wherever you went in the house. Klaus thought he was being polite, when the songs changed. But now. The same song was on repeat, not only that, but sometimes you didn’t even play it all the way through.

“Time for a different song.” Klaus called as you walked past his painting room. You smiled seeing him using the set of paints you’d given him. They were cheaper than his usual ones but you’d been determined to gift without any help. They still made the biggest fuss of the little trinkets. Rebekah assured you that they would be regarded as treasures in years gone.

“But I love this one!” You said with a little pout.

“If I hear this song one more time, there will be blood.” He said. Trying not to smile when you pretended to strop before agreeing and moving onto the next song. “Thank you Love.”

When I get a song request, I listen to the music and make a painting inspired by it. But sometimes when the painting is completed and scanned, I’ll listen to the requested song once more before posting art, and feel like nope, this isn’t it, the image doesn’t feel right for the song. In that case I’ll go ahead and make another painting. I know that’s a bit silly since those paintings are subjective impressions of music and not an exact science but I love to paint and don’t mind re-doing something. So, yes, from time to time I actually make different versions of the same song but always post just one as a response. But I thought maybe I should post some of those “outtakes” as well. This one is the first painting I made for the latest song request (Ruby by Foster the People) but somehow didn’t feel quite right so I made another version which I posted as a response.

Anyways, I still do make paintings inspired by songs, I do take my time with them tho (ooops, maybe because I make different versions of the same song, wtf Asja?!) but you can still send me a request and I’ll get to it (eventually).

I honestly expected interviewers and shows to have translators or at least tell the members to speak comfortably in Korean and they’d later add subtitles or dubs. Maybe even their pr team could’ve made this happen. I got my hopes up and expected too much from this. I’m getting real tired of the same “English songs?” question. And I’m tired of the fact that all of this is hanging on Namjoon’s shoulders because he’s the one who speaks English better and more comfortably than the other members.

I don’t think people who speak one language understand how difficult it is to translate, on the spot, and perfectly—especially how difficult it must be for Namjoon when Korean and English are so different from each other. I’m not saying he doesn’t know how to or can’t, but it is stressful (as someone who speaks two languages and sometimes has to translate for my family and fails miserably) to just translate on the spot and not feel like you’re doing a shitty job. It really limits what the members can express, but I do love and appreciate that Namjoon is trying really hard to include all the members in interviews, and how the members have learned more so they can communicate but they shouldn’t have to. American artist don’t go to foreign countries and learn the language so they can do their interviews, they’re provided with subs or dubs, or translators, but goodness forbid America extents that hospitality when people visit this country. This could honestly be going a lot better and smoother for them, and I wish some of that pressure was being taken from them because I’m sure the members don’t like that Namjoon is the one who’s always talking, and that’s why they try to help him out and answer questions even if their English isn’t perfect.

The Promise. A song based Reddie head cannon

Richie and Eddie slow dance to The Promise by When in Rome as kids. And after they forget each other and met again as adults the both slow danced to that same song and as Eddie dies Richie can only help but think of their two slow dances and the softly sung “You know in the end, I’ll always be there but when you’re in doubt and when you’re in danger take a look all around, and I’ll be there…”

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Would you be with a guy who isn't vers?

I think I’d enjoy a relationship with someone who is vers just because I like to flip flop and I want him to appreciate all the squats I do… but also being with someone who only likes to bottom would be chill too bc I also like to just put my dick in things, and it would be cool if that thing was my boyfriends butthole.

I think dating an exclusive top would get exhausting bc it would just be me trying to put a finger in him and it’d be like the same old tired song and dance and we’d drift apart but still move to the suburbs and I’d make him my famous mac and cheese and he’d tell me about how this relationship is draining and that he’s cheated on me with 15 bottoms from Christian Mingle because I refuse to bottom for him if he won’t bottom for me and he’ll throw the $9.99 bottle of Chardonnay I bought from Trader Joes against our dining room wall and weep silently into the mac and cheese I made him and I’d get up and try to wipe away his tears and he’ll slam his fists on the table and shout “NO this isn’t working” and I’ll say “shhhh baby just lemme put it in you” and he’ll leave me.


the cutest and most precious friendship (ft. excited kenta) ♡