On this day in music history: September 28, 1976 - “The Song Remains The Same”, the eighth album by Led Zeppelin is released. Produced by Jimmy Page, it is recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York City from July 27 - 29, 1973. Issued as the soundtrack to the live concert film of the same name, the album is compiled from three sold out shows the band performs during their sold out North American tour in support of the “Houses Of The Holy” album. The original LP release and film differ from each other, with the film including six songs not on the initial release. The soundtrack album is reissued in 2007 in remixed and expanded form to more closely mirror the material included in the film version. In 2008, it is also reissued as a lavishly packaged four LP 180g vinyl boxed edition containing a twelve page color booklet with previously unpublished photos. The vinyl comes packaged in four individual jackets with unique artwork. “The Song Remains The Same” spends three weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200 on November 13, 1976 (behind Stevie Wonder’s “Songs In The Key Of Life”), and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


“My favorite song… Hmm…” Sebastian contemplated, thinking about what is his most favorable choice of music. While pondering in his thoughts, the man gave his wife a gentle scratch on the top of her head.

“It’s quite a difficult choice. I do enjoy the good ol’ classics. I’m never too picky on that particularly genre. Then again… I too adore the melodic sounds of smooth jazz. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of a certain song that involves this kind of genre.”
The Dialga sigh. “The similar problem goes for Unova. In certain places, you would hear such wonderful, instrumental musics. Can always hear it surrounding the area, but can never know where is the source of that sound is coming from.”

Sebastian open his eyes and gaze down at the Sylveon. “What about you, Schatz? Do you have any favorite song or music genre?”

Schatz lazily eyed  the anon with a look of disinterest for the gray being. “My music preference changes depending on the time period I currently reside in.” She spoke with a tone of slight annoyance as if the anon should’ve known that. “Though, the ‘Moonlight Sonata’ is my musical password for everything. It opens that very special room back home. It’s very appropriate for the place it’s located.” She finally gave off a smile before going back to her nap.

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Do you think it's odd if Niall would release a song the same day Harry's mag comes out? Or a good thing like joint promo? Also before Liam and with no confirmed label seems so rushed? Idk I just don't want them to compete or something or whatever this is

Harry’s mag was released yesterday afaik, and Niall’s song didn’t debut yesterday. It’s still not out there the moment I answer this.

Rushed? maybe, for us. But if you think about it he had self promo for months and has even been papped at Capitol’s HQ. That’s pretty enough preparation to me.

And I don’t know how many times I need to say but these boys genuinely do love each other, these solo plans didn’t come out of the blue, they had a lot of discussions, even they said they sat down and talked about their future and they all decided to go on together, as a band.

They’re on a hiatus now, like any normal act but they have to teach their fandom that they don’t want to put out a record every year and tour it immediately before they put out their next record. That tempo was crazy, they would’ve burned out if they hadn’t pulled the break.

And now they’re trying their wings. All 4 have a huge demand, so of course they’ll try what they can. The band still lives on. 

I’m 2346 % sure they support each other to the maximum.

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hey jane! producing music is a big dream of mine but i struggle staying motivated enough to make anything (is it possible i'm just not cut out for it?). do you experience anything similar/have any advice on how to fight through it?

Oh, for sure!  I mean, I grew up with serious ideational dyspraxia (developmental fine motor dysfunction, I couldn’t manipulate objects very well and I used to hold pencils in a balled up fist when i was writing until I went through occupational therapy in the fifth grade), there isn’t much musical talent in my family aside from my dad who’s been playing the same 4 songs on the acoustic guitar since he was 20, and I tried to play trumpet in middle school band but dropped it because I couldn’t stay on-pace with the other kids’ progress, so those circumstances had me really convinced for ages that I just wasn’t “cut out” for music.  When I was maybe 14 years old i got really into EDM and learned about ModPlug Tracker, and I tried that out, but was again overwhelmed and discouraged by the complexity of the software. 

But through all of this i wanted nothing more than to just make music.  It was a nagging urge that kept manifesting itself in daydreams I’d have while walking home from school and listening to stupid breakcore songs on my ipod and imagining myself playing the music live for an audience or whatever.  I was scared to try again though because I’d been bitten by failure too many times in the past.

It wasn’t until I was 19 years old (Dec 2013/Jan 2014), when I was on academic suspension from community college (for failing a bunch of classes my second semester) that I decided that I was going to make an album.  My friend Radvillain from sealab2012 let me use some of their beats, which i amateurishly chopped up in audacity and rapped over (yea, believe it or not I started my career as a rapper lmfao) and kept it going until I had 8 tracks or so.  

It wasn’t good, it totally sucked, but I was so incredibly stoked that I had actually made something, let alone FINISHED something, that I rode that momentum and kept recording every chance I got until around October 2015, when a dear childhood friend shared his copy of FL Studio 10 with me, and I said to myself “Okay, I can’t let this momentum stop, I’m gonna learn this software and I can’t let myself give up this time, cause this is all I ever wanted.”

So that’s what I did! I started messing around with the software every spare minute I had, and just kept going and going and getting better and better until I really fell in love with it, I became addicted to that feeling of raw self improvement and wanted to see how far I could take it.  Two years later, I’m still in love with it, and I still wanna see how far I can push the skills I’ve been developing.  

tl;dr, if you want to make music, just start doing it and don’t stop doing it.  You’ll struggle at first, and you’re not gonna like the first few things you make.  But don’t stop doing it.  Cause you WILL get better. Just do it, do the absolute shit out of it, and don’t stop doing it.  That’s all you gotta do.


Courtesy of YouTube and the official George Harrison channel, the “This Song” video, filmed in California sometime in September 1976. (You can spot, among others, Jim Keltner and Olivia Harrison making cameos.)

Famously, “This Song” was written by George in reaction to the “My Sweet Lord” lawsuit:

“I was getting almost depressed, but I decided I’d take it positively. I wrote a song about it.” - George Harrison, Observer-Reporter, 8 December 1976 [x]

“The judge also was funny, talking to my attorney just last week, he said, ‘Well, actually, I like the both, both of the songs.’ My attorney said, 'What are you talking about, you said it was the same song.’ And the judge said, 'Oh, um… what I really meant… I like the same song with the two sets of lyrics.’” - George Harrison on the “My Sweet Lord” lawsuit in an interview with Bob Harris, BBC, 30 November 1976 [x]

Some theory

Kaede’s Ultimate is a Pianist.

Now, so far Kaede looks like she could be a nice person, so what in the world could she have done to make her a criminal? This is what in my mind though a part of me feels I’m not the only one who thought of it. Very morbid. I warn you. Minor DR3 at the end, but major spoiler as well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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why are people ordering more than 1 album?? don't all 4 albums have the same songs and everything? i just ordered "w" and i'm so confused now... what's the difference

The difference is the photobook

I think the worst thing about living in my house is constantly having to wake up to my mother blasting her painfully off-key karaoke practice. She bought an expensive karaoke machine so it just reverberates through the entire house. It’s always the same five songs too.

This has been happening constantly for over a year.

DWTS S23 Week 3 (Face Offs) Recap/Review


[All Access S23]

2 couples dance off with the same style but diff songs. The couple with the highest score from each face off is safe from elimination.

Dance Style : Jive

  • Babyface and Allison Holker - (7+6+6+6 = 25)  Last week he really rocked that sultry Argentine Tango but this week he was so stiff. He dances very close to his body. I like Babyface but man he’s got to loosen up.
  • Jana Kramer & Gleb Savchenko - (6+ 7+6+7=26) I was much more a fan of this dance than their first two. I liked the styling & theme, I just wish they would stop “sexualizing” her so much, so to speak. I’m certain she has more layers to her as a woman than her body & looks. It was perfectly in theme, youthful almost childlike until he slaps her butt & she pusher her boobs. I’m not saying a woman shouldn’t own her sexuality & body, but it’s feeling one-dimensional.. So this is more of a criticism to Gleb as a pro & choreographer than Jana.

Dance Style: Paso Doble

  • Rick Perry and Emma Slater - (6+5+6+6=23) He’s definitely trying but it’s clear he’s not really getting any better, but I liked his intensity & commitment.
  • Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson - (6+6+5+6=23) Defintely not a perfect paso, but I would say this was much better than the judges scores suggest.. That 5 was way too low

Tie Breaker - Len’s vote give Vanilla Ice immunity.

Dance Style - Cha Cha

  • James Hinchcliffe & Sharna Burgess - (7+7+8+7=29) This was honestly my favorite dance of theirs so far, this season. The song was an amazing advantage. I was pleasantly surprised by James hip action & looseness.. Definitely his best performance to date.
  • Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke  - (6+7+6+6=25) Ryan isn’t the worst dancer of the season but he’s not the best either. He’s almost awkward when he dances, has a pretty poor frame & core when he’s partnering. It’s insane how many guys are so stiff this season. After James & Sharna’s dance this just looked even more bad than it was, truthfully.

Dance Style - Viennese Waltz

  • Terra Jole & Sasha Farber - (8+7+8+7=30)
     Another amazing song to really boost the quality of the dance. This dance had me teary-eyed. It’s almost crazy that Terra, who has the most natural limited range of extension because of her size has better extension & fluidity than a lot of the cast, especially these tall, long armed males. Sasha really did a great job with the choreography & partnering, it was emotional & traditional. Terra always right there with him, with footwork & speed. 
  • Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold -  (8+8+8+8=32)  Calvin is just a natural performer. He really exudes a sense of confidence on the floor, he never looks confused or lost, like he’s waiting for Lindsay to make the next move. His frame leaves a bit to be desired. The one thing I noticed in this dance, probably a benefit of the face offs, is him & Lindsay’s height difference was much more glaring this week, definitely because of the hold, but yet Terra & Sasha’s height difference somehow didn’t reallly stick out in her V. Waltz. Tough call but for me Terra & Sasha were the technically better of the two,

Dance Style: Salsa

  • Amber and Maks - (7+6+6+6=25)  Amber’s footwork has improved over the last few weeks, their quicker & more in time with Maks. I’m just waiting for her to let loose. It’s interesting how someone can be so confident in their personal & professional life, especially when it comes to their assets & looks, but seemingly so guarded when out of their comfort zone. It’s clear that Amber has some insecurities that she can’t shake on the floor, which makes her quite endearing.
  • Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvenstev - (7+7+7+7=28)  Artem kept it simple, which was a smart move this week, cause it was enough to give them the edge over Amber & Maks. He really controlled the flow of dance & all Maureen had to do was just let him lead. Her footwork wasn’t the great but it wasn’t bad, just a little under the speed of the song. But I appreciate the fact that she didn’t get too lost with all the arm choreo & turning. I like seeing Maureen let loose a little.

Dance Style: Tango

  • Laurie Hernandez & Val Chmerkovskiy - (7+8+8+8=31) Val is really going into is bag this season & pulling out some show-stopping choreography. He knows he has a potential & likely winner in Laurie & it shows in these 3 routines so far. Laurie must be amazing to choreography for because it seems like she can do anything. They’ve done a good job of showing her range & versatility in only 3 weeks, we’ve seen her be happy & youthful & then dark & mature. He frame, her footwork, smoldering connection with Val was just another step in the right direction toward that mirrorball.
  • Marilu Henner & Derek Hough - (7+7+7+7=28)  Going into this face off, it’s clear Marilu is the underdog, I did however think she might have a chance for a second considering she’s in hold the whole time & Derek will do all the work. That being said it was a really lovely tango, great choreography but after Laurie & Val’s it just didn’t have a chance to really shine. I actually liked that it didn’t seem like Derek was just pushing & pulling her through as his tango’s tend to feel. At times they were losing contact, but it seems that Laurie & Marilu both had the same amount to do in the tango but Laurie just did better & sharper. 

Elimination: Rick Perry & Emma Slater 


[All Access S23]

Just because I’m going to make you wait for part 3 a little while, here are some of the thoughts I had while writing on my holiday. I hope they provide some amusement for you :)

-could they maybe play starwars a bit quieter? Close the door! Stop yelling!

-give me a sign, take my hand, we’ll be fine, promise I’ll never let you down

-shut up shawn mendes get out of my head

-oh whats that song

-get out get out get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead

-sh i’m trying to write


-you look pretty Y/n

-what did you say Edmund?


-yus! Part two done! I think I’ve earnt myself a snack break.

-oh it’s lunch time

-yus! Food time!

-at least they’re playing the same song this time

-i don’t want to leave the house

-you can’t make me leave the house i’m on holiday

-we went for a walk yesterday

-omg part 3 is killing me and i’ve only written the outline i’m so excited

-my hair is falling out. I’m shedding like a cat cause it’s getting warmer

-omg is it the writing or the hormones? I’m gonna cry

-reason #38 why Katie doesn’t leave the house: the key could break in the lock on your way back in leaving you stranded outside until your sister climbs through a small bathroom window and lets you in the back door.

-its 10pm and i should go to sleep but i’m super close to the end of part 3 and im writing fluff so sleep can wait

-its 10:30pm and part 3 is done! Time for sleep

It’s been Black History Month for three days and the amount of anti-blackness I’m seeing from Non-black PoC is staggering. Say it with me y'all: Hyper-visibilty is NOT a privilege. There ARE heritage months for NB PoC, and if you want them to be better promoted, do what you can to promote them and take part in them!