It’s totally understandable how Miles and Alex made such a masterpiece of an album this year. I mean,, these two guys can write a song together while one of them is out on tour and the other one is casually hanging around in the other’s flat (see: ‘Telepathy’ by Miles Kane)..both thinking about the same chord at the same time while in different locations….. Of course when they work together for real the album will be one of the most grandiose thing ever! ​i mean with two songwriters’ minds connected like that… wow..


I Want To Break Free~ Queen/Adam Lambert

Waitwaitwait you want me to break up with ELI??? No, noooo- as a perfectly normal heterosexual I don’t think you understand just how PERFECT Eli is I’d be nuts to break up with him he was carefully constructed by @wittyandcharming and myself to be a good “boyfriend”

I mean using him as a breakup thing might be easier but… cmon

Never ending longings of being together.
Roads towards the same destination of love.
Wind in the same direction of our eyes.
Feathers and whispers all calling out your name.
I lay on the ground counting the stars in the sky.

Somewhere near, down the road, under the bridge, shadowed by the street light, hiding under the umbrella, following the sounds of raindrops are our hearts waiting to be melted and joined together, waiting to be synchronised at the same beat, waiting for the same sane song to be played on the radio.

The car drives by, sound of unlocking of the front door, creaks of twigs breaking under your feet as you walk near, I look up.
“Come."And I see your hand asking me for mine, and say, "and not just to pick you up now, but for "forever”.“

And all of this exist not because I exist, but because you exist.

—  BINI //living
Your hand in mine

This is again for the ZoNami Holiday 2016. Day 7 is a free day, so there’s no theme assigned to it but I’d say “holding hands” would fit the story pretty well.

The title is shamelessly inspired by the same-named song “Your hand in mine” from Explosions in the sky. I really like that song and I think it sets the mood I wanted to create for at least the first part of the story really well. So feel free to listen to it.

Rating: K

Summary: Memories keep Nami from getting into the mood for Christmas so she takes a walk to clear her head. Zoro tags along.

Nami sighed. They’d been walking around this Christmas market for nearly half an hour and while most of the crew was more than excited by the lights, the festive decoration and those adorable children singing Christmas songs, she just couldn’t get in the mood for the upcoming holiday.

They had just arrived at this winter island. At the port, they learned that the lock port needed 10 days to reset and that the people living on this island were just about to celebrate Christmas.

At first, Nami was ecstatic since she hasn’t celebrated a decent Christmas feast in years and soon it was decided that the crew would join in on the festivities. As soon as they had dinner that evening the crew emanated to visit the town’s Christmas market.

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11 questions tag

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rules: answer 11, ask 11, tag 11

my questions:
1. favorite movie/tv show title/credit sequence?
at the moment i love gilmore girls because it’s so clichéd and the show itself is my favourite. i also love the combination of title and end credits in heathers because it’s the same song but played sweetly at the beginning and more rock n roll at the end

2. favourite author and favorite book of theirs?
whenever someone asks me this i forget every book i’ve ever read but off the top of my head cecilia ahern and love, rosie

3. favorite piece of clothing that you own, and history of that item?
i love my andy warhol patterned skirt because my mum made it

4. favorite piece of jewelry (whether you own it or not)?
i love cute little chokers and minimalistic necklaces but i don’t really have any

5. if you could have any pet, real or fictional, which would you have?
in reality, a dog that i’ll hopefully be getting soon but fictionally doug from up is so cute

6. favorite work of art? could be from literally any time period, any medium, anything. just, favorite work of art.
anything of van gogh’s. if i had to chose, his sunflower series

7. favorite comedy sketch? (and link if you know if there’s a video to it)
what. by bo burnham (it’s on youtube if you look it up)

8. favorite song lyric?
idk i don’t really have one

9. favorite musical? favorite song of that musical?
heathers or sound of music, vastly different, i know. for heathers my favourite song is dead girl walking (reprise) and som it would be edelweiss but the version when maria comes back and all the kids start singing and hugging her :’)

10. disco music: yay or nay?
i have no prejudice against it but it’s not my goto genre

11. i’m running out of ideas, so: favorite meme?
pepe!!!!!! (i draw it on many of my friends’ arms)

my questions
1. favourite combination of colours?
2. do you like your name?? if not, what do you wish it was?
3. what’s the best dream you’ve ever had?
4. has someone made you happy recently? tag them.
5. what was your favourite tv show as a kid?
6. if you wrote an autobiography, what would you call it?
7. do you prefer hot or cold weather?
8. do you feel comfortable crying in front of people?
9. have you done something nice for someone today (if it’s the morning, yesterday)? what?
10. where do you feel most at home?
11. horror movie or romance movie?

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Things I had forgotten about the LotR audio drama, episodes 2 and 3:

  • Whenever there’s a Ring Moment™ they play the sound of someone running their finger on the edge of a wine glass. That is the sound of invisibility/evil mind-control Ring magic, I guess.
  • How silly the Nazgul screams sound (”HOOOOOO-AAA”)
  • The Nazgul “HYAAAH” breath noise
  • The Lord of the Nazgul’s very un-eldritch voice
  • The random chanting of the inscription on the Ring whenever Frodo has a near-Nazgul experience, with the Lord of the Nazgul saying it in English while the other Nazgul chant it in the background in the Black Speech, sounding bored out of their minds.
    • “PUT. ON. THE RING.” “the ring” “the ring!”
    • “the riiiiiing. the riiing.”
    • “I’M FALLING, I’M FALLING, HEEELP MEEE” (dude, you’re a Nazgul, get some dignity)
  • The Hobbits apparently sang the same song all the way through the Old Forest, because the transition where it skipped that entire section is “singing and hoofbeats -> fade out -> fade back in -> singing and hoofbeats -> ‘Oh, there’s Bree!’”
  • The way Aragorn’s voice actor starts out copying a Bree-ish accent and then slips out of it when he notices Pippin being stupid on the other side of the room and never goes back.
  • When Frodo sings in the Prancing Pony tavern Ian Holm didn’t even bother to sing, he just, like, chanted it rhythmically.
  • ~Dramatic music~ starts up in the background when they’re reading the “All that is gold does not glitter” verse
  • How completely incomprehensible action scenes are
  • Aragorn swings a flaming branch and it uses the same sound effect as the Eagles’ wings for some reason
  • Glorfindel sounds so distressed all the time
  • The prophecy from Faramir and Boromir’s dream is inexplicably sung by a countertenor who rolls all his Rs really hard
  • Frodo apparently rings a bell to get everyone’s attention before announcing he will take the Ring to Mordor
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to - Birthday Boy || Open

Michael looked at the clock, how was it only 1 in the afternoon? How was this day dragging? HoW!? He pondered, with a heavy sigh throwing on one of his beaten up flannels and heading out of Theta, enroute to the campus main street. He needed a pick me up, coffee, gummybears, a stiff drink, SOMETHING!? His eyes roamed the vacant cobblestone, his heart heavy. Another year and yet it was the same old song and dance. Nothing had changed, and nothing would. He had the blues.
For someone so young, it felt like maybe this might be what a midlife crisis felt like in the very beginning, hopeless, defeated, alone.
He kicked a loose stone, listening to it bounce down the wet cement, mist and fog formatting the already spooky silent grounds. As he watched it go too far he stopped in his path, very abruptly and let out a very loud noise of frustration. It echoed. So did whoever cleared their throat behind him.

comes wave after wave after wave the derivative & harvest, the myrtle tops of sandstorms & milk glasses, apple, horse & song, list, listen, light leaks from the spaces between the bubbles — call it foam — tender pocket of yes yes yes call it flesh — eat tonight & you’ll still have to eat tomorrow, eat tonight & it still won’t be over — eat tonight: peaches bloom even in the dark, as wet as a girl — hands & feet, horse & song, the same hole bandaged over & over, not a wound but its absence — a sum of histories — the nights colliding like marbles, & if there is an end then it’s too dark to see, if there is an end then it’s too bright to see, hands folding, unfolding, & you, Scheherazade!, milky goddess of recursion, best DJ in the city, you spin records, spin heads, cross legs & cross deserts, & always pause just moments before he    

Lucy Wainger, “Scheherazade.” (After Richard Siken)

It’s been Black History Month for three days and the amount of anti-blackness I’m seeing from Non-black PoC is staggering. Say it with me y'all: Hyper-visibilty is NOT a privilege. There ARE heritage months for NB PoC, and if you want them to be better promoted, do what you can to promote them and take part in them!