The signs at homecoming

Aries: *awkwardly dances in the corner as none of their friends came*

Taurus: man hunting

Gemini: isn’t even at homecoming, they just stayed home eating chips

Cancer: came in a group of people but they kinda just forgot about you so now poor Cancer is just sitting at a table waiting for it to be over

Leo: lucky son of a gun who got a spicy date

Virgo: them: “PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!!” administration: “please leave”

Libra: somehow got past the strict dresscode and wears a saucy dress

Scorpio: that person everyone hates that screams “THIS IS MY JAM!” every time whenever a song comes on

Sagittarius: *spikes the drinks*

Capricorn: came with a group of their friends, and unlike cancer, is still with their friends and having a good time

Aquarius: never looks up from their phone the whole time

Pisces: dancing but they don’t really know how to dance so their just whipping and dabbing