Samantha Mumba shares her 2006 experience of meeting Michael Jackson in Dubai:

“Meeting Michael was like the closest thing I will ever get to meeting a saint.He had this amazing aura to him.He was very spiritual and magical,even mythical.I was just in awe of him.The guy doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.He was so kind and had this incredible way with him.

I didn’t know what to expect to be honest because you read and hear so much about him.When I walked into the room he was the most humble,warm,friendly person you could ever wish to meet.He also had a hilarious sense of humour.He kept cracking these jokes that had me in fits of laughter.It was weird because I was thinking ‘I’m standing in a room having a hoot with Michael Jackson.Nobody is ever going to believe this’.

Everyone in the music business knows he has made history.But I can still see him making another great album.I would love to see him perform.He’s a perfectionist so that’s why it takes him so long to release material.But I’d definitely be going along to see him in concert if he did a gig in Ireland.”

Samantha Mumba is an Irish singer and actress.Her first album was released in 2000,and her last in 2010.