Samantha Mumba as Mara in The Time Machine (2002)

Synopsis: Hoping to alter the events of the past, a 19th century inventor instead travels 800,000 years into the future, where he finds humankind divided into two warring races.

Written by H.G. Wells, David Duncan, John Logan

Directed by Simon Wells

Samantha Mumba as Jessica in Boy Eats Girl (2005)

Synopsis: A boy declares his love for his girlfriend, only to die the same night. He is brought back to life by his mother as a flesh-craving zombie, who sires more teen undead while trying to control his, er, appetite for his beloved.

Written by Derek Landy

Directed by Stephen Bradley

Samantha Mumba as Samantha in Home (2016)

Synopsis: Carrie is a religious fundamentalist. But her mother decided to come-out-of-the-closet and marry another woman, which they have a daughter together with. Now, she is forced to move into a new house with people she cannot accept. The story takes place over the first two days at the strange house, as Carrie’s new parents leave for a business trip and she must now take care of her stepsister. As creepy occurrences lead to full blown terror, Carrie must learn to overcome her own fears and beliefs to save her little sister.

Written by Jeff Lam & Frank Lin

Directed by Frank Lin

Samantha Mumba shares her 2006 experience of meeting Michael Jackson in Dubai:

“Meeting Michael was like the closest thing I will ever get to meeting a saint.He had this amazing aura to him.He was very spiritual and magical,even mythical.I was just in awe of him.The guy doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.He was so kind and had this incredible way with him.

I didn’t know what to expect to be honest because you read and hear so much about him.When I walked into the room he was the most humble,warm,friendly person you could ever wish to meet.He also had a hilarious sense of humour.He kept cracking these jokes that had me in fits of laughter.It was weird because I was thinking ‘I’m standing in a room having a hoot with Michael Jackson.Nobody is ever going to believe this’.

Everyone in the music business knows he has made history.But I can still see him making another great album.I would love to see him perform.He’s a perfectionist so that’s why it takes him so long to release material.But I’d definitely be going along to see him in concert if he did a gig in Ireland.”

Samantha Mumba is an Irish singer and actress.Her first album was released in 2000,and her last in 2010.