my 13x2 Opinion

The Rising Sun

Wow, Im just SO pleased with this season so far! Im not even sure where to start with this one, except my one single complaint. The lighting was quite dark much of the time and I had a hard time seeing some of the motel scenes. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this episode. 

Alex is doing a great job with Jack. He’s adorable, and scary, andf funny, and childlike, yet smart as hell. Also, he’s breaking my heart. More on that later. 

Sam is blowing me away with his compassion. He interact’s so well with Jack, that I hope no one takes Jack from him, but I know they will. I do not see a “ship” here with Sam and Jack, but Sam is being quite motherly to him. Soft and nurturing. I loved hearing him explain Dean to Jack. Im glad to know Sam knows this about Dean and accepts it. Sam is making me love him in a brand new way!! Bonus, we got to see his tat is back!! Sucks we didnt get to see him get it though :P

Dean. I feel for him. Sam explained him so well, and I know Dean has to be confused on top of needing to be the protector. He does have a heart for Jack, he refers to him as “the kid” which is good, he could just call him The Nephilim or something inhuman. He did take time to talk to him like a human, and showed genuine concern when Jack was stabbing himself. At the bunker, I feel like he was just marking his turf. 

Asmodeus. He seems to be a really good bad guy. We havent had one for a while, and since he can take on the likeness of others, this is gonna cause issues for sure. Im very interested. 

Lucifer and Mary. I do not want Mary to be chumming it up with Lucifer,and so far it looks like shes not in the mood to like him. Im glad that when the show followed them, it wasnt for long and interesting things happened. Michael looks pretty badass, I like him… Hes gonna cause problems, Im sure. 

Overall, I really liked this episode. Jack is breaking my heart, i cried when he was stabbing himself. I loved that he said “YOURE HURTING MY FRIENDS!!” so early in the relationship. Hes understanding Sam as a friend, someone he can talk to. Soon Im sure, Dean will do something in protection of Jack. 

In conclusion, on a scale of Bloodlines to Who We Are Im gonna give this episode a strong 8. Points lost on the darkness of the scenes, and some kinda awkward dialogue in the motel room. but nothing I would launch a complaint about. I really enjoyed this one!


After School Special, 4.13

Do you see this right here? Dean making sure Sam has his books and then saying he doesn’t need books, himself, because he won’t be around long enough anyway. That pattern-the one where Dean believes Sam’s life is worth more than his own–that’s being established right here. Dean obviously knows that books are necessary to be successful at school because he makes sure Sam has his. He can see that Sam is successful at school when Sam’s jumping around too, so Dean knows the jumping around thing isn’t what’s going to stop him from doing well. But Dean’s already learned from John that he’s a good soldier and nothing more. He’s already given up any hope for anything different for himself. Following what John’s been telling him his whole life–look out for Sammy. Never: look out for yourself. 


12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Sam came clean within the episode, and properly apologised to Dean.
Dean being understanding and supportive of Sam’s decision
Me: they are so mature now #ProudMom 👏🏼👏🏼