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have you ever seen the state farm commercial where there’s a young girl who’s given a car as a gift and then an adult guy whose car is like completely messed up? and they both say the same things like this can’t be happening and shit but in different ways. i feel like sam, nikki, and carli are the girl who gets the car and christen is the one whose car is destroyed

STOP!!!! this is so true and also the worst

does anyone else remember that episode of iCarly that tried to warn the audiences of how invasive shipping irl people can be. my memory is kinda fuzzy but sam, carly, and freddie went to their version of comic con and when they went to meet all their fans they were really unsettled to find out that the audience had been split into two sides of shippers, seddie and creddie shippers. the seddie shippers shipped sam and freddie, and the creddie shippers shipped carly and freddie. and they were all really aggressive and wouldn’t stop harassing them over the ships. they were overanalyzing everything the kids did to try and make it work for their ships, they were getting in ship wars with each other, and they blatantly ignored the kids asking them to stop it. carly even had a bf at the time but the shippers refused to acknowledge that, they even harassed her boyfriend bc he wasn’t freddie.

and it made sam, carly, and freddie really uncomfortable bc not only did they feel like their fanbase was divided but they also felt really weird about how the fans couldn’t just let them be friends with each other. and they were annoyed bc it felt like the fans were taking away their right to choose if any of them actually had romantic feelings for each other and instead made it feel forced, bc if i remember right sam and freddie were actually crushing on each other but they didn’t like being shipped like that bc it felt really invasive especially bc they weren’t even sure if they wanted to date yet/it made it feel like their romantic feelings weren’t even their own. and all three of them became wary of even behaving like friends at all because they didn’t wanna give the shippers anymore ammo. and it was rly upsetting for the kids bc they had just wanted to meet their fans, not get mixed up in the ship wars of wild people who didn’t even seem to really care about the kids rather than their ships of the kids.

lmao anyways like i said my memory is fuzzy, it aired when i was a kid myself so some details might be off, but i think we should all just remember that episode of iCarly. an episode from a fucking children’s show.


“And this is iCarly”

Happy 10th anniversary, iCarly. (September 8th, 2007)

A decade ago, iCarly aired for the first time in the US. This TV show became a part of pop culture and also a part of our lives. Thank you, iCarly, for everything. We’re never going to forget the spaghetti tacos, the butter sock, all the random dances, the weird fans, the adventures, and, of course, the friendship between these five crazy people. You’ll always be in our hearts. We love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever!

When someone tries to tell me that Nickelodeon is better now than it used to be

Eat my buttersock