Harvest Moon

Request: skin walker! Sam

Summary: Sam’s still in love with you . Based off Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Warnings: abo, wolf! Sam, alpha! Sam, little bit of angst , blood skin, smut

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It had been months, months without you, and months without your warm bed. He was never meant to stay, only to pass on through until his work was done. But of course it all changed once he limped onto your doorstep, tail between his legs.  Sam was typically more careful but the fight with his family left him reeling with anger. Pair that with trying to cross a freeway and the outcome was a shoulder ripped wide open.  

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But like,imagine having a school for fangirls

Like there would be joe teaching you how to make a band and the winchesters how to kill demons and ryan how to leave brendon in cape town,it would be so much fun :)))

Hogwarts houses after they had killed a first walker ever





When The Sun Goes Down [1] (Dean/Reader, vampire!reader, soulmate!au)

When the Sun Goes Down (i)

Dean/(female) Reader

Summary: In which you are hunted, but Dean can’t kill you because the universe couldn’t care less about your feelings. Features vampire!reader, hunter!Dean and Sam (as in canon). Also…Gordon Walker.

a/n: Soulmate!au (for I am a hopeless romantic and this is my true love). Also, vampires. This is new.

Without further ado, the story!

“We can’t keep living like this,” Connor insists. “I’m not going to keep living like this.”

“We don’t have time for arguments. Pack up—we’re going now, before the hunters catch up. Understand?”

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