Sam MC London AW13 - The tale of the Big Bad Wolf

Anyone who uses the term “man up” instantly gets my vote for being a straight talking, no nonsense kind of character, and menswear designer Sam McWilliams makes use of the phrase to great aplomb when talking about his use of shorts in the Sam MC London AW13 collection.

Being a football fan, Sam saw no problem including shorts for his unisex range which is entitled Sharp Teeth, and McWilliams isn’t the only designer to think that shorts can be worn all year round, with many designers now opting for the knee grazing product to be included in AW collections.

The second collection from the street wear style brand, offers up a tight and edited collection that showcases a use of bold and edgy graphic prints, which seem to romanticise the blood lust of the wolf that they’ve featured. Looking at the T-shirts and sweaters it is clear to see some inspiration may have been drawn from the work of Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, but in many ways the idea has been given a British twist, making the the idea more playful and all the more affordable.

With every season the brand aim to play out a dark twisted fantasy, almost like making the Disney villain the star attraction that gets their way at the end of the film, as opposed to the hopeless romantic. These are clothes that are made for boys, but boys who aren’t afraid of innovative fashion ideas. 

Almost like a football kit, you can’t help but feel like a supporter of the brand, stepping into the role of team mate and withthe product already being stocked a select retailers in Japan, it’s clear to see the the Sam MC London brand may just be onto a winner!

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