I guess you could call this an Age Swap AU? here’s the lay down:

  • Pidge and Shiro’s ages are swapped (Pidge is 25, Shiro is 14)
  • Matt and Keith’s ages and roles are swapped (I thought saw a tweet that said Matt is a couple years older than Keith, Lance, and Hunk???)
  • Pidge, Sam, and Keith were captured on Kerberos and Pidge managed to escape a year later, minus one leg
  • Pidge is the Black Paladin
  • Matt is the Green Paladin
  • Shiro is the Red Paladin
  • I’m really hoping Matt is at least somewhat like Blake Anderson (his VA) bc that’s just a recipe for hilarity
  • Shiro’s maturity mostly came with his age/imprisonment, but now that he’s only a wee bab he’s kind of a shit head
  • Lance and Hunk are pretty much the same, but relative to Matt and Shiro they are far more mature and responsible
  • Pidge is now the older sibling, but still shorter
  • She’s less of the team mom and more like a tired babysitter
  • Pidge and Allura is a possibility?? still not sure how I feel about that
  • Shiro and Keith are basically brothers. Shiro’s really protective of Keith even though he’s almost ten years younger
  • GALRA KEITH. pretty much the main reason he’s still held prisoner
  • Keith’s hair is longer whoopee
  • I forgot Pidge’s face scar in two drawings but I’m not gonna fix it cause I’m Tired

Feel free to play around with this AU!! it just popped into my head in the shower yesterday

Why Shiro Should Be A Paladin

aka why having Shiro not be a paladin is an awful idea and here’s why:

Shiro is character whose own limitations on who he is and what he can do are set by him and him alone. In Shiro’s own mind, his greatest enemies are not the Galra, but himself.

We as an audience know Shiro is a good person. A great and inspiring leader, a supportive and kind friend, someone who has suffered hardship and won against it. But Shiro doesn’t know that.

Every time he looks at prosthetic that replaced his hand, or the scar on his nose and the white patch in his hair, he doesn’t see a survivor. He sees someone marked by his failure to protect his team from a threat.

You can’t tell me there aren’t some nights where Shiro will lay awake in bed, thinking about all the ways he could’ve prevented the Galra from abducting them on Kerberos mission. You can’t tell me sometimes when he sees Pidge, acting so much like Matt and Sam that it hurts, he wants to drop on his knees and apologize until his tongue falls out for letting their family get torn apart. You can’t tell me that sometimes Shiro wishes that Keith wouldn’t glance at him with that loving look in his eye, because he doesn’t deserve it and even though losing Keith would make his heart bleed right out of his chest, he’d rather Keith hate him than disappoint him again.

Because to Shiro, he will always be another disappointment. He failed the Kerberos mission. He failed his team. And despite how hard he tries not to, Shiro believes that he will fail Voltron too. And everything up until now is just a waiting game.

Shiro tried so desperately hard to get Keith into the idea of becoming the new leader of Voltron because he believes that Keith would be a far better leader than him in the long run. Shiro believes far more in Keith then, at this point in his life, he could ever believe in himself.

Having Shiro not be a paladin of Voltron is not “character progression”, it’s not “the way that it should of always been”, it’s not even that good of a homage to the original series, it’s just ruining Shiro’s character arc of which the end result should be Shiro believing in himself.

Some may argue that Shiro needs to separate himself from Voltron, learn to love himself away from it. Accept his role away from Voltron. And I’ll say that would be great character development for a completely different character. Because Shiro’s problem is not that he doesn’t believe he is good enough without Voltron, it’s that he believes he is not good enough for Voltron.

By having Shiro not be a paladin of Voltron, they are confirming his worst fears. He is not worthy. Being chosen by Black was a mistake. They were only waiting for someone better. He is a broken soldier who will never be able to pick up his own pieces.

And that would be fucking terrible.


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