“It’s my party, and I’ll eat people if I want to.”

A little dish to celebrate the 4th birthday of our beloved Hannibal, paying tribute to the delectable food stylings of Janice Poon. Prints of this piece were used as menus at the NYC Hanniversary dinner, and I have a spare that I may include in a giveaway soon. Raise a glass of people-beer to our favorite cannibal, and as you blow out the candles on the people-cake, wish for the gift we’d all love to unwrap the most. Here’s to Season 4, and many more.

Concerts I’ve been to in the past year Jojo, Fifth Harmony, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez. 

Tickets I have for this year: Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan.

I’ve seen Taylor 5 times and a few of the above multiple times. I save my money to be able to escape for one night with one of my favorite people with music I love surrounded by people that share my love for them…

I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened tonight. People spent money to have a fun night. Many going to their first concert. Going to see a person that I also bought tickets to see because we all love her. They should’ve been safe. 

This could’ve been me. It could’ve been you. This world is SO so sick. All I can do is cry and send all of my love and prayers.  One day love will win.

The sisters protectors

Request: Can you do a os where (YN) is sister of the Winchesters & you bring your boyfriend to the bunker for dinner to meet Sam & dean? he comes over & Sam & dean find out hes a complete jerk to (YN) and the reaction when they realize it (protective brothers) by Anonymous

Words: 1167

Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam, Dean

Warning: none

A/N: After writing this I kind of got an idea for a second part involving a older reader and Castiel. Would you want to read that?

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Dean X Reader
Request: hi there I have sort of a long dean request but I’m gunna try to shorten it as much as possible so imagine like y/n is a big country girl. she loves her country and classic rock and dean absolutely adores it and her (they’re together btw) and one day they’re on like a supply run or something and she’s listening to her country (dean lets her chose music sometimes aw) and the song Fall Into Me by Brantley Gilbert comes on and she mentions something about loving this song and deans like “you love every song” kinda laughing and she’s like yeah but I really love this one so she turns it up and just belts it out and like you can just FEEL how much dean loves her when he glances at her every now and then and she doesn’t realize but he’s like taking a mental note on the song and then somehow later like back in the bunker the next day or so he incorporates it somehow like idk he dances with her to it? idk I’ll let you figure that out but tysm for everything!! (So I changed it so they weren’t dating…. yet)

Request: Hey! First I just wanted to say that I love your blog; I literally spent an entire day reading all your one shots! I know your super busy, so take your time, but could you write one with Dean based off the song “Play it Again” by Luke Bryan and make it fluffy and wonderful like everything you write? Dean walked into the bar with Sam at his back, needing a drink after his hunt. It was long, and tiring, and he didn’t even feel like going home with a girl today. That is, until he saw you.

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Fannibals, assemble! Let’s put together a kick-ass fan book to present to Bryan Fuller at RDC3 to make him feel extra loved (not that he won’t already, of course!). We will include things related to Hannibal, Bryan’s other shows (Pushing Daisies, American Gods, etc), and of course things related to the wonderful man himself!

I’m thinking about taking a leaf out of Francis Dolarhyde’s book and assembling this by hand after printing out nice copies of whatever you send me, so if you want to send something physical (must be flat), contact me privately for an address - just keep the deadline in mind, and don’t send me anything weird!


- Fan art. Must be your own original work. Please don’t send anything nsfw. Since it’s Bryan, I’m going to say some Hannigram is okay - just keep it clean! (It will be included at my discretion, so if you’re unsure what my asexual heart can take, contact me ahead of time to check!)

- Photographs. Photos of you meeting Bryan, your cosplays of his shows, your collections of Hannibal goodies, etc. If your pictures include people other than yourself, e.g. your friends, check with them it’s okay first before sending!

- Messages, letters, & notes. Tell Bryan what his work means to you. Or a funny story. Or your favourite scene. Whatever you like, within reason! It will take up only 1 page of the book, so don’t write too much or too small. Though I may include letters in little attached envelopes if I hand-compile it :)


- Email your submission(s) to:

- Include your name and your city or country (if you don’t want these in the book, a nickname is fine).

- Submissions will be accepted until FEBRUARY 13th, 2017. Anything received after this date may be included, but I can’t guarantee it. This gives you about 3 weeks to submit, and me about 2 weeks to compile it.

- Multiple submissions are okay, but I can’t guarantee we’ll have space for it all. If you are sending more than one thing (and please, no more than 3 so I’m not inundated) let me know which 1 thing HAS to be included.

- If you cannot make it to the con, you can still submit.

- If you have any questions or concerns, you can drop me a line via the email address, via Twitter (@themeatispeople), via Facebook if you know me, or via private message on Tumblr (cannibalhouse).

Yours perfectly functional and more or less sane,



A few photos from the Valve shoot we had on Saturday. It was nice to get a photo of a perfect MvM team as well!

Red Sniper with the rifle is zeekbearconductor

Red Snipers from left (after Zeek) to right are Bryan, Sam, Krysta, and the Sniper to the far right is czar-koz

Blu Medic is Sarah

Blu Scout is Philip 

And if you see yourself, feel free to let me know so I can add credit c:

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Eddie Redmayne I’d love to find new followers

Along with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies are often credited with digging the superhero genre out of the gutter by finally treating the source material with respect. This is slightly ironic, considering that Singer apparently hates that material. In fact, according to Hugh Jackman, Singer outright banned X-Men comics on set.

Singer’s reasoning? He wanted realistic, three-dimensional acting and feared reading weird, dumb baby comics would possess the actors into performing “over-the-top” and thus killing believability. Because when you’re making a movie about a 160-year-old man with giant steel claws and a flying woman who can control the weather by shouting, “WEATHER, DO THE THING NOW,” you absolutely must be subtle about it. Josh Trank, who directed the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, also told actors not to read Fantastic Four comics at all, but, OK, you probably saw that one coming.

Then there’s director David Goyer, who understands literally nothing about comics and respects them even less, despite writing three Blade films, two Ghost Rider films, two Superman films, and four Batman films. When asked about Marvel’s She-Hulk, he dismissed her as nothing but “a giant green porn star,” created by horny, powerless men and masturbated to by hornier, even more powerless men. And the Hulk. According to Goyer, She-Hulk exists simply to be the only girl Hulk can bone without squashing her like Bambi under Godzilla’s foot. There’s a tiny hole in this theory: She-Hulk isn’t Hulk’s girlfriend; she’s his cousin. And a lawyer. And a feminist icon.

How The Comic Book Industry Was Ruined By Superhero Films