Ok and also appreciation for the actors/actresses that made Uncharted what it was

Nolan North as Nate “Oh Crap” Drake

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Troy Baker as Sam “AVAST YOU DIRTY DOG” Drake

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Warren Kole as Rafe “Mmmyes my daddy bought me this plane” Adler

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Emily Rose as Elena “NATE, YOU FREAKING LIAR” Fisher

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Richard McGonagle as Victor “I’m gettin’ too old for this, kidSullivan. Or as he’s formally called, SULLY “Touch another cigar, Sam. I double dare ya” 

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Claudia Black as Chloe “I can show ya a good time” Frazer

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Laura Bailey as Nadine “I may be a woman, but I’ll bury you six feet under” Ross

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Steve Valentine as Harry “Love, I’ll stab you in the back qUICKER THAN YOU CAN BLINK” Flynn

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ok, but imagine nadine looking up to see chloe doing yoga during the lost legacy. she’d be about to yell for her again, but she’d be shocked into silence. she would be transfixed, watching this woman who was so dangerous and so reserved, so broken yet so lively, just be. watching chloe just relax completely, despite the danger they were surrounded by. watch her connect with the land, the sea and the sky. nadine would find herself calming too, until she realised. 

oh, shit. she was in love. 

In 1986 Sam Baker was on a train to Machu Picchu in Peru when a bomb went off, killing several people around him and leaving him deaf with a cut artery and collapsed lungs. After 15 reconstructive surgeries Baker has his hearing back, and found music as a way to heal. In today’s interview you can hear him play the songs that helped him get through. Baker tells Fresh Air how the experience changed him:

“I went through so many surgeries and I was around so many people who were in such terrible pain and in worse shape than I was. Yeah, something changed. One thing that changed was the sense that all suffering is universal. That we suffer, you suffer, that we all do … me, especially what I learned was empathy and the faith that I got was the faith in us as a group, as humans.”