True Family (Sam x Reader)

(A/N) This involves scenes from the season 14 premiere. If you like Mary Winchester you might not like it because I do not like her very much at all and this piece reflects that. Just warning you. But Sam’s in it so read for him lol Also I didn’t proof read because its 630 am and i’m tired.]

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The door to the bunker opened with a groan. Out of habit you expected to met with silence and stillness. Instead you heard the clamor of hunters. You saw various people milling about here and there. It made you uneasy. It felt like a bunch of strangers had just taken over your home. You knew they were good people, or least you think you knew. You didn’t really know any of them personally. You hadn’t gotten the time too. A part of you felt guilty over it. These people had helped you and all you could think about was how they were constantly moving things around and leaving their mess everywhere. 

Sam noticed your entrance and looked up at you. His eyes lit up and he offered you a small smile. You smiled back and made your way down, your boots clanging against the metal stairs. 

As you got closer, you overheard the conversation between Sam and Mary.

“Something will break,” she said. “It has too.” Sam inhaled deeply, his eyes widening. 

“Yeah, you keep saying that.” When you approached them he turned away from Mary. You went up to him and hugged him tightly, kissing his check as you did so. 

“Someone’s a little scruffy,” you said, taking his chin in your hand. 

“Yeah well, been a little busy. Priorities, you know.” 

“I can relate to that,” you said as you adjusted your 3 day old hair that sat in a messy bun atop your head.” 

“So (y/n), Arizona wasn’t what we needed huh?” Mary interrupted. 

“Yeah what was in Arizona?” Sam asked. 

“It wasn’t an angel. Just a spirit trapped in the church. Kinda like back in Providence, Rhode Island,” you said turning to Sam. “Except this one was actually helpful and not so set on murderous intent like Father Gregory.” 

“That sounds like a story,” Mary said. 

“It wasn’t as fun as some of our other hunts,” you explained. “It made us all do a bit of….serious thinking.” You dropped your bag to the floor and sat at the table in front of you. 

“Chief, Captain, good to have you back.” You looked up to see a bearded man with long hair. He looked familiar but you couldn’t place his name. 

“We still sticking with those nicknames?” You asked with a small laugh. 

“We just want to show some respect,” the man explained. “And if we give you, Sam, and Dean different leadership titles we don’t have to fight about who’s in charge out of the three of you.” 

“Just wait till Dean’s back,” you said. “He’s a military history buff, he’ll be able to tell who’s really in charge.” Sam nodded with a slight smirk and agreed. 

“Since I’ve got you two here, we need to talk about this vamp situation.” He went on to talk about a group of vampires that had been discovered nearby. You traced the lines of the map in front of you, trying to listen intently while not letting yourself fall asleep. Somewhere during the conversation somebody had set down your favorite drink beside. You looked at the drink in speculation, trying to remember if you’d ever mentioned it to the new group of people. You shrugged and took a sip. Even if any had any nefarious motives, getting poisoned or roofied was the least of your problems. 

Your attention went back to the conversation when you heard Sam issuing out orders. He sat at the laptop next you, working on hacking into the security cameras on the freeway. Mary approached him, resting her hand on his arm. 


“I’m good. I am,” he told her.  He smiled at her. It was his quick, tight lipped smile. The one he used when he didn’t want to be rude but was done with the conversation. Mary nodded her head, gave a soft “alright” and left the room. 

“I’ll start looking around online,” you told him, grabbing another spare computer. When did we get so many laptops? “See if there are any legitimate angel sightings. Then maybe we could sleep for more than 20 mins,” you said, noticing that Sam’s dark undereye circles and bloodshot eyes mirrored your own. 

“More than 20 mins? Someone’s getting greedy.” 


Sam had left some minutes ago. He’d gone to check on Jack and you wanted to give them some alone time before you went to say hi. Everyone else had left the room as well, off to carry out Sam’s orders or to do whatever it is they did. You still weren’t sure what that was either. 

You were halfway through an article when you heard someones footsteps approaching. You looked up and saw Mary. You sighed internally. Great. 

You looked back at your screen as she took Sam’s seat. 

“Anything promising?” She asked. 

“Not yet. What about you? Got any leads?” You said turning to her. She furrowed her brow and looked at you confused. 

“No?” She said. “Why would I?” You shrugged and went back to your computer. 

“I don’t know. I just thought that since your eldest son was missing you’d be looking around. Guess I was wrong.” She pursed her lips at your remark but didn’t comment. 

“I’m concerned about Sam,” she said. 

“Or are you? Hmm,” you said sarcastically. “At least one of your children has your attention.” She responded with narrowing her eyes and you and continued.

“I don’t think Sam’s been sleeping. Or eating.” 

“There’s not much time for either of those things on the road,” you said. “And neither of those things come easy in these situations anyways.” You turned to look at her, cocking your head to the side and resting it against you palm. As you looked at her you noticed her perfectly applied makeup and her precisely curled hair. Her eyes were clear and bright and her skin was flawless. “I’m glad to see it doesn’t seem to be taking much of a toll on you though.” 

“And what makes you say that?” She asked smugly. 

“Oh you know, just the fact that some of us are sitting here with flakes of week old mascara clinging to our eyelashes, have soot and ash staining our jeans, and can’t remember the last time we actually washed our hair and others of us look like they just walked out of a Macy’s but whatever.”

“These are my sons we’re talking about,” she said. “I am extremely worried about both of them.” 

“I can see your amount of concern just by looking at you,” you snapped. “You don’t have to put up a front for me. I’m worried about them for the both of us a few times over.” 

“You have no idea what it’s like for a mother to be in this situation,” she defended. “They will always come first.” 

“Oh I can tell by your track record where they lie on your list of concerns. How’s Ketch?” You asked casually. She clenched her jaw, looking like she wanted to nothing more than to throttle you. 

“That was quite a greeting between you and Sam. Does Dean know how cozy you are with his brother?” 

You laughed out loud and turned back to your computer. “Please, I’ve been hunting with them for the majority of my life. We all know were we stand together. We’ve been “cozier” than that when Dean is in the room with us. Don’t mistake our friendship with something more. It’s not my fault you can’t understand just how tight our relationships are.” 

“That’s just not how it looks to me,” she said. 

“We’ll you haven’t been here for a couple of decades. Now I can’t exactly fault you for that but when you were you stayed for a few weeks. Can’t learn much about us when your across the country. Now I’m sure you didn’t want to sit and argue for 30 mins so why don’t you tell me what the original purpose of this visit was.” 

“You would have known what I wanted if you didn’t keep interrupting with your insults,” she huffed. 

“I apologize for that,” you replied. “I just can’t help it when it comes to my Winchesters.” You smiled sarcastically at her and you could see her physically holding back a retort. 

“I just want Sam to eat something and get some sleep. He doesn’t like to listen to me. And as much has I hate to admit it, he listens to you. So if you could please mention this to my son and convince him to take care of himself before his body shuts down I would really appreciate it.” She stood up abruptly and shoved her chair in before stomping away. 

You shook your head and rubbed your eyes. You were meaner than you needed to be. You knew that. You shouldn’t have been mean at all. You had promised yourself you were going to try and be more civil with Mary but you couldn’t help it. You had to many negative feelings and thoughts about her. That coupled with the fact you couldn’t eat or sleep really didn’t help. 

She was right though. You and Sam were running on fumes and your bodies were on the brink of collapse…

You found Sam in the corner of the library, researching something or other. 

“Hey ‘Chief’,” you called out. He looked up and you saw the relief in his face when he saw it was just you. “In thirty minutes I expect you to be showered and sitting in front of my TV ready for sandwiches and a screening of Goodfellas. No excuses.” 


A few hours later Mary found herself wandering through the halls. She realized she was heading to your room but she wasn’t sure what she planned to do when she got there. She found the door slightly ajar. She called out to you and when there wasn’t an answer she pushed the door back. Inside she saw you and Sam sprawled out across your small couch, both sleeping soundly, even though Ray Liotta was yelling about something on the TV. On the small table in front of you there were scraps of a meal and several empty water bottles. She closed the door soundly.  She was glad that she’d gotten what she wanted, Sam was taken care of. But she couldn’t help the jealously she felt knowing that it had been because of you and not her…

I Quit

“That’s it!” You said as you walked into your apartment, your boyfriend looking up from his textbook. “I’m done. I give up, I am going to drop out and go work at a fast food place for the rest of my life.” You huffed, tossing your bookbag onto a chair. Sam chuckled and stood up, walking over and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“What happened baby?” He asked, a smile in his voice as he kissed your cheek. You sighed, relaxing into his chest. You closed your eyes, laying your head back as well.

“My professor decided to lengthen our essays today. You know the essay I already finished and turned in? Yeah, I have to get it back and add on another 10 pages.” You huffed. “I can’t do this Sam. Maybe I’m not meant to be a journalist.”

Sam turned you around, hugging you close as he kissed your forehead. “(Y/n), you know you can do this.” He hummed softly. “I’ll stay up with you if you need. You’re an extremely talented journalist. You love finding stories, you love researching your stories, and you love bringing truth into light.” You pulled your head back to look up at him, a small smiled tugging at your lips as he spoke.

“What would I do without you?” You asked, raising up on your toes to press a kiss to his lips.

“Definitely lose your head.” He smirked, kissing you back. “Now come on, let’s go bust out your laptop and write this paper. Later I’ll go pick up some takeout for us.”

“God, I love you.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and leading him over to the couch as you mentally prepared yourself for a long, long night.

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mcu boys react to you saying your ass is too fat

Steve: *blushes and laughs nervously* Y/N…. your ass is beautiful the way it is…

Tony: *slaps it so hard it jiggles for 5 straight minutes* damn

Bucky: *spreads your bootycheeks in murderous adoration*

Sam: but can you throw it back tho?

T’Challa: It’s almost as fat as mine, Y/N. Let’s celebrate.

Erik: tch…. not fat enough

Thor: It sure is, Y/N! Now turn around and let me eat your fat ass!

Loki: *magically turns your ass into ballons and watches you fly away*

Peter P: *blushes in shock as Ned says Peter wants you to make it clap on his face*

Hulk: LORD KNOWS I’D SMASH Y/N!!!!!!!!!!

Peter: *Quill*

Thanos: *slaps your juicy fat ass so hard it pops*

Me an intellectual: love at first sight doesn’t exist, that’s not a thing

Me when I saw Dean Winchester:

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Person A: What are you doing?

Person B: *squiggling in person A’s arms* Hiding

Person A: … you mean hugging?

Person B *pauses* : Did I fucking stutter.

Person B : This is my safe place.

Person B : Now shut up and put your arms around me.



“You’re just cute when you are on your nerdy mode, that’s all.”

“Well, thank you birthday boy. Now let’s make a cake!”

Me @ 10:30 : just one more imagine and then bed…

Me 4 hours later already having read multiple long fanfic series, imagines, preferences and more. Having cried laughed and been turned on : Maybe one more??

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Interviewer: Most men start losing hair at the age of around 30 but Sam’s hair is just full and luxurious. Sam tell us what is your secret


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Me daydreaming about Literally any supernatural character:

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Everyone around me:

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I Hope She Was Worth It

I Hope She Was Worth It

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Sam x Reader. 

Summary  -  Your relationship with Sam was amazing until the day he broke your heart.

Warnings - Angst, cheating, swearing, pregnancy.

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“Yeah sweetheart, daddy’s home.”

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My mom: what do you do all day?

Me: I bath myself in arteficial presence of those most attractive, finding some inner happiness to drown my melancholy sorrows from my romantic misfortunes!

My mom: that’s nice honey,

Hiding in the Impala

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean, Reader’s Ex

Warnings: the reader’s ex is a controlling/abusive ass, fight scenes, angst, swearing

Word count: 2511

Summary: The Reader is running from her crazy ex and happens to jump into a certain Impala to hide.

A/N: adapted from my other account:) 

“Shit!”, you cursed loudly. He’d found you, no matter how far you ran, he always found you. Your ex, Zach, the man who you’d been hiding from for months now. The one who you’d feared for years, who had yelled and hurt you. You’d spent too long running from him, too long looking over your shoulder, nearly paralyzed with fear that he’d be there. 

It was a dreary Tuesday night, around 8 PM. Rain dripped down from grey skies, darkened with storm clouds and wet stars. You’d just finished grocery shopping and were walking, bags in hand, back to your motel. It had been two weeks since you last saw him, your ex, and you believed you were in the clear. That you’d finally gotten away. But that false sense of security that had settled over you was ruined when, once again, you turned back and saw him. Wearing a sleazy grey hoodie, peppered with rips and burn holes, his presence chilled your bones. You started walking faster, the motel was close enough that you could make it. But when you heard him yell your name, panic took over. Adrenaline kicked in, and you dropped your groceries. Hearing them clatter to the ground, you took off in a sprint.

When you rounded the corner you saw an empty parking lot, save for a handful of cars. The closest one to you, what you thought was some sort of Chevrolet, already had one of the windows cracked open. It would be easy to shimmy your arms through the slit and open the door, it would only take a few seconds. 

So, with that thought, you’d made your decision. You were panting at this point, feet slapping down on the wet pavement in a steady rhythm. When you approached the car, you found the doors were already open. So, without hesitation, you flung them open and practically leapt inside.

Once inside, you sat on the floor of the back seat. Pressing yourself to the ground, you tried to become as small as possible. Your breathing slowed from quick pants to longer sighs while you took a moment to find your bearings. The rain was coming down in buckets now, and you prayed he was far enough behind you that he didn’t see where you’d gone. Maybe he’d stop looking for you,  but you knew that wouldn’t happen.

When the two of you were dating, you’d been his. “You’re mine” and “You’re my girl” were frequent phrases he’d use to praise you, to show affection. When you’d tried to leave the first time, you were met with a black eye- which you told your family was from falling down the stairs. The two of you never worked, not even in the beginning. Your personalities and life styles clashed from the get go, but for some reason you stayed- even when you knew you shouldn’t have.

“(Y/N)!!!!”, he bellowed your name through the parking lot and tore you from your thoughts. You shuddered at the sound of his voice, and pressed yourself tighter into the corner. The windows of the car were sprayed with water droplets from the rain outside, you hoped he couldn’t see through the cloudy glass.

Suddenly the front door opened- shit. At first the man entering the Impala didn’t notice you were there. But your cover was blown when he went to retrieve something from the back seat. With a small gasp, you made eye contact with the most beautiful man you’d ever seen. His skin was tanned and practically glowing, even in the dim light. You didn’t even know how to describe the color of his eyes. They were what looked like a dark green. Their color, it was something authors could write books on. Series on even. And never fully capture the beauty, the mystery and mischief dancing beneath the surface, intermingling and fusing with a dark, forest green. With a brief pause you decided his eyes were the color of kelp on the shore, flecked with splinters of driftwood and grains of sand. But when he dropped his gaze to look down at you, the color shifted. It changed from the shorelines of beaches and sea foam, to the oceans themselves. Dark blue and grey and stormy. His eyes shifted into the clouds before a lightning storm, or the smoke before a fire. You were at even more of a loss than before, these beautiful, ethereal, eyes were staring directly into your own. Your gaze trailed to his jaw, firm and powerful, it complemented his pink lips- which were currently pursed in confusion. How god damn attractive he was just made the situation so much worse.

Your cheeks flushed red and you started stuttering, “Um, I can explain, I just, um…” your voice trailed off and you took a deep breath, “I’m hiding from my ex okay? Can you just give me like five more minutes, I’m really really sorry, it’s just, uh, he can’t find me”

You were so flustered at this point, eyes darting around the car and hands breaking into a nervous sweat. But he just nodded with understanding and said, “Is your ex the blonde one yelling your name in the parking lot?”

His voice was deep and sounded as if it was coated in honey. Thick and low, the words bounced off his lips. You nodded your head in response to his question, shaking it furiously up and down.

“Okay, one sec”, he responded in that silvery voice of his.

Your heart skipped a beat as he called out to your ex, still screaming your name, “Hey!”

No, no, no, no you silently panicked, what was this man doing? You were overwhelmed, and had absolutely nowhere to run. You tried pressing yourself even further into the side of the car, to no avail. You were trapped, at the mercy of this stranger you’d only just met.

“Who are you looking for?”, the man asked your ex, Zach, as he ran up to the car.

And Zach launched into a story about how you were mentally ill and needed to be taken home, voice hoarse from the screaming. And you just had to sit there, listening to the rain’s pitter patter interrupting his ridiculous story, and hoping this beautiful stranger wouldn’t believe him. Shivering and shaking, half from the cold and half from fear, you sat there in anticipation. What if the man believed him? What if he opened the car doors and revealed where you were hiding? You shuddered at the thought.

But minutes passed and the man just stood there, nodding his head at various points throughout the story. The mental illness one was common, there was also one where you were an escaped convict or he was a tax collector and you were running away from debt. He never failed to bring a picture of you, everywhere he went it was always brought along. You knew he spent hours stopping people and asking them if they’d seen you around, it was what made you so paranoid. What caused you to constantly look over your shoulder and give aliases whenever asked your name. It was no secret that this man had turned your life into a strung out nightmare of paranoia and sleazy motels. You were always on the run, always on the move.

More minutes passed and then the car door was opened with a click, but the stranger was the only one you saw staring down at you.

“I got rid of him,” he said, voice low and almost annoyed sounding- you wondered why.

“Are you sure he isn’t hiding somewhere?”, you asked, peering out from behind the front seat to look at him directly.  

“Yeah, don’t worry he’s gone”, he responded.

“I never got your name”, he spoke again, with a smile this time, leaning over the seats to help you pull yourself from the crouched position you were currently stuck in.

“I’m (Y/N), (Y/L/N)”, you answered, grunting a little as you stretched out your legs.

“(Y/N ) (Y/L/N), I’m Sam Winchester”, he said, again holding out his hand, which you shook awkwardly.

The both of you fell silent; him outstretched in the front seat, leaning over to look at you, and you sitting in the back, fidgeting and glancing around the Impala nervously.

You started to awkwardly shuffled out of the car, but he stopped you when saying, “Wait, um I forgot to tell you, that guy knew the motel you were staying at.”

The same panic from before crept up on you and you starting feeling as if you couldn’t breathe. If he knew where you were living it wouldn’t be long before he caught up to you.

“Wh-what?”, you choked out, running a hand nervously through your hair.

“Do you have anywhere else you can go?”, Sam asked with a sympathetic look.

You shook your head no, but responded with, “I’ll figure something out”

Again you turned to leave, but again he stopped you, this time putting a hand to your shoulder.

“You can stay with my brother and I, we’re in a motel just a few miles from here. We’re only in town for a couple more days, but if you need a place to crash for a few while you figure things out, our door’s open.”

Who was this man? Why was he being so kind to you, you were just a stranger after all. A stranger who had broken into his car and been called mentally ill within five minutes of meeting him. But you trusted him, for some reason. His face was kind, his voice inviting. So you nodded your head, thanked him, and climbed up to the front.

You saw him wince as your booted foot scraped the leather seat as you clambered to the passengers side.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you one of those guys really in love with their car?”, you asked while hurriedly rubbing your hands over the scuff mark.

He let out a laugh and caught your hands, “No, no. My brother, Dean, it’s his car and he’s definitely one of those guys you just described. Don’t worry though, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”, he replied with a wink. You let out a laugh, something you hadn’t done in weeks. This man had you smiling and giggling as if you were some school girl, untouched by misfortune and hardship.

“Tell me about this Dean”, you responded, making conversation. And even though he was a complete stranger, you found yourself easily talking and opening up to Sam. With him you felt secure, safe even.

“Oh, he’s the less attractive Winchester”, Sam joked, gesturing to himself and rolling his eyes, “I mean that’s what everyone says”

Again you laughed out loud, throwing a hand to your mouth and feeling your lips tug into a smile.

Sam started the car with a turn of his key and a roar of the engine. The entire drive you found yourself watching him. The way he eased on the gas and turned on some god awful rock song while smiling apologetically. Shadows and stray strips of light crawled across his face in the low light of the night. The rain was still tapping on the window and the skylight above, probably not going to stop for a while. And even though cold, rainy nights were your least favorite, you found yourself never wanting this particular one to end.

Throughout the drive you and Sam made conversation, just small talk about your lives and jobs. You lied and told him that you were an accountant, and he lied and told you he was a federal agent. The conversation was easy, never a moment of silence or an awkward pause. You felt everything was easy around this Sam Winchester; talking, laughing, smiling, all of it.

Soon enough you pulled into the parking lot of probably the sleaziest motel you’d ever seen, and you’d seen your fair share. Walking into the room you found the floral wallpaper was peeling and the shag rug was ratty at best. You also saw who you assumed was Sam’s brother, Dean, sitting at the coffee table cleaning a gun. Your body went rigid at the sight of it, you’d never actually seen one in person before.

Sam let out a pointed cough and Dean’s eyes snapped up, meeting your own and then quickly tossing the firearm into his back pocket.

“Dean, this is (Y/N)”, Sam gave a small wave in your direction, you nodded in return. If Sam was the most beautiful man you’d ever seen, Dean was the second. His face was stouter than his brothers, but donned the same powerful jaw. His eyes were green. The kind of green that sparkled out of emeralds or freshly cut grass. The kind that brought life back to the plants after long, long months of winter. Paired with them were long ,thick lashes. His lips were a darker shade of red and fuller than his brother’s, you found yourself staring at them absentmindedly.

Those bright green eyes gave you a wink as he said, “Well well well, Sammy finally brought a girl home”

Your cheeks turned pink and you felt yourself inch closer to Sam, who was no doubt feeling the same embarrassment you were.

“Hilarious, but no.”, Sam said back to his brother with a roll of his eyes, and set into the story. He told Dean everything, your ex, the Impala, your motel. When he was finished, Dean’s eyes were narrowed and his lips pursed.

“Who the hell is this guy?”, he responded.

Sam let out a breathy laugh, “Yeah exactly, so (Y/N)’s just gonna crash here for a couple days.”

Looking around the motel room you found only two beds and just assumed you’d sleep on the ratty sofa you saw standing in front of the tv. But Sam started making an actual bed for you, adding more pillows and blankets than you could possibly need.

“Oh no, it’s fine I can sleep on the couch. Seriously I don’t want to take one of your beds”, you said quickly, instantly feeling bad for intruding.

“No way in hell you’re sleeping on the couch. Seriously it’s fine, you can have my bed. Trust me I’ve spent more nights without one than with”, Sam insisted, laughing and nodding.

You shook your head in return with a sly smile, and conceded. If he wanted you to sleep in a gigantic comfortable bed, who were you to decline?

Your smile faded with an abrupt knock at the door. You froze, eyes darting in Sam’s direction. He moved towards the main entrance and cautiously looked through the peephole, you saw the way his shoulders and jaw tensed and knew it was Zach.

“Go hide in the bathroom.”, Sam instructed, the look he gave told you who was at the door. You felt yourself break into a cold sweat and, with one last look at Sam and Dean, you retreated to the bathroom with your hands shaking.

When you haven’t really been stressing or studying for finals or anything and then suddenly they’re just there

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“I just want a hug…”

“You… Okay. Okay come here. But please just… Stop crying, I promise you that I recorded the episode. You didn’t miss it.”