Sam in Japan


Monday 9th October 2017. 16:00 Kyoto Japan.

I’ll be making the move to Osaka in a few weeks and one thing I’ll miss most about Kyoto is my old Japanese house and my bedroom I’ve called home for the last year. The golden hour light poured into my room and made me feel so content and happy. I was feeling quite reflective; as one chapters closes another opens (as the saying goes).


Sunday 22nd October 2017. 15:45 Kyoto Japan.

Kiyomizu at sunset. It was actually not as busy as what I had anticipated which made for a nice change instead of crazy touristy crowds squashed together lol. The koyo is just breaking through here at the temple, still slightly early yet, but the colours were lovely.


Thursday 9th February 2017. 12:30 Kyoto Japan.

After my 2 hour lesson I cycled back home and got caught in a snow storm lol. It looked lovely but a pain in the arse to cycle in. It also reminded me that I need to buy a pair of decent gloves as my hands were almost close to falling off.

Now I’m chilling at home before heading to school. I have 3 classes today, I should be home around 9pm tonight.


Monday 9th October 2017. 11:00 Kyoto Japan.

We visited The Garden of Fine Arts which is about a 20 minute cycle from my house, situated right next to the Botanical Gardens.

The project was conceived as a contemporary, volumetric version of a stroll garden. The open-air Fine Arts Museum is situated below ground level to keep the view from the adjacent Botanical Gardens towards the Higashiyama mountains intact.

The museum displays reproductions of famous masterpieces on ceramic plates with permanent, weatherproof properties. The scheme is open; large concrete beams on massive pillars, overlapping bridges and ramps, walls of cascading water and pools with paintings floating on the water surface.

Circulation is intersected by massive concrete walls, allowing views from different angles, and adding depth and variety to the exhibition spaces. The greenish glass railing, in contrast to the concrete and stone surfaces, interact with the water surface reflecting the different materials.

I’ve wanted to visit here for a while and at just 100yen entrance fee you can’t really complain. The actually space was really cool I just wasn’t too keen on the actual art works.