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When someone tries to tell me that Nickelodeon is better now than it used to be

Eat my buttersock

Don’t stop talking about Dan Schneider yet. This is all far from over.

It has been confirmed that 2 big nick stars are ready to come forward and talk about their stories. There’s lawyers involved and everything. The 2 nick actresses are taking this seriously and not just spouting off random accusations on twitter or Instagram. There is a major child abuse sex scandal going on at Nickelodeon.

Go to Revenge Of the Cis YouTube channel and go to their video titled “Episode 108 Dan Schneider Is Fired”. Skip to the 30:28 mark. Thats when a guy apart of An Open Secret drops the ball that 2 nick actresses are coming forward. An Open Secret is a documentary about Hollywood predators and Dan Schneider was mentioned in that documentary. They said it is 2 names everyone will know and that it’s not Jamie Lynn Spears or Amanda.

Also go to their video titled “Child actress forced out of showbiz”. This is where a woman who tried out for icarly as a child gives just how creepy the process is for casting child stars. She says that in the audition building they asked kids to come in shorts and spaghetti straps…then when they’re in there the kids were asked to take off their shoes and go into the next room with the producer (who was Dan) and run around the room talking about how much they love being barefoot. She said her mom immediately took her away and questioned them for what they were doing. The girl ended up getting zero phone calls for anymore auditions and got forced out of acting because they dared to say that their process was “a little weird”..