Sam and Dean Winchester

Literally Tumblr...
  • Tumblr newbie: *Says the word angel*
  • The rest of Tumblr: NO DON'T SAY THAT THEY'LL HEAR YOU.
  • Supernatural fandom: CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SOOOON.
  • The rest of Tumblr: Fuck.
  • Supernatural fandom: THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DOOONE.
  • The rest of Tumblr: FUCK.
  • Supernatural fandom: LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REEEEST.
  • Supernatural fandom: DON'T YOU CRY NO MORE.
  • Supernatural fandom: *Violently plays air guitar solo*

”What we really do” I’M SCREEAAMING!! 
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Probably one of the best anagrams of “Sam and Dean Winchester” is “When denim scared Satan.”

Killing Demons on Supernatural
  • Season 1: “Okay there is this one demon on a plane and he is impossible to kill so we are going to have to exorcise it which is near impossible.”
  • Season 9: *Oprah’s Voice* “You get a stab, you get a stab, and you get a stab, you’re all being stabbed!”
  • Cas: Dean?
  • Dean: Later, Cas, alright?
  • Cas: But Dean-
  • Dean: Later, okay, I'm trying to sleep.
  • Cas: DEAN
  • Dean: LATER
  • Cas: ...
  • Cas: ...
  • Cas: ...
  • Cas: Need I remind you Dean Winchester that I am the one who pulled you out of hell and am fully able to put you back in again.
  • Dean: Fine, Cas... What is it?
  • Cas: Hi.
You’re Mine

Supernatural One Shot


Warnings: Smut, Slightly Jealous Dean

Word Count: 2,600

A/N: For but-deans-back-tho because she said she needed some more.

You and Dean were not a couple. There was something about him that drove you crazy. But you couldn’t deny the fact that you were attracted to him. And you knew that he was attracted to you. I mean, you couldn’t miss the looks that he would give you or the suggestive comments that would come out of his mouth. But the two of you never acted on it. He slept with every blonde, brunette, and red head that he could lay his hands on and you slept with every Tom, Larry, and Joe. You and him had that agreement. The two of you could flirt with anyone and sleep with anyone and the other would be okay with it.

And you tried to be okay with that. You pretended that it didn’t feel like a knife in your heart when you saw him with yet again another blonde that was wearing way to little clothing in the first place. And sure, the men that you would sleep with would numb the pain a little but they were never Dean. They didn’t have the stories that Dean had.

But there was one way that you found that you could get back at him.

You didn’t really want to be mean to him but you noticed that he always seemed to give you more attention whenever you were around Sam or Cas. More specifically, whenever you would sit close to them… or hug them… or press a kiss to their cheek. A memory that always brought a smile to your lips was one a case that didn’t happen to long ago.

The motel that the three of you had to stay at was small and old and looked like it was going to fall in on itself at any time but somehow all the rooms were sold out but one. But you didn’t really believe that. You truly believed that the owner didn’t want to clean two rooms. So he gave you the “last room available” that had two queens.

When you got into the motel room, Dean had offered to sleep on the floor so you and Sam could have a bed to your own. It was a sweet gesture but you knew how he always complained about a stiff back whenever he slept on the floor so you said that you were going to sleep with Sam. The look Dean made when you said that was priceless. Hell, he actually looked hurt.

Then you grabbed your bag and went into the bathroom to take a shower before you hit the hay. And since the walls were paper thin, you could hear everything that was happening on the other side.

“So help me God Sam, if you try anything with her,” Dean growled as he sat down on the squeaky mattress.

“I don’t know, Dean, I might. Unlike you, I’m not scare to admit my feelings,” Sam teased.

“I’m not scared, Sam. I’m just…”

“A chicken.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle to yourself as you climbed in the shower. And from that day on, you made it your personal goal to make Dean squirm and as uncomfortable as you could whenever he was in the same room as you.

You see, Dean could flirt and literally get anyone he wanted. He just had this certain air about him that made women throw themselves at him. You on the other hand, well let’s just say you weren’t as smooth as Dean when it came to flirting. Mind you, you had gotten better at it but you were nowhere close to where Dean was. And that just made you mad. He didn’t do anything other than breathe and he had someone to lay. You had to sacrifice your left leg it seemed to get laid. Although if you asked Dean, he would say otherwise.

The three of you were in the Bunker looked for another case. Well, Dean was. Sam had his head stuck in yet again another book that the Bunker had an endless supply of.

Sam knew about Dean’s crush and he loved to see his brother squirm just as much as you did so he played along with your awful flirting and lasting touches. Just like now, you were seated in Sam’s lap skimming the book that he was reading.

Every few minutes, Dean would shift in his seat and sigh loudly clearly annoyed at the affection that you were giving his younger brother.

“Why can’t you just sit in your own chair, Y/N?” Dean asked. “It’s weird seeing you climb all over my brother.”

“But he’s comfortable,” you whined. “Isn’t that right, Sammy?”

“Yeah, I mean Y/N’s right. I’m more comfortable than a chair…or a bed,” Sam replied and even though you couldn’t see his face you knew that he was grinning from ear to ear.

Dean slammed his laptop shut and swung his legs off the table and climbed to his feet.

“Why don’t you go ahead and make out,” Dean mumbled as he walked off towards the kitchen angrily.

He was barely out of earshot before you erupted into laughter.

“That was mean, Sam,” you giggled as you transferred from his lap to the chair.

“It’s funny to make him jealous and I’m tired of all the sexual tension between the two of you. One of these days he’s finally going to grow a pair and fess up.”

“Yeah, but if you keep flirting with me like that he’s going to think that you and I are a couple and then all that we are going to achieve is making him pissed off. I don’t know about you but I don’t like a pissed off Dean.”

Sam was about to say something but he was cut off by Dean coming back into the room looking even more pissed off then he did before he left. His hands were empty.

“Apparently we are completely out of anything that contains alcohol,” He grumbled as he picked up the keys to the Impala that was lying on the table. “Do y’all want anything or…”

“You know what, you made the last supply run,” Sam said standing up. “I’ll go and get some. Give me the keys.”

Both you and Dean stared at the younger brother. Since when was he jumping on going on a supply run?

“Okay,” Sam sensed the reluctance in his brother. “That wasn’t a question. Give me the keys.”

Dean placed the keys into his brothers open hand and Sam left moments later.

Sighing, Dean plopped down in his chair and reopened his laptop but you could tell that he couldn’t focus on the words that were on the screen. After a few moments, Dean shut his laptop again and sighed. He crossed his arms and looked at you. You glanced up at him from the book that you were reading but quickly looked back down. His arms were crossed against his chest, his eyes roaming your body.

“Why don’t you and Sam just go ahead and make it official?” He finally spoke.

This time when you looked up from your book, you kept your eyes on him. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play dumb, Y/N. I have eyes. I can see. You and Sam… there is obviously something going on between the two of you.”

“Or, you know, we could just be two friends.”

You watched as Dean rose from his seat and slowly approached you. You sat up straighter in you seat. Once he stood behind you, he placed his hand on the back of your chair and turned you around. You squealed at the unexpected movement.

“We’re friends and you don’t touch me like that.” You swore that his voice dropped several octaves in the time that it took him to walk the short distance towards you. “Why?”

“Maybe because we’re not friends,” you tried to speak above a whisper but your voice wouldn’t go any higher.

Then he placed his hands underneath your arms and lifted you out of your chair and set you on top of the table. You screamed but not in fear. No, this scream came from excitement. Then he spread your legs apart and stood between them.

“Right because we’re more than friends.”

“I’m not too sure about…” but he cut you off by pressing his lips to yours.

You were frozen for a moment but instantly melted under his touch. His hands landed on your hips. The kiss started to grow into something more. His fingers inched under your shirt, gripping the exposed flesh.

His tongue pushed itself passed your lips and he started to roam your mouth.

Then he briefly pulled away to take off your shirt. You pushed him back from you and hopped off the table. He looked at you, his eyes drawn in confusion but it disappeared when you found the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. His shirt feel in a pile on top of yours.

You started to unbutton your jeans and Dean grabbed your hands and pulled them away.

He pressed another short kiss to your lips before he started leading his lips down your body stopping above the top of your jeans. He finished what he made you stop doing. Your jeans slid down your legs and you lifted you feet so he could pull them off completely. Next it was your underwear. You were almost completely exposed to him now.

He worked himself back up your leg, biting the flesh on the inside of your leg. His hands gripped your thighs as his lips traced your folds. You took a step back and gripped the edge of the table.

His fingers teasingly stroked at your folds until one slipped a finger into your throbbing core while his thumb rubbed your clit. Your back arched and you let out a loud moan.

“I watch, every time we go to a bar, men that look you up and down like candy. You have no idea how much I want to push you up against the bar and show them that you’re mine.”

You were about to say something but he slipped another finger inside, slowly stroking you and he froze the words in your mouth but instead a moan passed through your lips.

“That’s right. Moan for me, baby,” Dean growled. He continued his slow torture. “But you know, I can deal with that. I know that you won’t turn your head for those men. Hell, they don’t even know your name. But you know what I can’t stand?” He pressed another kiss to the inside of your leg. “I can’t stand the way you flirt with my brother. Now that…that makes me mad.”

He removed his fingers from your body and nearly cried out at the lost of contact. But he quickly made contact again. Only this time it was with his mouth. His tongue flicked out and teasingly licked your clit. Your hands racked themselves through his hair, pulling at the short strands. He then started to tug with his teeth your folds. Another moan ripped through your body. His name fell from your lips.

He looked up at you and smirked before he continued to give your wet sex even more attention and you couldn’t help but find him incredibly hot. The lust and desire that he had in his eyes would have turned you on if you weren’t already so turned on.

His tongue worked past your folds and he once again bit you.

The heat that was pooling in your stomach was starting to become unbearable.

You grabbed his hair again and pulled him away from you momentarily. “Dean, I need you inside me. Now!” You growled.

Another grin broke out across his lips and you were almost certain that he was going to return to his agonizing biting. But he didn’t.

He slowly stood back up, making sure to press as much of his body to yours as he could, his hands landed on your hips and placed you back on top of the table. Your heart fluttered. You were going to do this on top of the table. How many times have you dreamed of this to happen?

Dean slid the rest of his clothes and they helped grow the pile that was on the floor.

He pushed you back down on the table to where you were lying on your back but he didn’t seem finished with his fingers.

He slid two fingers inside you rubbing the inside of you. You were screaming on the internally. You needed this to stop. You needed him.

“Dean!” You screamed out pleading without so many words.

“I hear ya, babe. I just like hearing you scream my name,” he said, moving his fingers away from you. Before you could complain at the lost of contact again, he lifted one of your legs so your ankle was resting on his shoulder, opening you up more for him and pulled you to where you were hanging halfway off the table. He positioned himself above you and locked eyes with yours, raising an eyebrow as if asking for permission. Like he really needed to ask. You were already a wet, hot, needing mess. You groaned out a plea and his name and he slammed into you, beginning his rough, fast rhythm.

The only thing that escaped your lips was now moans and he didn’t seem to appreciate that. He slowed his rhythm to an agonizing slow pace and you screamed in frustration.

“Dean!” You screamed. “Dean! What the hell are you doing?”

“I like seeing you come undone underneath me,” he growled.

You groaned in frustration when he didn’t quicken his movements. What the hell did he want from you? You were already screaming out his name.

“Dean, please!” You begged.

He pulled you back up to a sitting position making sure that he was still inside of you and pressed a kiss to your lips. You groaned against him.

He trailed his lips down your face again and settled in the crook of your neck, his teeth slowly biting. Then he started to suck the soft skin and you knew that he was going to leave a mark and you didn’t care. It was about time for everyone to know that you were his. Only his.

He returned to your lips.

“That’s right, you’re mine baby,” he growled against your skin.

And then his pace quickened. You threw your head back and screamed out in ecstasy. He attacked your neck again leaving yet another mark.

“Scream for me.”

And you did.

All too soon you felt yourself approach your climax and you could tell that Dean wasn’t too far behind you.

Stars exploded across your vision as you came and Dean did seconds after you. He slowly rode his high and sat next to you. You were both breathless.

“Why the hell skip around our feelings for so long?” You asked.

“I don’t know,” Dean replied and pressed another kiss to your lips. You moved from your spot on the table and straddled him. He grinned up at you. “Round two?”

“Hell yes.”

He gripped the back of your legs and lifted you and carried you to his room.

The two of you were wrapped in each other’s embrace when Sam’s voice echoed around the Bunker.

“Really guys? We eat here! I’m not go to clean this. You know what, I’m leaving. When I get back, this better be cleaned and when I say clean I mean fucking sanitized.”