So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Winchesters are psychically linked. Because seriously, what kind of witchy shit is this? They didn’t even make eye contact and yet, same idea at the same time. And Sam knew Dean was getting ready to drop the car. I’m impressed. And a little terrified. {7.02}

Catch Me If You Can

I wrote this drabble for my Princess Bride quote challenge. My quote was: “I just want you to feel like you’re doing well.  I’d hate for you to die embarrassed.”

Characters: Sam Winchester, Demon! Reader, Dean Winchester, Crowley (mentioned)

I recognized him the second he walked into the bar.  His eyes scanned the crowd before he took a seat at the end of the bar, facing the door.  He thought he was blending into the crowd, but when you’re that tall, you tend to stick out.  His hyper-vigilant stance, and the way his eyes kept scanning the room just screamed hunter. 

It was rare to see Sam Winchester out and about without his brother.  Usually, those two were joined at the hip.  Together those two were pretty much unstoppable, but maybe alone I could take him. My reputation downstairs could only benefit if I killed the younger Winchester.

Crowley had this “frenemy” thing going with the Winchesters that I didn’t understand. He said they were “useful”.  If I were running things I would have fed them to the hellhounds ages ago.  I guess that’s why I’m not in charge.

As I nursed my drink I took the opportunity to watch him unobserved.  He was handsome, I gotta say.  The hairdresser I was currently occupying was certainly appreciating the view.  Tall guys with long hair were apparently just her type.  She was pleading with me not to hurt him and her whining was getting tedious.  Time to get this show on the road.

I sashayed around the other side of the bar, knowing for a fact that Sam’s eyes were watching my ass in my tight jeans.  I stopped at the bar across from him, my back to the door.  I looked up, knowing he would be watching me.  Of course, I had picked an attractive meat suit. I may be a demon, but I’m not stupid.

He smiled at me, and I smiled back. “Hey, Sam?” I said, and he immediately stiffened. I allowed my eyes to briefly flash red. “Catch me if you can!” And with that, I was out of my chair and out the door.

A minute later he came bounding out of the bar after me. Damn, he was fast! For such a big guy, he sure could run!  He chased me for several blocks into a dark alley that seemed like it was a dead end. I hid behind a dumpster.

Sam was staring at the brick wall trying to figure out where I had gone when I came up behind him.  “Looking for someone?” I said with a smirk.  “I know you were looking at my ass, by the way.”

He immediately came at me raising an ornately carved knife. I raised my hand and the knife went flying and he slammed against the wall, hard. He slid to the ground, the wind knocked out of him.  I thought he’d stay down, but he immediately got to his feet.

“Nice try, Sam.  You almost got me.  Closest anyone’s come in a while.  I just want you to feel like you’re doing well.  I’d hate for you to die embarrassed.”  I said with a smirk.

“The only one who is dying here is you, bitch! Over here, Dean!” He yelled.  Then he began to recite an exorcism in Latin.  I heard footsteps running up behind me, and I turned to see his brother approaching fast.

I whirled back.  I allowed my eyes to turn their natural red.  “You think your pretty words can hurt me? Guess again! Until we meet again, Sam Winchester!” My meat suit opened her mouth and I shot out in a cloud of red smoke that disappeared over the top of the building.

When she woke she remembered nothing of the past year and a half, and I was already making myself at home in a waitress.

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A/N: This is for @narisjournal-blog‘s 300 follower challenge. Congratulations!

My prompt was  “You told me there would be cake. Now here I am, so where is my cake?”

Title: “Birthday”

Fic Type: Drabble

Words: 920

Characters: Sam Winchester, Eileen Leahy, Dean Winchester

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Eileen Leahy

Warnings: fluff, IMPLIED SMUT

Today was a special day. It was May 2nd, and Eileen had a plan.

She grabbed Sam’s flannel from a nearby chair, pulling it over her shoulders as she got up.

Eileen froze as she felt Sam stir behind her.

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