Sam Winchester's Journal

Supernatural ABCs

A is for the Amulet, that Sam once gave to Dean.
B is for Bobby, who constantly saved them, often sight unseen.
C is for Castiel, who saved Dean from such a horrible Hell.
D is for Demons, who prefer topside as their place to dwell.
E is for Enochian, which makes everything funnier.
F is for the Four Horsemen, each one uglier
G is for Garth, their quirky new planner.
H is for Hellhounds, who maul you in quite the vicious manner.
I is for the Impala, the boy’s traveling home.
J is for the Journal, the know-it-all tome.
K is for the King of Hell, who we all know as Crowley.
L is for Lucifer, who possessed Sam quite foully.
M is for the Men of Letters, whose knowledge can beat even a witch.
N is for Naomi, who’s a total angelic bitch.
O is for Oz, to where Dorothy and Charlie ran away.
P is for Prophet, who may have just seen his very last day.
Q is for the Queen of Hell, that Abbadon yearns to be
R is for the Rock Salt, from which all manner of creature flee
S is for Samuel Colt, who designed a demon killing gun.
T is for the Trickster, whose time might not really be done.
U is for Uriel, whose black-winged death was really quite remarkable.
V is for Vampires, who never, ever, sparkle.
W is for the Winchesters, they’re legacies, you know.
X is for X-rays of Enochian etched ribs, to shield them from foes.
Y is for the Yellow-Eyed Demon, who wanted Sammy for his own.
Z is for Zachariah, whose plans for Sam and Dean were finally overthrown.

Feathers [DIBS 15]

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Some days, nights, dusks to dawns, all you and the brothers seemed to do was kill, hunt, eat greasy diner food, and feign being Federal Agents. All in all you were pros at it all, but that didn’t mean you didn’t want to have a little fun in your life.

Especially now that you were in L-O-V-E.

So after a grueling hunt, you three were back in a sleazy motel, stitching one another up, drinking a shit ton, and for some asinine reason Dean accidentally sliced a pillow with his bowie knife. Feathers went everywhere,sticking to the congealed blood on his face, hands, and tshirt.

Cursing, he tried to swat them away when you and Sam simultaneously had an AHA moment. Picking up the other pillows, you thwacked Dean in the face; hard. A pillow to either side of the face and a loud “son of a bitch” echoed over your laughter.

“Oh this is war, Sweetheart,” Dean took a fighting stance, but didn’t notice Sam slowly sneaking up on him from behind,


“Oh, it’s on, like Donkey Kong, Sammy,” Dean retaliated with arming himself with two pillows, chucking one at your head with extreme force, while smashing Sam in the face with the other.

“Oh, ouch that really hurt, Dean,” Sam mocked him, “going to have to try harder than that.”

It was you against the brothers, then Dean and you paired up against Sam, and finally both grown ass men attacked you. The motel room was littered with feathers and you couldn’t have been happier. The Winchesters were your safe haven and these moments you’d cherish forever. Too bad situations like this never ended in your hunter’s journal.

as you may remember, my dash looks like this

and I got some terrifying holy-water threats because people wanted to see how I did this, so please don’t use the Colt on me - I am about to reveal all (as an aside, I wish Dean revealed all on air ;) )

ok, so go to google chrome apps and install the “Stylish” extension

then search for whatever type of things you want on your dash, e.g.:

select the features you want by clicking on them (for example, I’ve got a DESTIEL. instead of TUMBLR. top left

go to the stylish icon by your search bar and click “manage installed styles” (you may also be able to do it from the drop down menu)

activate the features you want and…


This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession—everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.– Dean

1x02 “Wendigo”