You Are Not Alone

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Loki x Reader

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Request: Can I request something where the reader is an avenger and also a vampire? But she’s very depressed. She loves her job but she’s getting lonely seeing everyone else with their significant others and she wants to feel loved. Later on Thor brings Loki along to a stark party and he’s bored and irritable until he sees the reader out on the balcony. They end up hitting it off right away and he helps pull her out of her depression.


Being around for almost 300 years was cool and all, being able to watch the world change around me. Meeting new people, and new lovers. I was use to change. Everything changed around me for years. But one thing I wasn’t use to, was being with a team of people, like the Avengers. When they learned of my kind actually existing, they wanted to see if they could find us, a vampire.

When they mistakenly found me, in the hospital, stealing blood bags. The person who found me was Bruce Banner. He alerted Tony Stark, and Tony followed me and convinced me to join the team. I only said yes, because I wanted to protect the world I’ve come to love. 

“So you drink human blood?” The newest member Sam Wilson questioned

“Sam” Steve snapped at him

“What I’m just confused as to why she drinks human blood and lives here, not trying to be rude” He then apologized.

“No it’s okay” I smiled “You’re just curious, that’s all. You should learn on how to communicate.” I joked. “But yes I drink human blood, but I don’t drink from the neck. I drink blood bags. That way I’m not hurting anyone, and I’ve been on a diet. I mostly drink Animal blood, and once or twice every few weeks I drink human blood to stay strong.” I explained while pouring a bag of donated blood into my to-go water bottle.

There was an awkward moment of silence. Sam nodded understanding what I was saying. “So can you control yourself around fresh blood?” He asked

“Yes” I took a sip from my bottle. the normal thing for a vampire was there veins popping and eyes getting darker when drinking blood. “I built a tolerance over the years.” I was okay with answering the questions, I liked when people wanted to know more, it’s not often I could talk about myself truly.

I had been with the team for a little over 6 months. everyone trusted me and I trusted them. I would use my abilities for something good. I liked being able to do things and not have to do it in secrete. I was free to be me. But there was still one thing that bothered me. Even though I was on a team of “outcasts”, I stood apart from them. They trust me but everyone is still a bit uncomfortable with a vampire. When I was in the room, they were on high alert. Jarvis always made sure everyone new when I was coming. 

I requested to have my room further away from the rest, which I ended up getting the floor they were working on to make more rooms to myself. I liked it that way, but I was always lonely even in a room full of people I was lonely. I was lonely for a long time.

I watched people fall in love, but I’ve never actually been in love. Human lives didn’t last quite as long as a vampires. So watching the team with their lovers broke my heart. I longed to be loved and in love. Natasha and Bruce, Tony and Pepper, Steve and Sharon, Wanda and Vision, etc. I wished to have what they had. 

Later that same day, Thor showed up. He said that upon his arrival he will have brought someone that we will all “love” to have. He shoved a tall man into the room. He was wearing a leather green and black robe, his hair was long and black, his blue eyes scanned the room.

“This is my brother Loki.” Thor announced to the room. This was the famous brother of Thor who tried to rule Earth. Supposedly he wanted to redeem himself and wanted to prove himself worthy to Thor. But one of the main reasons he was here was so Thor could keep a close watch on him. 

“Just stay out of trouble” Tony snapped at Loki. Thor introduced me and Sam to Loki. I stuck my hand out to shake his.

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone else.” Loki looked me in the eyes “Lady y/n” He took my hand and kissed it. I was use to this kind of behavior from men, especially in England years ago.  I smiled and bowed my head in respect. Which caught him by surprise, and I earned confused looks from the team. 

“Then you must know of my kind, yes?” I questioned

“Indeed” Was all he said, “Where will I be sleeping?” 

“On the roof” Tony snapped again. 

“The same floor as me” I smiled “I’ll show you” 

I went about my business as usual, making my way around the tower, by myself. I would stop to talk to whoever was in the same room, but the conversation quickly died down since I know that they wouldn’t want to talk to me any longer. 

The only thing I wanted was to hold a conversation with someone, but I know how they feel about me, they trust me but they are always watching my move to make sure I don’t turn on them. 

I made my way to the fridge to grab my animal blood bag, then pouring it into a glass. I felt a pair of eyes on me as I did all of this. 

“Can I help you?” I asked. 

“I was just looking for someone to talk to.” Loki spoke softly.

“Well seeing as no one here seems to trust you, or like you, I guess that leaves me to be the last resort?” I gave a soft smile.

“Well, not actually, I wanted to talk to you. I already know they don’t like me” He chuckled. 

“Oh” Was all I could say. He slowly walked into the kitchen, observing the room. He had a disgusted look as he continued to walk around. 

“So what’s your secrete?” He asked stopping so he was now standing next to me. 

“Excuse me?” I turned to look at him

“How do you do it?” He asked “How do you live under the same roof as them when treated like you’re still a monster?” I was not expecting the question from him

“Well I-” I was cut off by Steve walking into the room

“Hey y/n, the mission you were suppose to go on has been changed. Sam and Bucky will be going. We need you to stay back to show Loki the ropes. He seems to like you.” Steve explained

“Okay” I spoke quietly, giving Steve a small nod before quickly leaving the room.

An hour later I could hear Loki making his way to my door. I opened it right before he could knock.

“Oh, where you expecting me?” He smirked looking down at my small figure. 

“No” I answered “I heard you coming” 

He looked confused

“Perks of being a Vampire, I can hear everything around me” this time I smirked at him, I took a step back allowing him to enter my room. 

“Did I upset you earlier?” He asked concern in his voice

“No” I walked back towards my living room area. “I just didn’t want to talk about that with Steve there.”

“So lady y/n, how old are you really?” Loki asked 

“326″ I smiled, being able to just talk was enough for me. 

“So I guess you could say you are immortal?” Loki continued “You could live forever” 

“I guess you could say that.” I made my way to my book shelf. “Do you like books?” 

“Yes, have anything of interest?” 

“Of course I do” I smiled, grabbing a random book “This is Jane Austen, one of my favorites, this book is called Pride and Prejudice.”

“I think we will get a long just fine” He smiled while taking the book out of my hand to look at it. 

Ever since he came into my room, and stole a few books from me, we spent everyday with each other, either reading or talking about our lives and what it was like 300 years ago. We became pretty close. We spent most days in one of our rooms, away from the team unless it was dinner, a meeting, training, a mission, or game/movie night. 

Tonight was movie night and everyone, except Sam Loki, was in the theater, we decided to watch The Notebook, since most of us haven’t seen it. I sat on a two-seater sofa by myself. Tony was with Pepper, Nat and Bruce, Steve and Sharon, Bucky and his random girlfriend, Thor was next to Clint,and Wanda and Vision. I watched the team as I purposely sat away from them. I knew that I made most uncomfortable, but everyone tried to include me into movie and game night.

I watched the movie, wishing I had someone to love me the way the characters loved each other. I watched as the old man told the old women the love story of the two teens who fell in love. I happened to look away from the TV to see all of the coupled paying attention to each other and not the TV, deciding I had enough of this, I made my way out of the room only to be stopped by Tony announcing that I was leaving.

“Y/N why do you gotta go? We not good enough?” He joked

“Just tiered” I said before I walked off. I heard Tony whisper 

“I thought Vampires don’t sleep?” I rolled my eyes and made my way to my room. We do sleep, I just stay up super late. 

Once I made it to my room, I quietly shut my door not wanting Loki to know I was back in my room. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to cry, I hated not having someone to be with, I wanted to know what it was like to be in love and to be loved. I laid down in my bed as tears began to fall. I curled up into a ball on my bed. 

As I continued to quietly cry, I suddenly felt my blanket go over my shoulders. I stiffened at the touch of a hand rubbing my shoulder. 

“It’s me, relax love” I heard Loki speak calmly. “What’s wrong?” 

I wiped the tears away as I sat up and scooted over allowing him to sit down next to me. I told him everything, how I lived 300 years alone, scared to be in love since human lives don’t last as long and a Vampire who doesn’t age, how I’m tiered of being alone and no one understanding me.

“You are not alone. I know exactly what you are going through, I mean I age, but not like a human, But I’m always lonely.” He wrapped an arm around me.

“I just want to be wanted.” I piratically whispered.

“You are” I squeezed me. “I want you” 

“Really?” I gave him a funny look

“Yes” He nodded “On Asgard everyone avoids me, hates me, no one wants to be with me, same this Midgard, then I met this women who treated me as an equal, she dismissed everything I had done and gave me a chance.”

“Maybe because she knows what it’s like to be the monster.” I looked up into his eyes.  He didn’t say anything else. He just looked at me. His eyes flickered to my lips and then back to my eyes. I took the opportunity to move in for a kiss. At first he didn’t react so I started to move back, but his hands were now on the back of my neck as he pulled me into a kiss. 

“We can be monsters together.” He spoke between kisses. 


Kill ‘Em With Kindness - FINALE

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar. You are recruited for one mission only. You are trained and put to the test. With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the one thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: swearing; violence; angst; FLUFF 

Word Count: 3.5k+

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”

A/N: Oh my god! Thank you so much for reading my story (literally my first fanfic EVER) and thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback! I’m sorry that this is long overdue but it was worth it. Your love for “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” makes me so grateful and blush-y. I hope you enjoy the finale and read my future fanfics! I love youuuu! xxx


“You’ve got to take it,” Bucky stated, running his fingers through his hair as he leaned off the edge of the bed. You whipped your head at him and stopped pacing, staring at him in pure astonishment. You had been thinking about this decision for two days. The decision was ultimately yours in the end but Bucky’s opinion was very important to you.

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1/2 "JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES I swear to God if you throw that balloon so help me" you hollered glaring at your boyfriend across the shared kitchen of the avengers tower. Clint had declared an all out prank war and the last ones standing were you and Bucky. Nat had even been taken out by Tony. Bucky grinned bouncing the balloon full of shaving cream. "What ya gonna do doll?" You caught movement out the corner of your eye and managed to snatch the container of shaving cream out the air

2/2 As it flew past your head. “Damn you Wilson” Bucky hollered. “Well come on baby” you said with a wink squealing as he threw the balloon and you hit the valve on the can. Both of you were a giggling mess when you looked up to see Steve and Tony at the door. “BARTON you started it now clean up the mess” Tony hollered and you heard Clint groan. You cleared Buckys lips and kissed him smooshing the shaving cream as you said “how bout a shower soldier?” He grinned and picked you up in his arms.


Fluffy Friday™


Characters: Sam Wilson,daughter!oc


Summary: Dad!Sam… That’s all

A/N: I haven’t written anything except for essays, in a month. Bear with me children. This is inspired by that video of the dad and daughter where she’s on the counter and he’s trying to get her to do the trust fall. Cause the part where she says “Daddy, I’m not grave.” Then he tells her how grave she is, made my heart happy. 

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Nothing like Home: Part 6 (Steve x reader)

Chapter 6 (Nothing Like Home)

Steve x Reader x (Angsty Steve Rogers!)

Summary: Takes place a year after The Winter Soldier, before the emergence of Ultron. Steve is struggling with the notion of not being able to find Bucky. Reader tries to get Steve out of his depression and help him find Bucky. It doesn’t go well. Events of Ultron will feature.

 A/N: Feedback is welcomed! 😊

 Word Count: 1947

 Warnings: None.

 You arrived at the Tower to find Sam waiting for you in the hangar. He took arms crossed near the door with an annoyed expression on his face. You disembark the quinjet and walk up to him, you had been gone for less than 4 days but you didn’t give him any information on where you went or what you found and that annoyed him.

“Hey Sam,”

“You’re late.” He said, annoyed.

“I got you donuts though?” you said raising the box of donuts to Sam’s face with a grin,

He chuckled, “Come on, the rest of the team are already inside.”

“They’re back! Did they get the scepter?” you ask,

Sam nodded, “Yes, and more they took Strucker alive”

This was a win for the team, it meant they were one step closer to stopping whatever Hydra had planned, after the Chitauri attack and the Battle of Triskellion and Thor’s little incident in Greenwich, finding the scepter was a blessing.

“How’s everyone doing?” you asked Sam,

“Barton was hit, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Doctor Cho is with him and Nat now in the lab. The rest of the team are with the scepter, even Thor stuck around” he said,

You make a little more conversation on the hangar then you and Sam walk into the tower, Sam says he’s going to shower and that you let the rest of the team know you are back, they were all in Tony’s lab.

“Look alive Jarvis, Its play time” is the first thing you hear as you walk into the lab, Tony and Bruce were around the scepter running diagnostics and fiddling with different interfaces, “We only got a couple of days with this joystick so let’s make the most of it” said Tony walking up to one of the screens which was lit up in blue, red and green graphics.

You walk in, and Bruce turns to greet you first. “Y/N/ hey, where have you been?” he says giving you a quick hug,

“chasing leads on Cap’s missing person.” You respond, “Hey Tony,” you call out to him

He gives you a half wave but is so focused on the screen in front of him he barely notices you there.

“Where’s Barton?” you ask Bruce,

He points to the upper deck of the lab, “With Doctor Cho and Natasha, I’m on my way up there to check on him,”

You nod and follow Bruce up to the room where the geneticist and the two assassins were. Barton lay on the table as a machine ran a laser like beam on the side of his injury,

“You sure he is going to be okay, pretending we need this guy really brings the team together” Nat says grinning at Barton,

“There’s no possibility of deterioration” Doctor Cho said, “The nanomolecular functionality is instantaneous, his cells don’t know they are bonding with electrons”

“She’s creating tissue” Bruce says walking over to the side of the table, sounding like an excited school boy.

You step in after Bruce, “Hey Clint, Natasha,” you say, “How are you doing over there buddy?”

Clint looked at you with a smile, “Hey! You’re back! And in one piece!”

“Can’t say the same for you” you say back laughing,

Nat came over and gave you and hug, “You good?” she asked quietly, and you smile and nod in response.

Bruce and Doctor Cho busied themselves in conversation while you got the lowdown from Natasha on what had happened during the mission.

“Be glad you weren’t there” she said, “It was one of the toughest, I have ever been on.”

Tony suddenly walked into the room, holding four cups of green juice. “Oh, he’s flatlining, call it. Time?” He says sarcastically

“No no no, I’m going to live forever” chuckles and groans Barton and accepts the green juice Tony hands him, “I’m going to be made of plastic,”

“You will be made of you, Mr Barton, your own girlfriend won’t be able to tell the difference,” Doctor Cho says smiling at him,

“Well, I don’t have a girlfriend” Clint responds,

“That I can’t fix,” she says with a laugh,

You and Nat grab one of the green juices off the counter where Tony placed them, you wanted to go and find Steve so you excused yourself from the conversation, as you were walking out you heard Tony mention a party and you pause, “We’re having a party?!” you almost exclaim, all of them turned to you,

Tony grinned, “Yes, yes we are and it’s going to be full of revels!”

You grin widely, it had been a long time since they had any fun around the tower, and a party was exactly what they needed after the last few weeks.

You left the lab and headed downstairs to your room, the first thing you needed to do was shower after travelling for so many hours and you needed a long ass nap. as you hit the landing Thor came striding up to you, “Y/N” he called out opening his massive arms for an embrace,

“Oh hello God of Thunder”

Thor embraced you almost squeezing your lungs out, he sets you down after hugging you and has a big grin on his face. “Are you ready for revels?” he asks you,

You laughed out loud, “What is this revels thing you are all on about?” you ask him,

“Victories should be celebrated with revels!” Thor exclaims raising his fist in the air,

You cringe inwardly, Thor was always so theatrical it was almost embarrassing. “Okay then,” you chuckle, “Well I am off to get rested and prepared for those revels” you say then pat him on the shoulder and walk away shaking your head at the weird exchanges that always took place between you two.

Saturday came and the day of ‘Revels’ had begun with Tony getting everyone up to have a massive breakfast party, you all awoke to Tony announcing over the tower intercom that there was an emergency in the kitchen that everyone had to attend to too. You woke up hurriedly and pulled on a pair of shorts and a tshirt and ran barefoot to the kitchen, on the way you bumped Sam and Clint who were both still half asleep,

“What’s going on?” Clint asked,

You both shrugged and quickly made your way to the kitchen, where you bumped into Steve, you and he hadn’t spoken since you slapped him and you had made a point of avidly avoiding him around the tower.

Steve was pulling on a white t-shirt as he walked out of his room, his blonde hair a mess matted on his forehead. Your eyes met and he gave you a small smile, “Hey stranger,” he said in a husky voice the sleep still evident in his voice.

“Steve, I…” you started but he cut you off,

“Let’s talk later, let’s deal with Tony first.” Steve said brushing his blonde hair back, trying to neaten himself up.

Sam and Clint had gone ahead, and were already half way across the massive living room. the two of you hurried after them, and walk into the kitchen. Music was blaring over the sound system and Tony was standing at the stove dancing to the beat, two of the iron legion stood by flipping pancakes in harmony as Tony poured the batter into the pans. Thor and Bruce sat at the counter island and before them a massive spread of croissants, eggs, bacon, all types of fruit, and waffles. Everything breakfast type you could imagine was laid out, the smells coming from the kitchen were heavenly. Natasha stood near the coffee counter, taking out mugs for everyone with a big smile on her face. B

“What is all this, Tony?” Steve said in amazement,

Thor and Tony looked at each other and in unison said “REVELS!”

You couldn’t help but laugh, the morning had taken a sudden turn and the whole team was in a great mood. There were worse ways you could have been woken up.

That morning, you all sat around the dining room table, eating the delicious breakfast and just enjoying each other’s company. Even Rhodey made an appearance.  The atmosphere was light, and everyone was in a good mood. Finding Loki’s scepter was good for morale around the tower.

Later on, after breakfast everyone went their separate ways to get things done for the party that evening. Sam and Clint went to work out, Natasha said she was going with Agent Hill to run an errand and Thor just passed out on the couch, While Tony and Bruce retreated to the lab to run more test on the scepter. You and Steve were the last two in the dining room after everyone had excused themselves.

“So,” Steve said, “How’s the search for Bucky going?”

Your heart rate spiked immediately at the mention of Bucky, you knew this question was coming and you had completely forgotten what answer you were going to give him.

“Heard you went to Romania?” He said,

“Uh, yeah but that was another dead lead” you stutter, your heart thundering, “definitely not worth giving it a second thought.” You were trying to be as nonchalant as possible but you could see Steve staring at you intently.

He frowned, “Since when do you dismiss leads?” he asked, “You always triple check your sources, if there was a lead there it means he was there at some point, we should check it out again.”

You froze, “No, we shouldn’t, I might save something else in South America. It makes more sense for him to be there.” you start explaining why you think it’s more likely and you babble on about some bullshit until you think Steve is convinced.

He sat back in his chair with a sigh, “Sam came up empty handed as well,” he said folding his one arm over his chest pinching the bridge of his nose.

You felt terrible lying to Steve, but you knew if you told him where Bucky was he would go charging after him and make things worse for everyone. Bucky had asked for time and that’s entirely what you intended to do, buy Bucky as much time as he needed to figure stuff out.

“Steve, about what I did” you paused changing the topic, “I am really sorry I hit you,”

Steve chuckled, “Y/L it’s alright, I probably deserved it. I never knew you packed such a punch”

“So, we’re good?”

He nodded, “We are good, you can stop avoiding me now.”

“That obvious huh?” you say facepalming yourself,

“Subtlety isn’t your strong suit” Steve replied, with a smile.

“What are we doing with the rest of our day?” You ask the super soldier, eager to be done with the awkwardness of the situation.

“Well, we could always join Sam and Clint in the gym.” Steve said, but then changed his mind when he saw the horror on your face at his recommendation. “Or we could go to the lap pool?” he said quickly.

“That’s way better, how can you even suggest working out.” You said pulling a face. “But seriously, the pool?

“Yes, I happen to enjoy swimming.” Said the Super Soldier,

Steve always managed to surprise you, sometimes you forgot he was just as human as the rest of you. He enjoyed normal things, fighting and missions weren’t his whole world.

So, the two of you, headed upstairs to the pool, bathing suits in tow and spent the rest of the pleasant afternoon, relaxing by the pool, Just enjoying each other’s company. Unaware of the catastrophic events that were brewing that would alter all your lives forever.

*Super simple chapter, Just thought it would be fun to humanize the Avengers for a little while. The next one will be up before tomorrow.* (If you want to be tagged please let me know)



Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Sam Wilson
For:  @itsjanetsnakehole
Prompt:  #13.  Pies

“Should I make apple pie or cherry pie?” Darcy asked, tapping her fingers on the page of her Grams’ cookbook.  

“Doesn’t matter, I’m gonna eat it either way…” Sam drawled from his perch on the stool across from her.  

“Think I’ll make cherry, I have those cherries in the freezer…”  she turned to walk towards the fridge, popping open the freezer to rummage around inside.  

“Awesome.  Can’t wait to eat your…” he trailed off, glancing quickly over to where she was still half in the freezer, hoping to Thor she hadn’t heard his almost faux pas. 

“My pie hasn’t been cherry for a while, surely you know that…” She teased from inside, not missing a beat.  

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always busy dreaming 'bout boys

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i don’t know about you but they’re the real life dynamic duo